"This is my hammer...there are many like it, but this one is mine -- wait, does this pink tie make me look gay?"

“This is my hammer…there are many like it, but this one is mine — wait, does this pink tie make me look gay?”

Although, to be sure, the hammer was only used to make the kid unrecognizable after his tormentors — his mother and stepfather — killed him with other means. “Ah,” you think, “this is where the gun comes in, right?” Apparently not. They used, a medical examiner has testified, “a combination of too many over-the-counter medications, pneumonia and severe burns.”

Charming people, these.

Fox News:

Prosecutors say 34-year-old Nathanael Sloop and his wife malnourished and abused the boy for days until he died in May 2010. Sloop is accused of using a hammer to disfigure Ethan Stacy’s face and burying his body in the northern Utah mountains.

You might ask, where was the kid’s actual father? He had put the kid on a plane to these folks less than two weeks before, as a consequence of a custody ruling.

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Judge’s custody ruling = Poor kid’s death by torture.



Great another custody decision by the state that went south.But remember the state always knows what’s best for everybody.These folks need to be hung by the neck until dead.Be prepared and ready.Keep your powder dry.