Here are two fights from John Correia’s Active Self Protection channel. They’ve been posted in the last week, and they happened far away from each other (Saudi Arabia and Turkey). Both show cops engaged by terrorists.

In the first, one or two Saudi cops are engaged by presumed ISIL terrorists. Despite being outgunned pistols-to-AKs by enemies who close to within spatter range, the cops manage to eke out a victory from such an inauspicious start. The guy who’s doing the most shooting is Corporal Jeeran Awaji, who was wounded in the incident, but put both of his assailants down like a couple of rabid dogs.

Here Awaji receives a visit from his boss’s boss’s (many times) boss.

It is not new for terrorists to attack police: it has always been their tactic. Hamas terrorists conduct regular knife and improvised-gun attacks on Israeli and Egyptian police; the Boston Marathon bombers murdered a policeman, MIT campus cop Sean Collier, to try to steal his pistol. They couldn’t get it out of his retention holster.

Along with just plain desire to kill cops, and desire to loot them of their weapons, terrorists seem to target cops to secure ingress, egress and dwell time on terror targets.

In the second video, Turkish cop Fethi Sekin (right) chases down a car bomber who’d just dropped off his explosive wheels, and runs into an engagement with multiple rifles against him.

Though sheer nerve more than skilled tactics, he almost wins the gunfight.

He takes down one assailant, and then bugs out; they backshoot and kill him.

This guy is a hero by the usual combat vet definition: “All the heroes are dead.” Turkish police ultimate shot two assailants dead, including the one this cop nailed, and are seeking at least one more. But they captured a lot of weapons on the scene, including RPGs with multpple warheads…

…even more spare warheads…

AKs and magazines … (the decedent in the image is one of the attackers).

And a Beretta 70 or 71 with a couple of spare magazines.

We can’t tell if the dark-clad guys in the background are part of the attack, or fleeing citizens. It looks like one of them gets nailed, too. But in any event, the quantity of weapons recovered are more suited to a larger element.

Meanwhile, in the United States? A cop, facing a couple of barking dogs, “was in fear for his life,” and tried to shoot them, succeeding only in shooting himself in the foot. He missed the dogs, whereupon at least one of them bit him. Normally we’re rooting for the cops around here, but, well, it was New Jersey.

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I suppose it’s one of those few rules that really does apply across the board, from dagger vs. broadsword vs. longbow to pistol vs. assault rifle vs. sniper rifle.

If your opponent’s weapon out ranges yours, get in close. If the opposite applies, keep your distance.


A rule the dogs in Jersey apparently took to heart.

LCPL Martinez USMC

LOL! @ dogs and close range. Too funny,

Here in Socal the news is of an off-duty LAPD (5 yrs in) officer, who yells at jr. high kids trampling on his lawn, kids yell back at him,

he attempts to detain kids (so a citizen’s arrest for kids yelling back at you?), kid resists, other kids attempt to rescue detained kid, one pushes cop over,

cops gets up takes stock at the mess he’s created, and takes out his off-duty weapon (small pistol), brandishes said small pistol at kids (threat of death or injury is fine to control crowd, it’s legal),

kids back off, he pulls his quarry over a hedge, as he’s pulling the kid thru the bush gun goes off (clearly accidental, but his lawyer’s going with “warning shot” also legal, same as brandishing, as means of crowd control so long as shot placement was clearly where no one was),

kids call 911, police detain all parties involved, arrests two kids, lets cop go, but confiscates his off-duty weapon.

Now it looks as though, he’ll lose his job; plus the punk kid gets a fat scholarship fund to the tune of $100,000 (give or take), thanks mom and dad for teaching me to respect my neighbors!

Yup, definitely not these videos (thanks for featuring the two videos by the way, Hognose).


With the massive influx of middle eastern ‘refugees’ during the last administration we can expect to see things like happened in Turkey here any day now. And of course the Progressive/Cosmo/Tranzi controlled MSM and SJW”S and other fellow travelers will use such attacks to mount more attacks on our 2A rights. Never mind that one inhibitor on such attacks is the armed citizenry in this country or that there president’s decisions caused the problem.

Keep your powder dry, be ever vigilant and your faith in God.

Hognose Post author

Influx still happening, there’s 120,000 maybe-Syrians in the pipeline, and the Saudi-funded terror bar is trying to bring every single one in.

Boat Guy

Yup. And those are the ones that we “know about” – lots more “refugees” cross or turn up at our southern border.

Wow. Just finished Chris Hernandez’ third book (read all three this weekend). those scenarios are VERY credible.

John M.

Claiming your life is in danger if you return home makes you an asylee, which is different than a refugee. I think it earns you a court date along with a catch-and-release policy with the US Border Patrol.

Requesting asylum is a pretty well-worn script at our southern border, as far as I understand. Or anyway it was during the prior administration.

-John M.


I call the situation with the Boston bombers the mobile resupply point fallacy.

