Hey, it worked for the Carthaginians.

Hey, it worked for the Carthaginians.

…based on our reaction to the sanguinary sacraments of Mohammedanism that were acted out joyfully in France, Kuwait, Somalia and Tunisia yesterday.

We have decided to hold it for twenty-four hours’ cooling-off.

For those of you seeking amusement, look up the statements of a State Department spokesman, who continues in that positions Harf-wit tradition by being utterly befuddled as to what might have motivated all that mischief, occurring as it did on the holy day of the week, in the holy month of the year, as perceived by a certain religious tradition that is quite foreign to American and Western traditions and values.

May it go the way of its closest cousin, the adoration of Baal as practiced by people of the empire of Carthage, whose erasure from the timeline of history was one of the great gifts bestowed on modernity by the ancients.

If they keep trying they’re going to make us angry. They’re not going to like it.

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9 thoughts on “We had a post for this time…

Leslie Bates

What’s Arabic for Endlösung?


Look! Gay marriage!


A. K. A. SoS On the sheets night and clean the carpet honeymoon!

I’m not surprised the liberals, the media and all of Hollyweird is so proud of this moment, nor of the announcement that polyamory and polygamy are next.

Really, how did our leaders and entertainers get so queer?

Al T.

As Ralph Peters has written, (paraphrased) sooner or later they are going to piss off the wrong folks…..


One day these clowns will venture yet too far into gleeful murder of everyone not of their ilk and they will stand slack jawed in amazement at the sprouting of multiples of mushroom clouds, delivered by Israeli, Western or more likely, Muslim hands.

Their last words, “We did not really, really think they would do it.”


The destruction of Carthage was nice example of straightforwardness in solving certain geopolitical problems. But the thing is, Thomas Cole, whose artwork Hognose used as an illustration for this post, painted also another picture called “The Course of Empire: Consummation”. I wonder what would he have to say should he awoke in modern day Washington or Brussel?

Trone Abeetin

I usually turn down the sound and stare at Mz. Harf’s …… Well, you know.

John Distai

I’d watch her and think of my Librarian fetish. And then she got her hair cut, and that ruined it for me.