A Delaware woman proved once again that you don’t need a gun to whack somebody. All she needed was her husband’s own drug habit — injecting anabolic steroids — and common antifreeze.

(Some assembly required).

Jamie L. Baker was sentenced Thursday morning in front of nearly 50 of her husband’s family members and friends in Kent County Superior Court, according to Deputy Attorney General Jason Cohee.

What’d she do?

A 47-year-old Smyrna woman will spend 40 years behind bars for killing her husband by spiking his steroid bottles with antifreeze.

Our doctor always said steroids were bad for you, but I don’t think that this was what he had in mind.

Baker’s 42-year-old husband, James D. Baker II, was found dead Sept. 16, 2013, on the bedroom floor of their home by his wife, police said.

An autopsy found that his kidneys contained ethylene glycol, a chemical found in antifreeze that can crystallize in the kidneys and eventually kill a person if taken in small dosages.

Not only that, but once it crystallizes, it completely loses all its anti-freeze properties!

The medical examiner ruled his death a homicide by poisoning after bottles of steroids found at the scene were tested at a laboratory and found to also contain ethylene glycol.

Police later learned that James Baker, who was a competitive weightlifter, had ordered steroids in June with a friend over the internet and had them shipped to the friend’s house.

The friend told detectives that the steroid bottles were not tampered with when they arrived and that James Baker kept the steroids in a locked toolbox in a closet of his home, police said.

Famous physical security shibboleth: “locks keep honest people out.”

“There was ample time in those three months to get him help,” Cohee said. “Even the day before he died, when he was very sick, the defendant would not call 911 when prompted by their daughter. She chose to let him die.”

Why would a murderer try to get the victim help?

Almost a year after his death, Jamie Baker admitted to police in an interview that she had used a hypodermic syringe to extract antifreeze from a container stored in the garage and injected several bottles of steroids with the antifreeze, police said.

The lengthy investigation ended in March of 2014 with Baker being charged with first-degree murder and possession of a deadly weapon during a felony.

See, it’s official — antifreeze is a deadly weapon. Now the ATF has reason to shoot everybody’s dog. (Well, maybe not Angelenos. Do any of them have antifreeze in the garage? Doubt it.

In February, she pleaded guilty to the lesser offense of second-degree murder.

OK, so it isn’t officially official, because she didn’t plead to the weapons charge. Lazy prosecutor — you could have had a precedent!

According to James Baker’s obituary, he worked as an environmental specialist for 22 years at the DuPont Experimental Station. He had been married to his wife for 21 years and had two daughters.

via Wife gets 40-year prison term for antifreeze killing.

Figures, an environmental type shooting himself up (and scoring a zero in spouse selection, which is a lot more common).

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20 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Antifreeze

Jim Scrummy

She’s definitely a “looker”… That’s a man baby! Talk about rode hard and put away wet.


Anytime I see a story like this, my first question is whether or not roid rages were part of the background? Of course, she may have simply wanted to kill him for her own reasons/no reason; but rages are part of the risks of steroid abuse.


Beat me to it re motive. And no, sometimes “just walk away” is not a reasonably possible option. Doesn’t justify murder (/ob piety) though.

>ethylene glycol, a chemical found in antifreeze that can crystallize in the kidneys and eventually kill a person

Yeah, the news gets it wrong again. Ethylene glycol itself is not particularly nephrotoxic so far as I know. It is a metabolite, via catalyzed reaction, that is nephrotoxic. It is in principle possible to limit the breakdown of ethylene glycol, through competitive inhibition with ethanol, until you get to where they can dialyze the bad stuff out of you. But these days they treat with fomepizole rather than ethanol. So no, claiming antifreeze poisoning is not a way to get free booze from the hospital emergency department.

It didn’t occur to me that one could administer small amounts of ethylene glycol over time to cause bad effects, though. Clearly not spending enough time thinking about how to poison people.


After gagging at the pic, how do we know it wasn’t suicide? But seriously….what part of “testicle skrink + boob swell + emotional unstability” isn’t enough to put one off steroids, and onto even mild generic body hardening and basic combatives, just to be certain one is an SD or two ahead of most of the rest, and try to execute judgement as to when if at all one may be exposed to the outliers….keeping in mind desired result of course. This is an obscure strain of affluenza…momentary. Cure is in the works. But yikes, that pic, maybe she hit the roids too…


Daryl Hall has really let himself go!

Alan Ward

And here’s me thinking Jon Oates had finally resurfaced.


Then there is the female expectation of her male making her “Happily Ever After” happen, and when it doesn’t, then he pays for it. Usually by a 50-50 divorce… she gets all the assets, he gets all the debt, her denial of everything he holds dear, 20 years of ex nagging and so on, or, running him over with her car, or a sneaky murder.

It could be steroid “rage” but given how materially driven women are… my guess is his mission failure to make her hapy on her terms.


You got that right brother.

John Distai

He pays for it during the marriage, too. She withholds the things he wants, and when he protests, she tells him that she’s “giving it her all”.


PS With some women, and 99% of liberal women, makeup is only worn for a specific purpose, not for everyday wear. That is a liberal definition of a natural woman, while many of us think a natural woman is in makeup all the time. So give her a break :p

Bill Robbins

The former Bruce Jenner after a long night of drinking ethylene glycol spritzers.


But she NEEDS the makeup. Lol


His nuts haven’t itched in 7 years.


Sorry Hog but you misread the weapons charge.

That would be “the face”, and it should definitely be concealed.

John Distai

Jamie L. Baker, formerly James L…

Trone Abeetin

Yeah, red heads can get squirrely on ya, I dig me some red heads….. but proceed with caution.


***Yeah, red heads can get squirrely on ya, I dig me some red heads….. but proceed with caution.***

Milady is a redhead, of Welsh/Scots heritage by way of Ozstrayliah. Blonde jokes are some of her favourites, like the one that goes: How can you tell when 3 blondes have been in a fight with a redhead?

Answer: 3 dead blondes on the floor.


That dude’s a woman?! Damn, that poor bastard she killed was already looking at life.


I was kind of thinking she looked more like a methhead than the usual ‘Roid rat. I’m not familiar with the various homebrew techniques and chemistries, but is ethylene glycol a common component for any of the processes? That too might account for a little *more to the story,* but usually really rotten teeth are part of the picture as well, hard to tell from the booking shot.



You bad! You Nationwide!

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