• A bizarre scandal is weighing anchor and setting sail in the Navy. Basic facts: high-ranking intelligence officers in charge of special-access programs (SAPs) arranged to buy suppressors from one of the officers’ brothers, a hot-rod mechanic in California. One of the officials, Lee Hall, is now indicted. (SAPs are very tightly-held classified projects, programs or operations. They have a history of doing amazing things; they also have a history of being exploited by dishonest individuals). And there appear to have been kickbacks all round.
  • Mauser-PeriscopeHere’s a Mauser with periscope, now in the collection of the Guardia Civil of Spain. Miguel tags it as a WWI gun, but it looks like a Spanish Mauser to us. Lots of these kinds of guns were used in WWI, and the Springfield Armory Museum has a few examples which also let the gunner operate the bolt and trigger from under cover. It looks awkward as all hell. This one looks like the hanging string might have operated a bellcrank or something to fire the trigger, at least, so perhaps it’s not complete. In any event, the Sopanish Civil War had its share of sieges and trench warfare.
  • Gift for the man who has everything? He probably doesn’t have a 12″ barreled Saiga shotgun with a supprCadiz Saigaessor. From Cadiz Gun Works. Blackwater alumni (from before the idea of “let’s drop the standards to meet the available volunteers” that killed the company) may remember Tom and Vicki Jo Cole and Cole Gun Works. Their company, now in Ohio under a new name, continues to specialize in the Saiga, including radical customs like an 8″ AOW version and this beautifully nasty piece of work.  (Yeah, the picture embiggens).

Unconventional Warfare & Terrorism

  • Looks like the fix is in for the FBI agent that blew away one of Speedbump’s Chechen-immigrant pals. The bureau is leaking that their guy has been exonerated by the usual whitewash. The fatal shot was to the back of the suspect’s head, in a second group of four, with all the shots beginning after the recorder a Mass. State Police officer was using was turned off.  The agent’s story, put on a polished 302 much later, was that the guy was attacking him on his hands and knees after eating the first four rounds, so he needed four more. Given the suspect’s history (he was a notably violent boxer, and had just implicated himself in a multiple homicide other than the Marathon bombing), the official story is certainly possible.

Update: Here is the letter exonerating the FBI agent by State Attorney Jeffery Ashton. Here’s the background with redacted statements by the officers. The death scene sketch is posted below. Note the Sword (a martial arts sword which was moved by one of the officers to be out of Todashev’s reach at the very outset of the interview) and the Pole (with which Todashev reportedly charged the officers).


  • ACU contrastThe Army continues to flail on adoption of a working camouflage pattern, instead keeping the troops in the day-glo ACUs. Apparently the sticking problem with Crye MultiCam (currently in use as OCP) is that Crye wants to be paid a licensing fee, and the Army would rather not pay the $24.8 million. (Bear in mind, the useless UCP on the ACU, and the interim replacement of it in the combat theater as OCP, have together cost the Army about $12 Billion. 
  • Line dogs in the CIA, and overseers in Congress, are less than thrilled about the CIA’s “imvestigation” of the Benghazi disaster, which, depending on who you ask, is a slow-walk, a whitewash, or no investigation at all. (The CIA IG definitely conducted no investigation, although their reasons for not doing so have not been well articulated).
  • Turkey, still the Sick Man of Europe centuries later, is conducting sham local “elections” in a week or so, which are designed to produce a landslide for Erdogan’s Al-Q-lite Islamist party. Keeping a promise to his supporters, he shut down Twitter across Turkey last Friday. Erdogan is angry at the internet platform because users have been Tweeting links to audio recordings of Erdogan and his son discussing laundering bribe money.  So why is this creep our ally? Basically, because they’ve built such a platform of Islamic hate in their country that whatever replaces him has strong odds of being worse.
  • Now that Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is repealed, all is proceeding as we have foreseen. Next step? Lesbians who now want to be men think the Army should indulge them. Sure, why not, it gives a whole new meaning to doing the Duffle Bag Drag. Still, we think we are Napoleon, why don’t we get indulged like that?
  • We’ve discussed the hazards of ancient UXO before. With the 100th anniversary of the Great War coming up, 2 Belgian workers have been killed and 2 wounded by UXO in Ypres, one of those resonant place names from that period. Belgian EOD renders hundreds, sometimes more than 1000, WWI projectiles and weapons safe every year, but they didn’t find this one, construction workers apparently did.

Tales of the Po-Po

One hopes we’ll find some good to put in here, but unfortunately decent and upright cops bagging bad guys whilst upholding the constitution are an everyday reality, not “news.” Please bear that in mind as you read the following tales which tend to the “Cops behaving badly” trend.

