Marin mugshotThis was one demonically-possessed set of stairs. According to mom Kaitlyn (some documents say Katlyn) Marin (right, in mugshot), the stairs not only reared up and made her three-year-old daughter Brielle Gage tumble down them time and again, they also attacked Marin her ownself, twice. In an illustration of just how cruel and heartless the judicial system is, the murderous stairs walk free (uh, get walked on free?) whilst John Law has set upon the bereaved mom, just cause her little daughter’s dead.

Of blunt force trauma.

Not consistent with a fall (or falls) down stairs. So, the law does have that. 

Marin told police that Brielle was not feeling well on Nov. 24, and that when Brielle woke to use the bathroom, “she appeared to have a seizure where she fell down the flight of stairs,” court documents state.

Marin said she attempted to grab Brielle, however she also fell down the stairs. She told police she splashed water on the girl’s face and brought a futon into her daughter’s bedroom to monitor her for the night.

“According to Katlyn, she woke three or four times to check on Brielle, who was responsive,” court documents state. The following morning, Brielle was having trouble walking, and she again fell near the stairs, striking her head on the floor, Marin told police.

“Katlyn picked up Brielle to carry her downstairs, lost her footing and both she and Brielle fell down the stairs (again),” court records say. After the girl was unresponsive, Marin called 911.

Despite all this stair tumbling allegedly experienced by murderous mom and doomed kid alike, the kid had been pretty thoroughly tuned up, and the mom, as you can see from the mugshot, was pretty much unbruised.

Explains why defense attorneys want to suppress their child-killing client’s statements to police.

Dr. Thomas Andrew, the chief medical examiner who conducted the child’s autopsy, concluded that Brielle’s injuries were not consistent with falling down the stairs. He instead told police that they should be looking for a baseball bat or other object such as a door knob or dresser drawer knob.

via Nashua mom claims falls killed tot | New Hampshire.

In addition to the blunt force trauma that killed her, little Brielle had marks for durative abuse, including bruises to the chest consistent with punches, broken ribs and a finger, and “her ears had been manipulated so roughly that it caused bleeding to her scalp”.

Marin, an unemployed and idle professional welfare recipient, had been entangled with the state’s ineffectual child-welfare bureaucracy (is there an effectual one anywhere?), the DCYF. The Department had removed Brielle and her four half-siblings about a half-year before the murder, over previous charges of abuse, but returned the kids to their violent mother.

Court records showed the girl, along with her four brothers, were initially removed from Marin’s Nashua home in the spring of 2014 after allegations of child abuse first surfaced. But all of the children were eventually sent back home despite a pending second-degree assault charge pending against Marin for allegedly beating her 8-year-old son with a studded belt.

The Brielle Gage case has led to legislation which would restrict DCYF’s ability to dump kids back into abusive situations, absent a court determination that there is “no threat of imminent harm.”

The surviving kids were taken into DCYF custody again, finally — when Kaitlyn/Katlyn Marin was arrested for the murder of Brielle Gage.

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Brielle and her four half-siblings

Is contraception illegal in NH?

Hognose Post author

There is actually a move across to make most contraceptives over the counter (no prescription required).

As to why the underclass does not use contraception, I’m sure there are studies. Without reading them, my SWAG is: Requires forethought.

Adam S

Off topic

Re: Russian Plane Crash


Opinion / stats on effective range of these Soviet MANPADS @ 30,000 ft + hitting jumbo traveling several hundred miles / hr ?

Thousands of Libyan missiles from Qaddafi era missing in action

Before his overthrow and death in the fall of 2011, Libyan dictator Muammar Qaddafi was believed to have purchased 15,000-20,000 Soviet MANPADS. Concern over the whereabouts of the missiles – and the possibility that terrorists could buy them on the black market and even use them to shoot down American passenger jets – drove a U.S. effort to recover as many as possible. But only about 2,000 were accounted for prior to the Sept. 11, 2012 terrorist attacks on Benghazi, Libya, according to the source. He describes those working to locate the missiles as “beside themselves” and “frustrated.”

Hognose Post author

The systems I know of off the top of my head that have an engagement envelope stretching to the flight levels include the SA-2 (obsolete), SA-5, SA-6, SA-11, SA-17. Flight MH17 was downed by an SA0-17 of the Russian Air Defense Forces. Libya did not have the SA-17 (not sure about the SA-11).

No MANPADS I’m aware of can reach the flight levels. The Russian Verba is good for maybe 15-18,000 feet (and is not thought to have been given to Qaddhafi). The various marks of Igla can’t reach that altitude. Airliners cruise 10,000 feet higher than that. They are vulnerable in approach and departure phases of flight.

A lot of Libyan SAMs were expended as surface to surface unguided rockets.


As obsolete as SA-2s are, they’re plenty good enough for taking out an airliner-not that I think one did in this case.


Boss, they’re smarter than you’re giving them credit. They personally have enough math and coupled with a functioning underground telegraph system they (for they are a culture unto their own) realize that more offspring equals more free stuff from the state and bleeding heart organizations.

Micro: this little jewel from a subsidised housing unit near you. Doesn’t matter what state or town you pick, it’s found all the way to Reddick, Nebraska and beyond.

Macro: East Africa, complete with a retinue of arm linked pop stars singing hosannahs of praise.

The fix? Hell if I know, haven’t been up on the H myself, but I understand it’s less than beautiful. Cold turkey is probably the quickest. It will at least leave a generation or two with a stark memory and examples of cause and effect.


Forethought and a cash outlay to purchase. That leaves less money to buy “judgement juice.”

Trade-offs and opportunity costs. They don’t just matter to MBA’s…


Yeah, forethought. It’s not easy.

As to why the underclass does not use contraception, I’m sure there are studies

A lot of money could be saved by paying the underclass to not get pregnant, by providing rents tied to contraceptive implants.

Former Czechoslovakia has gypsies, who used to be very interested in having large families cause they could buy more drink and smokes with the child benefits.

These benefits were restricted to the first three children about ten years ago, and suddenly doctors were busy fielding questions about birth control. And a lot of divorce papers were filed.