BehindPrisonBars001If you thought Obamacare was awesome, you should see what single-payer looks like. Inmates have it already, and all the ones that lived love it.

Cynthia Goodman, who was serving a three-year prison term, was among those who died in 2013. Her death predated Corizon getting the health care contract by a few months. Kat Jones, who said she was with Goodman before she died, said Goodman bled to death in a prison bathroom.

Goodman was a kidney dialysis patient, Jones said.

“She kept complaining that she was bleeding from her port. She complained for more than a month. We gave her clothes because she would bleed all over them. She would tell them but they would just send her back to the dorm,” Jones said.

“One morning she got up early with me. We were both in wheelchairs. She got into the shower and started screaming for help. I got in there and blood was spurting from her port, all over the walls on the ceiling, on the floor, people were screaming. Everyone was frozen and didn’t know what to do,” she recalls.

“The sergeant came and kept calling medical, but no one answered. He took her out the door, but she died,” said Jones, who was later interviewed by prison inspectors about the death.

“They tried to say she was picking at her skin, that she was picking at the port. I know that isn’t true. She complained for over a month.”

Well, that’s one way to stop an inmate complaining — let her bleed out. Works every time.

Of the 57 deaths at Lowell over the past decade, only one — a disputed suicide in 2008 in which the inmate allegedly hanged herself while handcuffed — has been categorized as anything other than “natural.” Ten recent deaths remain under review.

via Rats, bugs and ‘natural’ deaths at Florida women’s prison, the nation’s largest.

The “natural” deaths included Cynthia Goodman’s botched dialysis shunt.

Kids, if you needed another reason to stay out of prison, here it is. Prison docs make the rotating staff at your HMO look like a listing of the recipients of the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Medicine.

Well, unless your HMO is the VA. For you poor wretches, maybe the jug is a step up.

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