Trevor Timon mugshot.

Hands, and, it turns out, an extremely lenient court. But then again, it’s England: the guy would have gone away longer for owning a gun, but killing people is practically okay, as long as you don’t do it with a gun. The killer in this case — a career violent “thug life” criminal with a record longer the history of failed lenity in corrections — will walk out of prison free as a bird in no more than six years.

Sooner, if he doesn’t kill anybody else in the nick. Which, given his history, is not a certainty.

Trevor Timon, 31, threw a killer punch at former Coutt’s banker Oliver Dearlove, 30, who died less than 24 hours later.

Dearlove’s long-term girlfriend Claire Wheatley, told the court that one punch took away the love of her life.

She said: ‘His death was not the result of an unfortunate event such as a car accident or life-long illness but as the result of a senseless act of one individual in one moment of time, with no real meaning or justification.”

Yeah, but Timon’s a vibrant, diverse minority, so he’s automatically misunderstood and the rest of society is supposed to take a few fatal blows for the sake of Diversity Is Our Vibrancy.

Of course, it happens in Once Great Britan, where guns are outlawed, but a thug killing a guy gets treated like he just barely crossed the felony/misdemeanor line.

Dearlove was at a reunion with friends from Portsmouth University on the night of the attack, ending in the Zerodegrees microbrewery with Andrew Cook and Neil Durrant.

They left, and were walking to get a taxi when they started talking to a group of four women Timon knew.

When Dearlove complimented pictures of one of the woman’s baby Timon, who is of mixed race, turned up and claimed he became angered after the group used a racial slur – ‘half chap’ – towards him.

Before delivering the fatal punch, Timon warned Dearlove ‘if you don’t move on, I’ll knock you out’ in Blackheath, south east London, just after midnight on the Sunday of the August Bank holiday weekend last year.

Dearlove collapsed immediately from the ‘catastrophic’ injury, and was pronounced dead less than 24 hours later.

Timon with the props of thug life: booze and pit bull.

What that usually means around hospitals here, is that the poor guy was DRT, brain-wise, but they kept him plugged into the machinery for long enough for friends and family to gather and grieve. Maybe they do things differently on that scepter’d isle, but we doubt it.

The humane action of the hospital staff stands in stark contrast to the cruelty of the judge in the case, whose conduct shows he valued Timon’s worthless, violent life highly, and Dearlove’s harmless, productive life at zero.

Timon admitted manslaughter but denied murder, which he was cleared of at the Old Bailey on Wednesday.

Jailing Timon, Judge Mark Dennis QC said: ‘This was a senseless death that occurred as a result of an act borne out of a deep flaw in your character.

‘He was defenceless to the punch. He had displayed no intention to engage in aggression or violence. It was therefore an unprovoked and gratuitous act.’

So why didn’t the judge punish him? Six years is pathetic. It is a mockery of justice. What are the odds that this man will commit another violent crime, no later than 2022? Well, the best guide to future behavior is past behavior:

Jurors heard he had previous convictions for violence, including for battery in 2010 for knocking a woman unconscious after telling her ‘I’m going to bang you out’.

Timon has a total of 12 previous convictions for offences against people and property. It has also emerged that his brother is in prison for murder.

via Trevor Timon who killed Oliver Dearlove with a single punched jailed for 6 years | Metro News.

That’s an interesting difference from UK and Former Colonial law, that favors British practice: here, Timon’s lifelong history of violent crime would seldom be admissible prior to the sentencing phase of the trial (and sometimes not even then).

Still, six years for a violent fatal assault, with a defendant whose history is that of a bipedal pathogen, is not remotely justice. Some of our readers, like former prison priest Peter Grant, would say he’s a soul worth saving. Theologically, Peter would have a point, but in practical terms Timon is a waste of sperm and egg, and a liability to keep around. In a just world his carbon footprint would be on its way to zero.

But hey, he didn’t do something English jurisprudence frowns on, like keep an antique firearm in his house. He just beat a guy to death (after perfecting his one-punch technique on other productive citizens).

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He’ll do 3 years max, be given money, somewhere to live, and a job when he gets out.

It’s a good job he didn’t do anything criminal like hand a gun it the Police.

He told he was going to get minimum sentence for possessing a firearm which is five years but when the papers (for once) that ended.and he got a 12-month suspended sentence.


Is there a way I can not see the racist posts by 81? I’m no shrinking violet but the bile that individual posts is rarely if ever constructive.

Hognose Post author

I usually nuke his posts when he chooses to vent his hostility to his fellow man, based on something other than the content of his character, in the phrase of a flawed but notable fellow American.