This is the one Sunday post this week; call it the 9 AM post, or maybe the 10 AM post. That’s what it’s going to say; that’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

But it’s actually going live about ten hours later.

How come? Well, there’s a story in this Sunday slippage, but it’s not really interesting. It’s not like some calamity happened, like an avalanche (or very very fast glacier) sluicing Hog Manor into the breakers of the briny Atlantic, or Hognose selling all his guns for the cash to rise to Operating Thetan in the cult of Scientology.

(Aside: ever notice how Scientology’s phony-baloney ranks and grades, at least the ones that weren’t lifted from the Navy by failed Naval officer L. Ron Hubbard, have that same fictional creepiness as things Exalted Octopus and Grand Kleagle — which come from the Ku Klux Klan?)

It’s just the same sort of boring things that happen in your life and take up your time, too; basically all of the things that occupy normal people’s lives, that TV characters never have to deal with because it would turn the show even more soporific than most TV is.

House, lawn, dog, kitchen. Yawn. Why can’t life be a simple treadmill from gym to range to airplane building?

OK, with a little bit of blogging?

On the plus side: we did get one of the Saturday Matinees we were behind on done and posted (immediately below this post, unfortunately not a show we can really recommend); we did get a walk in with Small Dog Mark II, and he got some of his favorite Chair Time; and we advanced the ball with the airplane, a little.

Maybe if fortune smiles on us, we’ll catch up on the two missing TW3s and the other half-finished Matinee, as well as setting up some stuff for busy time during the week. Don’t freak out if comments wind up in moderation for a few hours over the next couple of weeks.

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Former Special Forces 11B2S, later 18B, weapons man. (Also served in intelligence and operations jobs in SF).

3 thoughts on “Sunday Slippage


Mr Nose.

I would like to recommend VICELAND tv channel. Full of Blue

Vomit, uh yah, but an interesting insight. Good pgms on cyber warfare, deep web usage, black market you name it everywhere. Apparently Vice is one of the largest news gathering orgs in the world(? please correct if wrong). I never watched vice on HBO because I can’t afford that, but this channel replaced History 2 channel.

John Distai

May I modestly propose that WM now include popup ads (with autoplay video and loud audio)? The proceeds could help hire maintenance folks so that you may have more time for other pursuits.

Haxo Angmark

let the lawn go to hell, get rid of the dog. There, I simplified your life by 50%.