Why is this bug smiling? Is this bug smiling?

What mayhem a small carnivorous insect can do! In the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, one turned tons of Coca-Cola products into an unguided missile; fortunately, the injuries to the individual in question, a delivery truck driver, seem minor.

A man driving a Coca-Cola truck escaped serious injury after he lost control of his vehicle on Rte. 140 yesterday when a dragonfly flew into his window and became lodged between his glasses and his eyeball.

Police Sgt. James McIntire said the unnamed driver tried to remove the insect from behind his glasses but swerved the truck and blew out a tire.

The truck drove through the drive rail, said McIntire and landed on its side, spilling Coca-Cola products into the ditch and along the highway.

It’s kind of funny because it’s just property damage and non-life-threatening injuries. But it’s easy to imagine a scenario in which the dragonfly-driven juggernaut collected an oncoming car, or a family on bicycles, or a school bus full of kids on an outing before coming to rest in the ditch.

McIntire said the driver was taken by ambulance to Lakes Region General Hospital in Laconia for evaluation. The dragonfly has not been located.

via Dragonfly said to have caused Coca-Cola truck overturn in Northfield.

Sure the reporter is making a wry joke, but there are actually people who worry about the souls of the insects. I don’t know what you can do for people like that. As Chesterton said (and we’re fond of quoting), where animals are worshipped, humans are sacrificed.

No sacrifice this time, but it was a near-run thing.

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That’s the basic idea behind Eric Frank Russell’s classic SF story, “Wasp.”


LOVED at book. That was my first thought upon reading this.


I was passenger in a loaded dump truck when a bumblebee hit the driver-side mirror hard enough to stun it, but not kill it, and it dropped into the driver’s lap unseen. When it came to it wasn’t happy and proceeded to sting the driver in the groin.

That was an interesting ride for a minute or two.


As Ernest Gann said (or maybe one of his mentors, certainly my first instructor):

“First, fly the airplane (or delivery truck).”

I can’t afford dolphins; I wonder if a fellow could train-up some partizan dragonflies. 😉