Newton PDQuick, what would happen to you if systematically used the threat of force (or abused the color of authority) to try to intimidate people into sex with you?

If you’re a gay cop, apparently, not much. A cop named Jason Miller in Newton, New Jersey (where guns are outlawed and the cops are the worst people in a state that starts off with its average below average) used to use blue lights and intimidation as a way to get oral sex from random men and boys.

He’d pull over some guy he took a shine to, and approach the motorists car with, instead of a ticket pad, something, uh, else, in his hand; you could take the ticket or you could kiss him there and make it all better.

Miller either unzipping or (more likely) zipping up. Little of this video was available because he customarily turned his camera off.

Miller either unzipping or (more likely) zipping up. Little of this kind of video was available because he customarily turned his camera off. As you can see, he’s not thin and neat, so the Seinfeld reference in the title doesn’t fit. But we couldn’t resist it anyway.

If a regular guy used a power relationship that blatantly to get sex — say, a professor greeting co-eds at office hours, unzipped and tumescent — the State of New Jersey would zang him so far back in the cellblock that his gruel would have to be delivered by GPS-enabled drones. But a different set of laws apply to the law’s insiders.

Indeed, Jason Miller is a perfect storm of two minorities beloved by prosecutors and courts — gay rapists, and dirty cops. He got away for it for a very long time, until two of the motorists he’d waggled his truncheon at called a tip line and exposed him (pun definitely intended).

The prosecutor forbore to charge Miller with any felony. Furthermore, he’s only asking for sixty days, and, Miller has to promise not to work as a cop any more. In New Jersey. (Hey, the Chester, PA Police Department has room for guys like this).

Jason Miller, 37, appeared before Judge Thomas Critchley in Sussex County Superior Court Monday with his attorney, Anthony Iacullo, for the first time since being arrested in November 2014.

Under the terms of the agreement, Miller pleaded guilty to turning off the video and audio components of his patrol car’s dashboard camera system “to conceal unprofessional and inappropriate conduct” between March 1, 2014 and Oct. 23, 2014.

If there’s no video from the dashcam, the cop’s story is always a lie. That needs to be written in to the Rules of Evidence. But as the photo above shows, there was some dashcam video of Patrolman Perv.

Additionally, Miller, who is currently suspended indefinitely without pay from the Newton Police Department, will be barred from seeking employment as a law enforcement officer in New Jersey, Sussex County First Assistant Prosecutor Greg Mueller said.

The state is also seeking that Miller serve 60 days in county jail, as well as be subject to a probationary period of between one and five years, Mueller said.

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His mouthpiece — it’s not clear is Iacullo is the go-to defense attorney for gay rapists, or if Iacullo is the Police Benevolent Association’s retained guy for dirty cops — is no doubt pressing to let him off with Time Not Served.

You have to wonder how many other cops on Miller’s department knew about this behavior before a couple of citizen’s complaints did him in.

Remember, in places like New Jersey, police like Miller are the only ones who can be trusted with firearms. The same way they’re the only serial rapists who can be trusted to walk free in two months or less.


Here’s an incident at LiveLeak, that answers, in part, the question in the initial paragraph of this article. (Note, badly digitally-clipped audio). In the video, a guy is being arraigned on charges that he impersonated a cop for sex, or, more specifically, used the threat of arrest to get a hooker to give it up to him without him using a condom. His attorney does his best to spring the guy, arguing that the words of the statute imply that what his client, Dindu Nuffin, dindu is not a crime. But you can see this suspect get hammered a lot harder by the judge (even in the arraignment phase) than Miller did — because he wasn’t really a cop using his cop-hood to get laid, he was pretending to be, and mere impersonators don’t inherit this droit du seigneur that New Jersey law apparently extends to the state’s dirty cops.

