Holy pepper spray, Batman!  What happened to Welshman David Evans? That’s him, looking rather grimly squinty in the picture. The Daily Telegraph:

“He instantly thought he had been blinded and didn’t know what he’d thrown at him, he was shaking in chock, hanging on to the counter being sick thinking he was going to go blind.

“It was horrific. He said he’s never had so much pain in his life and was extremely distressed.

“Not one member of staff came to him to help or even ask if he was okay.

“We were in the toilet splashing water on his eyes until the police and ambulance came he was treated straight away in A&E. “

If you Read The Whole Thing™, you’ll see that Evans and his wive Michelle had a sort of cross-cultural problem at a Bengali restaurant in the very Welsh-sounding village of Tonypandy, Rhondda, South Wales. Asked how their meal was, they complained that the meat was tough and rubbery. One thing led to another and Evans and head chef Kamrul Islam had words. Islam retreated into the kitchen, and Evans followed him, and Islam responded with the best weapon he had — not any of his chef’s knives, but a bowl of chili powder to the face.

Evans is going to live. Islam was arrested and released, but he may not be charged, because the police are considering his claim to have used the chili in self-defense.

Why would anyone use chili in self-defense?

Well, they’re in the UK, where guns are pretty much outlawed (and so, actually, is self-defense, which bodes ill for Mr Islam).

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10 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Chili Powder


If this did in fact happen in the kitchen then I’m inclined to agree with the Police on not changing him. Tried to disengage and the guy followed him. Granted could have probably been handled better but why are you following a guy into the back? Good for a laugh though.


Considering all the lethal hardware a chef in his kitchen has at his disposal, 1) Evans was a dumbass to follow him, and 2) I would have been fairly lenient with the chef as well.


My thoughts exactly


Mr Islam was fortunate to be chef and as such legally authorized to have grounded chili on him. The poor sod caught with actual pepper mace, either factory – or home made, would land in the slammer.

Just check out this one:


“The only fully legal self defence product at the moment is a rape alarm” – says Her Majesty Police

Britons never, never shall be slaves!


To be clear self defence in the UK is not illegal. Section 3 Criminal Law Act 1967 if anyone is really bored and wants to read the whole thing (its not that long)… Fear of being assaulted, robbed etc is a perfectly valid reason to defend yourself preemtively. Also a power of arrest for any person for any offence imprisonable over 5 years (robbery is for example, Sec 24A PACE).

What is illegal is carrying anything specifically for the purpose of self defence which could cause harm to others, Restriction of Offensive Weapon Act 1959 and Offensive Weapon Act 1996. If you happen to be carrying a weapon with a decent reason for doing so no problem (torch at night, tire jack in boot of car) likewise a knife with a total length under 3″ (kerambits, penknives etc are possible but the police will probably take umbrage until legal advise is taken).

Here ends the you can’t defend yourself in the UK lesson. Personally I would have no problem with incapacitants (CS or PAVA, OC is not used in the UK at all) being avaliable with a shall issue certificate. Also shotguns are avaliable with the legal weight being on the police to prove you are not suitable.


When I was stationed over there I recall an incident where the MoD police put a man in handcuffs. The whole county was up in arms that it was police brutality! Different culture for sure.

We did have a fellow get into a spot of bother over self defense. He was napping in a chair when a guy starting climbing in through the open window. He leaned over and grabbed the softball bat out of his gear bag (unit sports overseas is a big deal of course) and cracked him one but good. Of course being a blood thirsty, savage American was the real reason Nigel had a broken arm. Our SJAs got him through unscathed, the SOFA allowed for self defense.


“Oh yes sir, I really was on my way to a timbering tools demonstration; that’s why I have a broadaxe, double but axe, single bit axe, hatchet, peavy, maul, and foot adze with me.”

Hognose Post author

man who can name all the tools != criminal user

criminal’s name for these tools: buncha axes n s’it.

Haxo Angmark

when you eat at Madame Tintle’s, expect the Ahagaree to have a certain fust.


Stay at least fifty feet from all Muslims, and you’ll never have problems like this. The best solution, of course, is to keep them out of your country entirely.

In any disagreement between a Welshman and a Muslim, I’m going to take the welshman’s side every time, regardless of the evidence.