john kennedy santos gurjaoThe trouble with being a drug mule is that you have to trust a bunch of druggies to know what they’re doing when they pack you full of haphazardly wrapped poisons… and, well, they’re not exactly the Houston Manned Space Flight Center watch-standing crew. They’re a bunch of druggies.

An autopsy revealed two pounds of cocaine pellets inside the stomach of a Brazilian drug mule who bit a man on an Aer Lingus flight from Lisbon to Dublin.

Pathologists found $63,300 worth of cocaine inside John Kennedy Santos Gurjao’s stomach during an autopsy, according to local reports.

It’s believed at least one of those 80 pellets burst during Sunday’s flight causing the Boa Vista native to fall ill and die, the Irish Times reported citing a toxicology report.

The flight crew handcuffed Gurjao at some point during his drug-induced fit. He reportedly bit a Portuguese passenger trying to help him through a seizure, a witness told the Times.

“You could hear him to start to … well, screaming isn’t quite the word,” the witness told the Dublin-based paper. “It was a guttural noise, like a wounded animal.”

via Passenger on Aer Lingus flight died with cocaine in stomach – NY Daily News.

Well, he sure put the kilo in “keel over.”

He died stoned out of his gourd. For some people, that’s the culmination of their real life’s dream, as illustrated by what they do, a much better indicator of what people believe that the sweet untruths of what they say. 

Maybe Gurjao was one of those.  Still, he merits a small degree of sympathy. We have had occasion to meet many people who have overcome substance abuse (mostly, we admit, alcoholics, but some dopers too). We’ve seen some people give essential course correction to a life that was off track, and subsequently become beacons of light in their circles and community, or at least, decent human beings and good examples to their families. Poor Gurjao might have been one of these, some day.

Instead, he’s dead, barely out of boyhood. And it’s his own damned fault.

We blame bad judgment and the widespread availability of firearms, but mostly bad judgment.

Wonder which passenger on the flight had the other kilo? Usually, there’s one or two unwitting decoys, sacrifices to bait the customs agents, and a real mule to saunter through while the agents are high-fiving one another over their collar. Gurjao  smells like a decoy.

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In response to the neo nazi, what would your thoughts be if the dead drug mule had been a caucasian woman of say, German nationality? Bad judgement crosses every ethnic and racial boundry. And who do you suppose were going to be the end consumers of the drugs he was carrying? The massive numbers of Kenyan immigrants in Ireland? Mmm nope. More likely a bunch of white people making bad choices of their very own. It’s a big world out there. Seems like you havent seen much of it.


* judgment

* boundary

* Hognose’s bio and the nature of his website should probably indicate to you that he’s been out of the country once or twice

Other than spelling mistakes and a misplaced sense of moral superiority, is there anything else you’d care to share with the group?


Pretty sure Jim is replying to Haxo. His opening line “In response to the neo nazi…” stands as a pretty strong indicator that he’s not talking about Hognose.

Anything else you’d care to share?

Hognose Post author

Jim, you’re replying now to a post that isn’t there any more. I don’t think I need to explain to you why that guy’s comments get deleted whenever I see them.


Man that guy just torques my nuts sometimes.


Okay ya got me on the spelling. Its been a long day. And I was replying to Haxo. As far as moral superiority goes, at least I dont base my judgement on the value of an individuals life based on the color of someones skin. I’ve know good and bad of all races. I dont even see how that involves moral superiority in any way. Thats just based on experiencing a lot of varied cultures around the world and learning that there is good and bad in all of them, with the majority of people falling somewhere in between. Myself included. Im no criminal but I’ve made some bad decisions now and then. None quite as bad as smuggling drugs but if everybody whos done something stupid deserved a death sentance for it we’d run outta burial ground pretty damn quick.



Doesn’t even deserve a Darwin Award Honorable Mention.

Just the campaign medal for “I was there.”

As for Haxo, how are we ever going to miss him if he won’t go away?