In New Jersey, Too Many Bears

Well, everyone knows the answer for too many bears. Black bears have been irritating New Jerseyites for a while, and have recently taken to eating them, which the state wildlife authorities think is just a little too much success on the part of the once-endangered predators.

So they put out a call for hunters to come and thin the bear herds. But the hunters are not showing up.

You’re kidding, right? Would anybody in his right mind take a gun to New Jersey for any reason, (except, of course, for criminals, whom the state seems as eager to import as if they didn’t have an endless cornucopia of home-grown ones)? Does the name Shaneen Allen ring a bell? Brian Aitken?

Enjoy your future as Purina Bear Chow, people of the Garden State. You voted for it.

In South Bend: Anti-Violence Violent Felon Reverts to Type

Color us shocked. Again.

Isaac Hunt, a man known in the community as an anti-violence activist, was arrested early Saturday morning.

Officers booked Hunt for alleged unlawful possession of firearm by serious violent felon. According to Indiana Code, “serious violent felony” includes voluntary manslaughter, a crime Hunt served a prison sentence for in the 1990s.

He was released later Saturday night on $4,000 bond with the promise to appear in court.

On Wednesday, Hunt was charged with Domestic Battery, a class A misdemeanor, and Unlawful Possession of a Firearm by a Serious Violent Felon, a level 4 felony.

Right, so this guy’s a killer with a slick story, so the city and various non-profits just totally accept him as an ambassador against violence. Until he proves once again that the best guide to future behavior is past behavior. (And the “past behavior” of urban non-profits is generally “stupid.”)

If you just left the violent criminals in the jeezly prison the first time, what would you need “anti-violence activists” for?

In Indianapolis, Boss to Cop: “So, Sue Me.” So he did.

This is a strange case. The police came to a cop’s house on a domestic call, and confiscated the cop’s guns, even though the complainant was not on the scene. Later they determined “there was no domestic” (in our experience, this sometimes means a bunch of cops and/or cop wives induced a battering victim to recant her story, and sometimes means a bitter ex-wife tried and failed to get her cop ex into hot water), but wouldn’t give him his guns back.

According to the complaint filed in July 2012 in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, Rebolledo asked Eden to return the firearms to him and told him his rights were being violated.

“Sue me,” Eden told Rebolledo, according to the complaint.

The complaint says Rebolledo repeatedly asked for his weapons back. Most of the weapons were taken to IMPD’s property room as “personal property found,” according to the complaint. Others were taken to the Crime Lab for processing.

The firearms were with IMPD for two months. Rebolledo had to be fingerprinted to get his guns back, according to the complaint.

The cop in question is no longer a cop. He’s in the Army, stationed at Fort Meade. (Most of the soldiers stationed there work for NSA or the 902nd Counterintelligence Group).  He already had his guns back but the lawsuit brings him $$$ from the taxpayers. Cha-chingg.

The most curious thing was the weapons that were taken to the crime lab. Sounds like they suspected, vaguely, that the cop was dirty and tried to bend the law to go fishing.

In Phoenix, two more Victims of Fast & Furious

Two more woundings, from a 2013 gang assault on an apartment building, have been confirmed to have been done with weapons provided to the Sinaloa Cartel by the US Department of Justice and, specifically, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Two US Federal Agents and scores of their Mexican counterparts (along with hundreds of other Mexicans) have already been confirmed dead in the disastrous ATF gunwalking operation. No one has been held responsible. While Katie Pavlich’s story was headlined about the confirmation that one of the ATF-furnished firearms was used in the Phoenix attack, Bob at Bearing Arms noted that her article also shows the ATF surveilled the handover of the specific crime firearm — and let it go, knowing it was going to sicarios for a drug-trafficking organization.

ATF Crime Gunwalking AK traceDarrell Smith, the ATF agent tracing the firearm, and part of the organization that provided the gun to the cartel in the first place, knew last summer of the gun’s use in the near-murders, as did ATF brass and assistant AG Jamie Cole, a Fast and Furious figure who is resigning now that his top cover — AG Eric Holder — is gone. But they conspired to keep that fact from investigators and Congress.

Remember, the “I” in “ATF” is for “Integrity.”

Great government we got here. Let’s put it in charge of ebola readiness!

And Some Micro Links

  • America might have not hit its credit limit yet, but the President has. (Actually, his card number was compromised in one of many hacks. We can relate; same thing happened to us).
  • We mentioned Joe Biden’s dimbulb sons when the word that one lost his Navy career; the other one also needed drug waivers for an Army direct commission that wouldn’t be available to you. As it happens, Slow Joe’s dimbulb daughter turns out to be a druggie also.  We’re shocked.
  • The ever vigilant Secret Service had a protective agent leave his firearm in a car, and get ripped off. Some criminal still has it. Accountability? Consequences? Come on, he’s a government worker. It’s not like they have standards or anything.
  • And in another case of The Usual Suspects, a rapper got busted with a handgun (is that a dog-bites-man story or what?) in an airport security checkpoint. It gets better: he’s a felon. It gets even better: it’s not his first charge of felon in possession. Which is supposed to be a ten-year, no pun intended, rap, under 18 USC §922(g). But he’s out on the first one, in plenty of time to walk into the second.

Yet there are people in our government who think the right answer is to prosecute the criminals less, and persecute the non-criminals more. While within a couple of days, the Director of the FBI demanded a back door into everybody’s cell phone with the old “trust me!” con-man shtick, while the FBI in Minneapolis threw an insinuation into the South Dakota Senate race — and then took the phone off the hook, so that they can’t be questioned about it. Gee, there’s one reason why we might not trust you, Mr Comey.

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On the subject of the “So, sue me”confiscated the cop’s guns…

“Rebolledo had to be fingerprinted to get his guns back, according to the complaint.”

Perhaps this is naive of me, but don’t cops get fingerprinted as part of a background check when they become cops? Or were they just forcing him to submit to printing again, because they could? Or…?