We don’t know, yet, what Gary Wallock was mixed up in. If he was mixed up in the kind of thing where you can get whacked, he should have been a lot more keyed towards Condition Yellow than he was. As it was, the guy never had time to grasp what was about to hit him.

It looks like a street gang or drug-dispute related murder, for sure. Wallock was likely hit publicly and messily to send a message.

Lauderhill [FL] police are searching for the killer in Monday afternoon’s fatal shooting of Lauderdale Lakes resident Gary Wallock. As Wallock left The Lobster and Seafood Warehouse in Lauderhill, a man ran from around a corner, shot Wallock in the head, then fired several more shots into Wallock’s prone body. Investigators also want to find a 2010 blue Nissan Altima with license plate EZX-F13.

via 40-year-old Bradenton woman accused of sex with teens at her child’s party | Miami Herald.

It sure looks like a hit. The assailant is about six feet from Wallock as he opens up — his torso maybe a foot further back than that, the pistol, extended, maybe a foot closer than that — and has rushed up to him from behind. It’s not a gunfight, or a robbery “gone wrong”, or any kind of heat-of-the-moment domestic tangle. Sumdood wanted Wallock dead, and got what he wanted, directly.

But consider this — what if Wallock wasn’t specifically targeted? What if the murderer was just a nut job looking for nobody in particular? (That seems unlikely, but not impossible. Drug gang members are not known for clarity of thought and judgment). Or what if he was gunning for somebody else, and an innocent Wallock, just minding his own business, was targeted by mistake? That’s why you need to maintain superior alertness and situational awareness at all times. Wallock was engaged in an innocuous activity with a non-threatening friend when he was shot and killed from behind, and several insurance shots burned into him point-blank.

John Correia would have some points to make here on transitional spaces, but a broader point is that you are always at the greatest risk when something in front of you has your focus and you’re mostly on automatic, with your surroundings in that part of your perceptual field that’s out of mental focus.

Like when you’re walking back to your car with a doggie bag in hand, thinking about going home — the last thing that Gary Wallock, whoever he was in his life, ever did.

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20 thoughts on “A Murder in Public

Jim Scrummy

It was a hit. The dude in the red shirt (at about 12 seconds in) was on the phone being tipped that the target had left the restaurant. Then red shirt dude takes off, and does the deed. 360 degree awareness was definitely lacking. My friends and even my wife call me a slow walker because I am usually looking around at the surroundings when out and about. It’s a habit that’s taken a long time to develop, and is still developing.

John M.

I think a targeted hit (successful or not) is most likely, but it’s not impossible that the killer was being initiated into a gang with a random killing.

-John M.

Haxo Angmark

spotter: Black, at door

victim: Hispanic

killer: Black. He also fired 2-3 times at the latin girlfriend, but missed

I think John M. nailed it: Black gang init. Hispanic gangs also init by killing ‘groids.

Johnny G

Not sure he could have done much if the guy truly came around the corner. Figure maybe five seconds for him to hear running feet, turn, and draw. Maybe he could have returned fire at least. Looks like he was focused entirely on girlfriend and girlfriend focused entirely on herself (vis a vis a phone selfie). Should have backed his car in, not messed around outside, and should have had the keys ready to open the trunk already. Whatever shoes the girlfriend was wearing, you can’t run in those.

I’ve trained myself to trust my hearing and peripheral vision. Vital skill to have.



Gary A Wallock isn’t a Hispanic name and he’s pretty obviously a light-skinned black guy.

Haxo Angmark

neither is Zimmerman. The guy, like the gilfriend, is most likely spic.

Haxo Angmark

took a 3rd look, studied stills. I think you’re part right….both male and female might be mischlinge…Black/Hispanic mongrels. Spotter and killer look to be pure Congoids.


This is off topic. I came across this picture and thought you might be interested. Seeing a lot of these heavy caliber rifles in Levant conflicts. Does this one look custom/one-off?

Eric S

CJ Chivers’s blog has a lot of these pictures of homemade heavy caliber rifles. Some are pretty good looking. Others not so much.

Hognose Post author

Looks like a Steyr HS .50 in the original single-shot short rail version. Here are the current versions:


Large quantities of HS-50s were sold to the Iranians despite sanctions, and which have been supplied by the Iranians to terrorists worldwide. The Iranians have also cloned that rifle. In my past experience with Iranian-supported guerrillas / terrorists, I’ve encountered Iranian-made weapons (like G3s and RPG-7s) that have distinctive “tells” of Iranian manufacture, but either no markings at all or spurious markings, for clandestine use. So to really be sure, the physical rifle would have to be inspected by someone familiar with both the Steyr and at least Iranian production methods, but better, the actual Iranian clone.

