CensoredYes, we know we just had a similar-sounding case on Saturday. But we swear, this is a different case of Sex Toy Violence, in this case, including a fatality but not including the Sawzall.

A married dad-of-two living next door has been arrested after DNA analysis of semen recovered from the scene.

He was released on bail after going before a judge who was told autopsy results showed she died from asphyxia thought to have taken place during a sex game that spiralled out of control.

Totally sympathize. Happens to us all the time.

The death is believed to be the result of a tragic accident, Portuguese newspaper Jornal de Noticias reported.

The extensive genital injuries appear to have been caused by the object found near the body.

The neighbour who found herm Ana Martins, said: “She was lying in the bed, naked from the waist down and with a vibrator.

“I noticed only two small bruises on her face, but there was blood on the sheets and a picture of her husband resting on her chest.”

The victim, who was a widow of a sailor, was “very active” and “liked to make jokes with men” added Ms Martins.

The victim was a 91-year-old pensioner.

via Woman aged 91 suffocated during sex game with married neighbour, 49 – Mirror Online.

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‘The extensive genital injuries appear to have been caused by the object found near the body.”

Apparently your friend forgot that in Europe we use 220v as opposed to 120……

to paraphrase Top Secret

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Haha! I thought of the same scene!


Dang, so did I!

“The undertaker was unable to remove the smile from his face.”

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love that movie, I could do without the surf/skeet intro though.


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Sounds like a suicide to me.