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Now it’s ICE’s turn to cover for a negligent agent.

Not long ago we had the death of an innocent woman in San Francisco because an irresponsible criminal investigator with the Bureau of Land Management couldn’t be bothered to secure his handgun.

Add to that a government that at its most senior levels will not deport or imprison violent criminal aliens. And there you have the death of Kate Steinle, at the nominal hands of criminalien Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. Lopez-Sanchez had a strong assist from the US government at several levels: the agent, the BLM (which has never held the agent accountable), and every open-borders enthusiast who draws a government paycheck.

Did Feds learn from that? No, since there were no consequences for the careless bum who left his firearm unsecure, they did not. Now we have a new murder victim, who was reportedly shot with a gun negligently left unsecured in a car by a special agent with ICE ERO.

[M]uralist Antonio Ramos was killed on September 29th with a gun stolen from an agent about two weeks earlier.

“He was painting the mural and he had taken a break and was taking some pictures so he could memorialize it and put it up on the website, so he had some of his camera equipment out there,” said Roland Holmgren of the Oakland Police. “I believe that’s what sparked the whole incident.”

A 20-year-old career criminal killed Ramos so he could steal the Ramos’s camera. Who says the welfare-and-crime-class won’t help themselves? They’ll help themselves to your car, to your cash, to your camera, to some inept and apathetic Fed’s gun, and ultimately, to your life, and then bien pensants will whine about all the vital potential wasted by putting human pathogen Marquise Holloway in prison for the next 70 years. #BlackLivesMatter, they say.

#Blackcrimesmatter. That’s usually how black men wind up in prison, because our society isn’t self-confident enough to have an immune system able of swinging pathogens like Holloway — black, white, or any shade between — from a lamppost, or parting them out as living organ donors the way the practical Chinese do with their domestic criminal class.

A Vaccination for Human Viruses? It's called, "hanging."

A Vaccination for Human Viruses? It’s called, “hanging.”

If we treated human virions like Holloway the way we treat an ebola infection, prison overcrowding would be a thing of the past. And the basic difference between Holloway and ebola is this: you can learn something useful by studying ebola.

Naturally, the agency whose agent was so criminally irresponsible disclaims all responsibility:

In a written statement ICE said, “A duty weapon belonging to an officer with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) was stolen Sept. 13 in San Francisco from a vehicle being used by the officer. The theft was properly reported to local authorities and through official federal channels.”

Shorter ICE: “We made a report. That erases our blowing off our responsibility to secure our firearms, so get off our back.” The BLM used similar boilerplate when they put a gun in a murderer’s hand, too.

While ICE acknowledged a gun was stolen, they did not verify if it was used in the shooting.

Marquise Holloway, 20, is facing murder charges in the death of Ramos. Holloway is also accused of several street robberies.

Stealing guns from careless cops is a favorite technique of violent criminals in the San Francisco Bay Area, where punitive state and local controls have reduced the number of non-police legal gun owners, and the culture of law enforcement impunity means that negligent cops and feds who arm murderers are never held accountable.

The bonehead Bureau of Land Management special agent who facilitated Lopez-Sanchez’s murder of Kate Steinle faced no consequences, and the idiot ICE ERO whose irresponsibility enabled Holloway to murder Ramos will face no consequences too.

Hey, at least the BLM and ICE agents’ guns have been recovered, of course, only after being used in murders. One stolen from a negligent San Jose police cadet’s trunk in October hasn’t turned up in a murder… yet. (Note that the idiot who wrote the story identified the stolen weapon as a “service revolver…” plus, “three high-capacity clips.” That’s what layers and layers of editors will get you).

And the SJPD, too, is fully tapped into the culture of police impunity: they high-handedly refused to discuss the theft, as it was a “personnel matter.” No one at SJPD cares if some muggle gets murdered, as long as it doesn’t inconvenience a cop or crimp his career.

When we’re done hanging all the Holloways in our future perfect world, maybe we can fire all the cops who are negligent with their firearms.

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4 thoughts on “Another Negligent Fed, Another Murder Victim


I struggle with this one a bit. What defines the difference between negligent and non-negligent storage of a firearm in a motor vehicle. This is particularly important for those of us who live in areas where we have to navigate a variety of gun-friendly and gun-free areas during the day.

Leaving a firearm lying in the open on the front passenger seat of a unlocked car pretty clearly falls into the negligent category in my mind. Having a custom built, biometric locked, 1/4″ steel plate box bolted to the frame in the trunk pretty clearly falls in the non-negligent (or overkill) category.

I would have felt that locking my firearm in the truck would lean pretty well into the non-negligent category. I haven’t seen any details concerning the storage of the ICE or BLM guns. However, I would probably take a bet that the BLM officer in San Francisco left it in his/her car because they had to go into a gun-free zone where even LE personnel couldn’t carry. Why isn’t there any criticism of the need to leave guns in cars because the idiot politicians have built such a patchwork of where a firearm cannot be carried that guns have to be left in cars. And with the popularity of pickups and SUV’s, there are fewer “secure” storage areas available.

I’m curious to hear where you come down on this issue.


Would be interesting to contrast how the military deals with weapons accountability.

Around these parts there has been a rash of firearms smash and grabs outside controlled concert and sporting venues. The perps watch for concealed carry folks returning to their vehicles to leave their weapons after having realized they’re going to pass through a metal detector to get in.


It would be monumentally hard for carmakers to design a decent, secure mini-vault as an option for this. Better to concentrate on essentials like cupholders and sound systems.


millard fillmore

The problem with having a secure container secured in a car is that we’ve had morons like William Bennett,out first drug czar, bleating many times that having a secure,hidden container in or even built in to a vehicle means you are probably doing something illegal and should lose the vehicle.Places like Louisiana confiscate vehicles for having secure,hidden places in your car.It’s crazy,but that’s another weird result of the ‘war on “privacy”‘,oops,I mean drugs.For public safety,we need to be able to hide legally owned weapons in vehicles without some seizure happy loon with a badge stealing private property.