(Editor’s note: looking for an illustration for this we googled ‘gay cop’ thinking (1) there was probably such a thing as gay cop pr0n, and (2) the search results would probably a G rated but suggestive image to use here. Answers: (1) oh yeah, and (2) not really. There is not enough brain bleach in the liquor cabinet. Worse, it now is in google’s memory of the crap we have searched for. We’re going to see some, can we say, queer suggestions in the weeks ahead. Dumb, dumb, dumb. -Eds.)

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19 thoughts on “The Thin (and Neat) Blue Perv

Cap’n Mike

Hes probably related to the Chief or the Mayor or somebody of that ilk, and therefore protected.


ROFL… So boss, your search turned up a little more than pictures of the Village People’s album covers?

The web is the abyss, infinite, chaotic and sometimes it stares back.

Trone Abeetin

I heard they charged him with assault with a friendly weapon.

Trone Abeetin

You know, my experience with that cop left a bad taste in my mouth.

Trone Abeetin

He told me he’d let me off with a warning but I found that hard to swallow.


Perhaps some of the cop shootings are of this nature.


Not the field breathalyzer again!

This is shameful and Greg Mueller is an embarrassment to my profession.

Also, tennessee takes a bit dimmer view, even though the porn actress victim didn’t complain (and got a ticket anyway).

Hognose Post author

I dunno. The guy still walked with probation. And…

The indictment came after a months-long probe by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Highway Patrol that prosecutors said covered more than 25 questionable traffic stops by Moss.

Two of those stops led to charges — one involving an unidentified woman on Sept. 11, 2006, and another on May 7 involving Barbie Cummings, a 21-year-old porn actress and blogger from Knoxville.

None of these dirtbags ever did this once. And in every case I know of, the other guys on the force knew he was doing it and covered for him. That’s bullshit.


How do you cover for that jackass? Don’t the other cops have wives and daughters? Nobody thinks about what might happen to their little princess?


The phrase “Millertime” has taken on a revolting new meaning in Jerseystan….


It’s a sad state of affairs when a guy would rather smoke pole than get a speeding ticket.

Maybe ALL cars should have dash and window cams


Too bad one of his victims didn’t have a little pocket zapper; I’m thinkin’ 500k volts to the Johnson would have changed that thug’s attitude in a permanent sort of way, heh, heh, heh.


Or just get a good grip and drive off.

Let go a few miles down the road

Lt. Greyman, NVA

I think this is the horror for every person prepping for the future. One min you are going along doing your daily stuff and the next Officer FU pulls you over because his winky needs a wag. You, being armed and ready, can pull your Applegate/Fairbarin knife and jam in into his prostate causing him to bleed out in seconds (shooting him there with your back up gun will cause the same thing), but now THERE YOU ARE! Your life, unless you can dispose of everything (including the dashcam) is over.

The point is not to be a martyr for your cause, but to make the other poor dumb bastard a martyr for HIS cause.


This POS is probally a Pedo.


> queer suggestions

My local ISP recycles IP addresses through a DHCP pool. Google keeps track of searches by IP. Every now and then when the modem gets a new IP address, I start getting weird search results.

Very occasionally, all of my returns come from Australia. I’ve found some interesting stuff that way. I suspect someone fumble-fingered an IP address somewhere, and that address and the Australian ones are duplicates.

Much more frequently, I can search for “Moog ES419R ball joint” or “10-32 stainless cap screw” – it doesn’t matter what I type into the search bar, all that comes back is bestiality porn.

I don’t know how larger the IP pool is, but someone really really likes animals. Or, perhaps more alarming, several persons do…

Bill St. Clair

Sixty days in gen pop would be plenty of time for this pig to get his due. But they’ll probably put him in a white collar country club lockup.

Kurt Akemann

“Editor’s note: looking for an illustration for this we googled ‘gay cop’ thinking (1) there was probably such a thing as gay cop pr0n, and (2) the search results would probably a G rated but suggestive image to use here. Answers: (1) oh yeah, and (2) not really. There is not enough brain bleach in the liquor cabinet.”

What has been Seen cannot be Unseen.