(Evil dishwasher image lifted from this blog, where at least nobody was harmed by the dishwasher rampage).

(Evil dishwasher image lifted from this blog, where at least nobody was harmed by the dishwasher rampage).

Sometimes you get a job even the Maytag repairman can’t fix.

Police are investigating an “untimely death” in the McIntosh Condominium building Tuesday morning that may have resulted from an apparent electrocution.

Deputy Fire Chief Carl Roediger said his department responded to the building at 8:13 a.m. for a call about a man in cardiac arrest. He said the man was deceased and there are “indications” that he may have been electrocuted. The deceased was later identified as David Dufresne Jr., 52, of Rochester. 

“It looked like he was in the process of installing a dishwasher,” Roediger said. 

Dishwasher 1, Human 0.

The deputy fire chief said a state medical examiner was called to the scene and the man’s cause of death is inconclusive until that examiner makes a determination. 

Police Sgt. Rich Webb said the fatality is being investigated by police detectives and preliminary findings indicate that the death was accidental. 

Naturally, the .gov says it’s all because the guy didn’t have the right permit and licenses.

In an email to city councilors Tuesday morning, City Manager John Bohenko said the work being performed by the deceased, “may have involved replacement of an outlet.”

“No building permit was issued for this work, and had one been issued, the work would have been required to be performed by a licensed electrician,” Bohenko wrote.

Yeah, because only a licensed electrician can replace an outlet without frying himself. Riiiiight.

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7 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Dishwashers.


License or no, anyone not bright enough (even despite 110-220V of extra help in this case) to turn the main power breaker to an outlet “off” before working on it probably needed the Darwin Award nomination, and would have earned one sooner or later.

In this case, sooner.

At 52, bad for his life insurance, but a win for the Social Security fund.

Josey Wales

If the wife doesn’t read the comments section, I think I know how to get someone else to install the new one we will soon be getting……mine actually wants to keep me around……

John Smith

Reminds me of the military version of that thinking: Improper ORM documentation….


Memory from operations past: Soldier gets finger slammed in MRAP door which breaks finger and removes flesh from bone when he yanks. At BDE HQ the first question asked was….”Was he wearing his gloves?”


Some places, like Australia, anything more involved than flicking a switch has to have an electrician do it. I got told off for putting a plug onto an extension cord. Guess the EE degree wasn’t good enough.


When will you learn? The government will protect us in all things.


You never know what you’ll find. My dishwasher gave out, I bought another. The old one had one wire hooked to it, the other hanging loose. It died immediately. Repeat.

Turns out that the wire to the old one was 220! One was hooked up. I figured the unattached one was just a ground wire that had slipped off, but it was the other positive half of a 220 line!