Walther P22 Pistol review while sitting outside on snow embankment

Walther P22 – In-Depth Review & Guide [2024]

As any shooter can tell you, the price of ammunition has skyrocketed over the past several years.  While we seem to be slowly coming out of yet another ammunition shortage, a day at the range is not as affordable as it once was.  Even for handloaders, the cost and availability of reloading components doesn’t offer …

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Glock 48 vs 43x

Glock 48 vs 43x Showdown: Finding Your Ideal Concealed Carry

Welcome, firearm aficionados! The stage is set for a showdown between two fantastic pistols in Glock’s Slimline series: the Glock 48 vs 43X. Concealed carry, barrel length, weight, and ergonomics are just a few of the critical factors in this comparison. Buckle up, and let’s find out which of these two pistols comes out on …

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Best 22 long rifles review

Best .22 Long Rifles in 2024 [RANKED]

For a lot of shooters, the .22lr is the round that we learn to shoot with, and many of us have fond memories of doing some target shooting with a .22lr rifle. The round is an excellent one to train new shooters on thanks to the low recoil that makes it fun to shoot, as …

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