For some reason people disposed to this line of thinking look at cops, armed citizens, and etc as speed bumps and good sources of resupply.

LCPL Martinez USMC

and some bobbing and weaving…

Hognose Post author

Comes natural to certain attorneys… along with pissed off clients.

Steve M.

Mixed feelings there. The attorney got away. I know, I know, it’s the 99 percent that give the other one percent a bad name. If the armed individual had just calmly stepped back twenty feet and ruffled some cash he would have had a clean shot.

Hognose Post author

Can’t shoot lawyers over bait. Fish and Wildlife takes a dim view.


“Almost won the gunfight” Yeh….. Kind of like “almost alive”. The cop died because he ran into a firefight untill he got to “CQB” range then turned and ran BEFORE he killed his man. Once you commit you have to abandon hope and fight to the end or you WILL die. Once you engage you had better damn well finish the job or the other SOB will.


Now-Sergeant Awaji (he was immediately promoted) also received a hefty stipend from HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naïf. OTOH he was in the position he was in because the unit I work with has yet to absorb the importance of setting an inner perimeter around a barricade site, and those two mooks slid right by them.

So. Many. Lessons.

Aj from NJ

Side note on my ever depressing state of Peoples Republic of New Jermany, that area of NJ is in the “Nawwth Jerzzey” area where the sopranos was set in, an area where the middle to upper mid class are minutes or feet away from the unwashed masses of Paterson, a city you don’t want to be in after, well, never.

For the record, I’m from “West” Jersey. A term I coined to set myself apart from the Bros bc we live equidistant from,NYC and Philly, as far possible from the urban sprawl in this state, replete with farms like I grew up on, my 150 strong graduating hs class, and more deer than people. I feel out of touch with the state and I like it that way.

Aj from NJ

This will give everyone a good laugh and idea of the different parts of this Progressive Utopia.

And for the record, I’m from the border of. ” Hill people” and “Farmers and Subdevelopments” All Republican heavy counties and municipalities.

The officer who will probably have the call sign of “The Gimp” is in,the ” Friendly White Families” area, adjacent to Poor Minorities


You know the difference between trash and a Jersey Girl? Trash gets picked up eventually

John Distai

Nice! Where did you find that?


The majority of exposure to New Jersey was a month at Ft. Dix at the old Air Base Ground Defense course there. It was in July, very hot and I remember a lot of sand. The other was at the Newark airport waiting on a return flight overseas and sitting next to a couple guys straight from a DeNiro or Pesci movie, stereotyped in track suits, gold chains, and thick “Joisey” accents. I wish I had recorded that conversation, it still makes me crack up thinking about it. Something about Jerry not being a lawyer but who cares, he took care of three of his divorces and how the kids love Disneyworld among other things.


As an NJ resident, I can confirm part of it – I grew up in the ‘Russians, Polacks, and toxic fumes’ and I spent a lot of time with my Polish best friend who lived down the street from an active oil refinery. I visited Colorado in high school and could breath better at 5000ft elevation than I could near sea level at home. Now I’m surrounded by executives in Mercedes wondering how the hell I can afford to buy a house.

Hognose Post author

Heh. There’s a similar dynamic in my town, where the physicians and professors and ridiculously wealthy beach-home owners live alongside people whose families have lived here since the 1630s.Big City to the north of us dodged an oil-terminal bullet circa 1970, or it might look like Elizabeth or Bayonne today (although somebody told me Bayonne is gentrifying, I can’t get my head around the idea. I picked up my Mustang there from Tony Soprano’s boys when I moved back to the USA in 1987).


In NJ, anywhere with easy mass transit access to NYC will eventually gentrify. New developments are popping up all along NJ Transit’s rail lines, including my declining middle class hometown. As places right as across the Hudson spike in price, gentrification spreads farther and farther away. Newark is, and forever will be, a slum, so the tide of redevelopment has skipped south and west.

Bayonne’s light rail system is probably having the same effect, though it’s taken 10 years to do so. I’d bet the relatively slow speed of the light rail is what depressed the desirability of the area, but price always wins.

Steve M.

That is an absolutely fantastic map. If somebody mapped out each state like that and put it in book form, I bet it would sell quite well. I know I would be buying plenty. They would make great gifts.

Hognose Post author

Great map, someone should do one for New Hampster. Much more useful to us outsiders than the usual Jersey thing, telling us what exit they live on.

From now on, every time we post something from NJ, I’ll think of this map.

William O. B’Livion

I say again, when one find’s oneself in New Jersey one throws the f*king ring in the f*king volcano and heads for home.

John M.

“…they happened far away from each other…”

According to Turkish Airlines’ web site, it only takes about 4 hours to fly from Istanbul to Riyadh. So Turkey and Saudi aren’t that far away from each other.

-John M.

Cap’n Mike

From watching these videos and the Miami shootout recreation, aggression seems like the best strategy.

Much like getting in a knife fight means your going to get cut, trying not to get shot can get you killed.