tiffany_alberts_mugshotYes, we originally used a word as pungent as the material itself, but then we thought better. Meet Tiffany Alberts, 41, a teacher (!) and candidate for Mother of the Year from Wolcott, Indiana. What’d Tiff do with poop? Injected it. No, not into herself, into the veins of her 15-year-old son, while he lay in the hospital being treated for leukemia (a cancer of the blood cells). WLFI-TV 18 reported:

Medical staff told police the boy received his first round of chemotherapy for his leukemia in September and went home. But he then returned a few days later and was sick with fever, vomiting and diarrhea. They continued to say he has had high fevers and vomiting since that day with significant bouts of diarrhea.

Doctors also confirmed to authorities the child has positive blood cultures with organisms that are normally found in stool, and experts say there is no medical reason to explain the ongoing blood infection.

So how do you investigate something like that? The cops deployed high tech to bag this lowlife.

The investigation began on Nov. 17 at Riley Hospital for Children when officers were called in to assist a child abuse investigation. A 15-year-old was being treated for cancer at the hospital, and medical staff said the boy had several infections that delayed treatment. All the infections were unexplained in origin.

Video surveillance was then placed in the child’s room.

According to court documents, medical staff saw Alberts inject an unknown substance into the IV bag with a syringe multiple times.

Wth the video, they confronted Teacher Tiff.

Alberts later admitted to injecting fecal matter several times since Nov. 13. The documents also state Alberts told authorities where some of the evidence was stored. Investigators also found diarrheal medication and weight loss pills in Alberts’ personal items.

Doctors said the child’s health improved once Alberts was removed from the hospital room, and she was also arrested. But they said the biggest concern now is they may have missed their best window to keep the boy’s leukemia in remission.

It was months of severe hospitalization, some of which were surgeries, to keep the boy alive.

Yeah, that wasn’t really an English language sentence, but the beauty of the language is that the intended meaning does squeak through. We understand the whole dynamic of writing for deadline whilst bleary-eyed… we just wish the legacy media didn’t cop such a superior attitude vis-a-vis us bloggers.

Doctors said the boy could have died from any of the episodes of septic shock caused from the fecal matter in his blood, and they said he still may die from his leukemia due to the prolonged delay in therapy. Doctors added they had to prolong treatment because if he was given chemo while the bacteria was in his blood, he would have surely died.

She has bailed out of jail, but is banned from contact with her kid. Interesting detail here:

Tri- County Schools said she’s been on leave since her husband died in May.

Wonder what he died of, and wonder whether investigators are wondering, too.

CBS News picked this up with some more details:

She allegedly first told investigators she injected water into her son’s IV to “flush the line” because the “medicine that was given to him burned,” the documents said.

But the woman allegedly later confessed, telling investigators she injected the boy’s IV with fecal matter several times since Nov. 13. She claimed she only did it to get her son moved to another unit at Riley, where she said treatment was better, the station reports.

Hat tip, Jeff Reynolds at PJ Media. Reynolds also links to another station that also suggests the malicious mom’s motive, at least according to her claims, was to get the kid moved to a different ward in the hospital.

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Good God. Baroness Von Munchausen.


Jeff Reynolds says, “At the risk of engaging in speculation, this horrible act brings to mind the psychological condition known as Munchausen by proxy”

No, er, shit. If it walks, quacks, flaps and poops like a duck ….

I am, thank God, not a pediatrician. But everyone rotates through pediatrics in medical school. Fortunately I was never involved in a for-sure Munchausen’s by proxy case, but we did have a very weird incident. This angelic little 9-yo girl was admitted (i.e. overnight) for some vague abdominal problem, at the mother’s insistence. On talking with the girl, she declared, “I’m VERY mysterious. No one can figure out what’s wrong with me. I’m going to be a case report in a medical journal one day. But it has to be a good journal, maybe the New England Journal of Medicine, I don’t want to be in a lousy journal.” Needless to say, this freaked all of us out. What kind of normal child has an ambition to be a case report in the NEJM?

We had her put into the room with multiple video cameras (used for monitoring patients with seizure disorders) but over the course of two days we never saw the mom doing anything suspicious. Then again, the cameras were very obviously visible, and ethically we had to tell the mom that the room was used for video surveillance (“all the other rooms are full or being cleaned right now, ma’am”) and the cameras might be on at times. I sometimes wonder what happened to that little girl. Even if she came to no physical harm, did she grow up, well, nuts?


My now ex-wife, a registered nurse started with out our son even before he was born. A VC test and then graduating into various imagined problems with his health before finally settling on ADD. (FYI never take a male child to a female practitioner of the dark arts as healthy boys are not like little girls and the women they grow into).

I did a Google search to find out what was wrong with the witch, found Munchausen Syndrome by proxy”. Fit her to a Tee.


Those ears! Imagine the lift they’d generate! She’d surely need to be strapped down during high winds.


I was thinking she could play Legolas for the next Lord of the Rings movie.

Face of meth..

thats a woman?

Cattus Borealis

I bet she was a middle school teacher…in my limited experience female middle school teachers eventually lose their minds and usually do something less horrific. Resource/Special Ed teachers also tend to burn out or eventually lose their minds. Only Abortionists and their friends hate children more than some teachers….

Alan Ward

Oh so true in a small number of cases. Most of those individuals are cousins of those blighted souls who work for the VA but hate vets. I’ve often commented to other teachers who feel like I do that these teachers should go do something else, yet they wouldn’t give up their guaranteed $85k.

Hognose Post author

I remember, my first job off active duty (before I even hooked up with a reserve SF unit) was as a long-term sub. I remember thinking before starting, “well, when I was a kid I thought a lot of teachers hated kids, now I bet I’ll see it from the other side and have a new perspective.” My new perspective: “Holy Moses, a lot of teachers hate kids.” If you hate kids, why in all that is sacred would you choose a job where you have a rock-bottom minimum of 6 hours a workday with kids? Because a lot of people choose that job when they’re 18 and they think it would really be a bummer not to have summers off. (For our international readers, in North America primary and secondary schools have 180-190 class days a year, from ~Sep-June, with summers off).

Then they think, I hate this but I only have to do it for 25 (or 30, or whatever their pension is). But then by the time they’re eligible all they can about think about is Marva retired early and six months later she was dead. I better not retire or I’m next!

And they hate the kids, and by this time, they hate themselves, their lives, and everything.


A kid with leukemia, or on chemo for same has no immune system. A simple cold can kill them, because there’s nothing to stop it.

Catching the mother injecting feces into a child is beyond the pale.

They should have simply carried her out back of the hospital, and tossed her into the medical waste incinerator, as a favor to civilization, and not merely to her victim.

If they could have hit the main chamber with her from the roof of the building, so much the better all around.


“A kid with leukemia, or on chemo for same has no immune system. A simple cold can kill them, because there’s nothing to stop it.”

No joke. One of the pills I have to take is also used to treat leukemia. A compromised immune system will get you all sorts of attention at the clinic.