I do not know if the Iranian clones are in 12.7 x 99 (BMG) or 12.7 x 108 (DShK), or if it is available in both. Iran manufactures both kinds of ammunition and has a considerable small arms industrial base.

Haxo Angmark

“supplied by the Iranians to terrorists worldwide”. I’d like to see some citations on this one. The US/Israel/Turkey/Saudi Arabia supplied the (Sunni) terrorists in Iraq/Syria/Yemen. Not shi’ite Iran. The Iranians, for their part, probably regard those whose navies shoot down Iranian airliners, blockade their country, aim nuclear weapons at them, assassinate physicists, arm & organize Baluchistan separatists…as state terrorists. They are, of course, correct.


My first thought when looking at the recording was that it looked like a frenzied attack, and that usually signifies some sort of emotional component, such as a jilted boyfriend.

The shooter had an extra long mag in his pistol, and it looks to me like he shot the victim about 20 times. And he got down real close and personal and shot the guy again and again and again, much more than necessary. He wanted to kill his victim really really dead. And then for no apparent reason he shot at the fleeing woman until he ran dry.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the shooter had some relationship to the chick.


Yeah, I clocked 15-18 shots into the victim, all but the first two after he was down, including several into the head/face while squatting right in front of him, then the last 2-3 at the fleeing chick.

I say deliberate hit, he was hanging around where he was out of sight, and fled in a different direction, which didn’t look spur-of-the-moment.

No attempt at interaction, nor robbery, and near-total focus on the object of the exercise. Took head shots, start to finish, no risk of a hidden vest. Didn’t screw around with witnesses/bystanders, and only shot at the chick as an afterthought, so not really worried about her seeing him. Likely didn’t know any of them, nor known to them.

Mr. Walloch just got terminated with extreme prejudice by someone who wanted him DRT.

Was probably irrevocably clinically dead within a couple of pumps of his heart.

He will nearly certainly turn out to have been involved in something with a short life expectancy.


People do strange shit under stress, don’t they? For example, the girlfriend hanging around to get a good look at her boyfriend getting his ass shot to pieces. She seems a bit slow with the flight reflex.

Hognose Post author

Actually, it’s not “fight or flight,” it’s “fight, flight, or freeze.” For situations like this, “freeze” is maladaptive, but people probably have to train it out of their systems.


Yeah, that makes sense.


The link in the post goes to a story about a 40 y/o Bradenton woman facing charges for having sex with minors at her kid’s party.

Thought you might want to know…unless of course that’s the article you meant to link to!


When they ambush you it is difficult to fight back

Here in Florida we have permitted concealed carry

No open carry

So it takes a minimum of 1 second to move cover garment, draw and fire

if you are a trained operator

A little longer for us older out of shape guys

It takes some minimum time to asses a lethal threat and decide to respond

Say 0.5 seconds

When the assassin leaps out from hiding and starts shooting with no warning, the best you can hope for is that your wife/girlfriend draws her gun and shoots back

My wife would with her WaltherPpk/s

I just hope that .380 is enough


This is a classic transition space, where attention is focused on the coming event, getting keys out and in the car , rather than on the space itself. The victim did not have much time, but even running tangent to the attacker might have bought enough to draw and fire, if he had had any situational awareness at all.

It is likely the attackers determination to get close would have been reduced if he was being shot at.

The guy was obviously targeted as an individual, not a generic victim. The spotter probably used his phone to send a indicator to the shooter, who was ready and waiting.

The spotter should have been the first indicator to the victim- people do not just “stand around” by themselves with no purpose.


Where do you live?

People stand around all the time.

The guy standing in the opening frame wasn’t talking nor texting anyone, but someone was, and the shooter was getting info from him/them.

Probably someone inside the restaurant who fingered the target, without going outside.

And Dead Guy was totally in Condition Oblivious, with a doggie bag in his right hand, then opening the car trunk when the Whackus Dillecti got put on him from about bad breath range, from behind. He turned for a split second, and took about two steps before his body found out he was already dead, just long enough to ensure that the last thing he probably saw was muzzle flash.