Mark Baumer, a man on the weirder side of eccentric, posted this recently. Now he really feels like a ghost!

Didn’t we just have this one a week or so ago? Not exactly… this one is different, in the specific way in which the decedent’s Hubris summoned his Nemesis.

Apart from that, this is a story that has happened seemingly every day since Benz and Duryea hitched up motors in place of horses: person à pied tries to argue with a truck, and the truck gets the better of the argument.

Police say 33-year-old Mark Baumer was walking along the shoulder of U.S. Highway 90 in Walton County on Sunday when a driver lost control and hit him. Baumer was pronounced dead at the scene.

What makes this one special, though, is the delicious irony of a Global Warming true believer getting centerpunched by his religion’s version of The Great Satan.

A Rhode Island native walking barefoot across the U.S. to raise awareness about climate change has been struck and killed on a Florida highway.

That’s a bummer, Baumer. He was a “talented poet and artist” according to his friends. At leased he raised $14,000 for awareness of the dangers of SUVs, although he was probably more concerned about pollution, and less concerned about roadside safety, than he ought to have been. 

It should go to give him a swell funeral. On the plus side, he’s already barefoot so that’s one step he can skip.

Stick to real gods, people. The false ones don’t stand by you in your miles per hour of need.

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8 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have SUVs


Which way was he heading? East to west? At least he didn’t have to walk through Minnesota this time of year barefoot…

Hognose Post author

Before or after the SUV hit him?


IIRC he had started further north but suddenly realised that his original path would take him through Minnesota etc in the middle of winter. As a result he restarted in florida.

Steve M.

I often listen to the enemy’s echo chamber/propaganda/comms, widely known as NPR. The way they made it sound, it was almost like we had actually lost somebody.

Some folks just haven’t figured out what is worth dying for…………


Ah… CO2, the magic gas. An extra one molecule in every 10,000 in the atmosphere spawns a new religion, generates billions of dollars in misdirected research, and even kills a few acolytes of said religion.

Course it also has greened the planet by a whopping 25-50%, which would fill 3,648,210,870 Olympic sized swimming pools with leaves, to use the common moronic media metaphor. (that last number may be off some).


Can’t remember where I read of this Baumer person first, but according to The New Yorker the driver who struck and killed him will be charged. This may be warranted, but Baumer publicly stated that he “would not give way to cars. Trucks, yes; cars no.” [paraphrased]. That combined with his last foot selfie with toes in front of the word “Killed” and an arrow painted on the road makes me wonder about his mental status. (Yeah, on top of what he was doing, and his weird writings, you wiseguys.) In short, was this suicide by SUV?

As to Mr Baumer’s “foot selfies” that’s exactly what they are. Photos of his bare, filthy feet looking absurdly large due to the wide-angle perspective of his phone camera. I’ve seen (and smelled) a lot of rather disgusting stuff in my time, but for some reason his foot selfies put me more off my feed than many of those other things.

John Distai

Imagine working in an office environment that allows “casual dress”. You’re sitting in the stall doing your business, and you look over and see Frodo’s nasty foot in the stall or at the urinal next to you. Very unprofessional.


Long pants and shoes are critical for me to take one seriously in a professional environment…

Thought I’ve known some in the startup world to purposely dress like slobs, including sandals/flip-flops, b/c that’s what investors liked to see…