cutlassThat is actually what the papers (here the Daily Mail) are saying was used on pediatric anesthesiologist Jessica Colker, although the press reports don’t entirely add up. She’s definitely dead, and it seems like the guy who killed her was a career violent criminal who was a very recent beneficiary of revolving-door justice.

David Benjamin was freed in December after serving 15 years.

He is suspected of killing Jessica Colker who died from extensive skull fracture and asphyxia, as she walked along a deserted beach with her husband on the first day of her holiday, autopsy results revealed today.

Colker, an anesthesiologist from Atlanta Georgia, is said to have been raped before being murdered.

There is no mention of rape in the autopsy report and the American embassy said today it had not been told by police if she was sexually assaulted.

Benjamin walked into a police station in the Parish of St David’s the day after Colker’s body was found in an area of mangroves near the La Sages hotel in St David’s where she and her husband were staying.

We’re not sure how they get from “asphyxia and skull fracture” to “cutlass,” but that’s what they’re saying in the news. Whatever weapon he used, Benjamin is a creep’s creep:

A police source told Daily Mail Online: ‘Benjamin was set free in December. He had been locked away for the rape of a young child.’

Benjamin, who has three teardrops under his left eye that in gang culture means he has killed or is prepared to kill, has not yet been charged.

via Ex-convict being questioned in connection with Jessica Colker’s murder | Daily Mail Online.

Not charged yet, but in that lovely British understatement that hangs on in the Islands, he is “assisting police in their enquiries.”

Dr Colker is the second lady tourist murdered on Grenada in about a month. The island has never really reached its tourist potential; most of the islanders are kind, sweet people, and the climate is superb. If it weren’t for the occasional outlying homicidal, horny ex-con, it would be a tropical paradise!

The police do what they can. A lot of the Caribbean islands still have no compunction about hanging guys like Benjamin, but Grenada hasn’t executed anyone since 1978 (we guess the death penalty statistics guys are not counting all the extrajudicial executions the New Jewel Movement and their Cuban enforcers did), and has a backlog of 10 deserving murderers on Death Row.

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10 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Cutlasses


In the West Indies a ‘cutlass’ can mean the local variant of a machete.


What kind of husband runs off to get help while a savage with a machete has his way with the wife?

What kind of mindset goes for unarmed secluded romantic beach strolls on a third world island with known serious problems of violent predators and no justice?

Would this kind of person be more likely to support, or deny, your right to own weapons and use them to defend yourself against all offenders?

Hubby’s linkedin profile is easily found.


To some people, most often from well-off middle and upper class, violence is incomprehensible, its a thing that happens only in tv and not to them – honest, law abiding professionals with . They are often in good shape, but never fought in a physical manner, even in school, never got hit, got their nose bleed or teeth bashed, because they were conditioned by their parents and teachers that “violence is not an answer”, being base and immoral. As adults they lead a sheltered life in gated communities and generally do not socialize with lower classes, except when aforementioned classes are gardeners waiters, maids or guards. They pay their taxes, treat everyone with politeness, if not respect, and expect to be treated the same way by everyone. They are sometimes called “gentlemen” or compared to “gentry” but they are nothing like those, which were fond of hunting and took pride from serving in military capacity and prefered killing to losing face. So when confronted with violent men, our “modern gentry” try to behave as they always do – reasonably, (in their own perception), they try to appease the assailant or call for help, etc. Or simply they freeze or run. On the other hand it is easy to judge that husband from the chair, when it is not us that are meter away from agressive dude with cold weapon. Wife or not wife – there is an animal inside most of us that, given the chance, prefer running than fighting.


Yeah, the armchair quarterbacking is tempting….but it’s wise to learn from others’ mistakes too. Whenever I hear of irreversible events that could have been avoided or survived, I ask myself what I would have done differently.

In this case, I wouldn’t have been on a beach like that without at least a walking stick. As to whether or not I’d have held the line while the missus did the boltski, I’d like to think I would….at the least, the thought of inflicting brutal violence upon another in defence is not anathema to me (actually imho it’s a duty, especially in defence of others).

My training with single stick and sword is old, but at least I’ve had some. Peruse the linkedin page (I almost posted it previously but decided against it) and the photos of Doc Holistic and evaluate him both as a potential ally in a brawl, or as an opponent in a duel. Cutlass boy did, and his risk analysis was correct.

How much of an easy mark does a criminal see; it’s in the eyes, the body language, awareness, choice of location, disposition and timing….i’ve met skinny looking dweebs that calmly and unconsciously radiate “meddling will not be tolerated”, and also men/mountains with scary trappings and demeanors which with a little inspection are revealed to be big poseur babies/bullies. That doesn’t mean they’re not dangerous…just that they need to perceive that transgression will be too costly compared to the benefit. No need to go full on Dr Lecter, just avoid too much Dr Doolittle.

Running is indeed better than fighting; especially when it is evil that tucks the tail and flees. There is also a time to stand even if the outlook is bleak. What civilisation we once enjoyed was built on that….


My word, is that a trigger-lock on that cutlass? What will the antis think of next?

Hognose Post author

You never know. One enters their Safe Spaces™ only at great personal peril.


The stories I read indicated that the couple was accosted, and the husband was going back to the hotel to get money for their assailant. Who took advantage of his absence to rape and murder the wife…

Apparently, it’s a common MO for that region, outside the gated resort communities. Well, not so much the rape and murder, but the extortion…

Bibliotheca Servare

“going back to the hotel to get money for the assailant” …just…no. No. HELL no! *shakes head in disbelief*


What seems like a rational response to a life-long herbivore oftentimes is at odds with reality.

Many of these people have been so safe for so long, that they have completely forgotten what utter animals human beings can be. Like as not, this couple has lived in a safe, secure environment provided by others for so long that it has likely been generations since anyone in their circle of family and acquaintances has had to fight for their survival. So, they don’t even know what they don’t know.

It’s like those two very silly Australian surfers who wound up burned in their van, down in Mexico. You and I, and likely anyone with a whit of a survival instinct, would have said “Not only no, but HELL NO… Not without a fully-equipped Marine platoon along with us for security…”. They, however, simply thought “Well, we mean well, who would hurt us?”.

Yeah. Right into the lion’s mouth, so to speak. Utter foolishness.


Before I step out my door I look out. As I walk I look all around including up on the roof. Our two vehicles are parked together under a shelter open on the sides. I look between the vehicles before going there.

Safety is an attitude. You either have it or you don’t. Situational awareness is a requirement in this fallen world. People are give freedom of choice and some will choose to do evil. Don’t be there victim. Living a life of faith doesn’t mean being stupid.