  • A Border Patrol agent kidnapped, restrained, and raped three illegal-alien women. Two of them got away and told local authorities; as the cops closed in this embarrassment to the CBP capped himself in his home and improvised dungeon in Mission, TX. The cops freed the third woman, alive, thank God.
  • handcuffs_1Here’s a story with a happy ending, except for a fugitive murderer who stayed on the run for almost 40 years. Did you know the US Marshals Service has deployed facial recognition technology? Neither did Bruce Walter Keith, whose real name is James Robert Jones and who escaped from the US Disciplinary Barracks at Leavenworth, where he was serving a court-martial sentence for a 1974 murder. Funny: if he’d just done his time, he’d have been out by 1997 or so.
  • A Sheriff’s deputy canned by King County, Washington last summer for stealing drugs out of evidence, has been busted again for going completely over to the far side: he had tried to remake himself as a master dealer, or drug kingpin. His products? He wasn’t particular: meth, heroin, and cocaine, you name it. His dealers? A gang of strippers. This has movie of the week written all over it. He had been out on bail on the stealing-from-seizures case. In one of many ironies in this one, he seems to have acquired his taste for stealing and dealing whilst seconded to a DEA Task Force and dual-hatted as a Fed DTF cop.
  • An anti-gun cop in Kelso, Missouri, Lt. Jerry Bledsoe, was caught on video trying to shake down a citizen for his guns; then, when the young man, Jordan Klaffer, posted criticism of Bledsoe online, got an order restraining Klaffer from critisism of Bledsoe. The ACLU (!) has come to Klaffer’s defense on the ridiculous restraining order. (We can hear the faint voice of Ken White calling Bledsoe a “censorious %$#^!,” to censor one of the net’s more consistent foes of censorship). We watched the video Klaffer posted, and Bledsoe actually seems remarkably calm and rational then. Dunno what turned him into a ensorious %$#^! later.
  • All that massive surveillance, interaction, and bugging data the cops can’t keep in one place? The Navy’s got it. Oh, that makes us feel so much better. (Naval Intelligence in the mid-1990s built an enormous small-arms registration database as a favor for ATF, which is forbidden to keep such records. Dunno if this single-purpose database in Newport, RI, is the forerunner of the LINX domestic-spying network).
  • And then there’s this South African cop, who apparently was sleeping during the introduction to gun safety. Lord love a duck.

South African cop fail

We just hope he cleaned the shotgun before passing it on to the next fellow.

When guns are outlawed

  • Only outlaws will have knives and tell cops, “Honestly, I just felt like killing.” (Victim? His 12-year-old half-brother).
  • Only outlaws will have heroin. (These losers actually survived, thanks to the intervention of people better than they are).
  • Only outlaws will have tables. (Hey, the case filing says it’s a “deadly weapon.” But the victim isn’t dead, fortunately).
  • Only outlaws will dress like Rambo. (True, this asshat had a gun, but two bar patrons took it away from him and evidently, by the mugshots, beat the snot out of him, which makes the story entertaining even if it doesn’t fit the category well). Moral of story, sometimes clothes don’t make the man, especially if they’re Rambo togs.
  • Only outlaws will have fires. And then lie about their “heroism” in fighting them.
  • Only outlaws will have sodium azide. Suicide. (Warning at link: Undertone malware). It’s usually an ingredient in airbag propellants; mix it with water and it produces a toxic gas.
  • Only outlaws will have vaseline. Accidental self-destruction through amateur breast enhancement.
  • Only outlaws will have teeth. This monster bit the nose off an infant. Off his own son. Because the baby was crying.  (Pro tip: babies do that). That’s not all he did as the poor kid also had a skull fracture and brain hemmorhage. May Hell prepare for him a dwelling place.
  • Only outlaws will lay waste to all Europa, in a German-language blog that reports on murders done, mostly in Germany, without the use of a legally-possessed firearm. (Wouldn’t that be just about all of them? Same as here?)

Gun Policy, Laws and Boring crap like that.

  • Here’s an attempt to catalog the crimes of Bloomberg’s Illegal Mayors group. It falls far short, as the the group has had dozens (no exaggeration) of mayors broomed for crimes, ranging from the usual for mayors (bribe-taking) to the unusual, except among Bloomberg mayors: attempted gay rape at gunpoint.
  • The Telegraph (UK) asked its readers what sort of bill a Member of Parliament should put forward. Then it took a poll among the most popular six. The winner? Repeal the ban on handguns — by a landslide. We assess the odds of the cousins actually doing this to be approximately zero, but one can hope. Maybe they’re still waiting for the bloodbath the antis promised when Florida and Texas liberalized gun laws in the 1980s and 90s — 20-35 years ago.

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10 thoughts on “Tour d’Horizon — French for “too many links”


Wow, that shotgun looks like a nice piece of work.

I was wondering what this blog thought of the Todashev incident. My trust in the FBI certainly hasn’t been improved by the details (or lack thereof) that have come out. (So they let him get near a weapon after turning off a recording device, then managed to get a bullet into the back of his head? How could the story get any fishier?) Regrettably, it’s been caught up in the cloud of InfoWars conspiracy garbage.

Hognose Post author

If you read the report (we did link it in the story, right?) of the prosecutor that looked at the case, it may not have been a model of tactical genius, but it was a good shoot, or at least borderline good. Could he have done differently? Yeah. The other cops there didn’t fire, and the Bureau guy ripped off two sets of four rounds. The prosecutor mentioned how inexplicable Todashev’s attack on armed cops was, until he talked to people familiar with the guy in the ring — he was fearless, and 100% offense. He could have busted out the back door and run, instead he turned around and went towards the cops.

Also, it seems like the FBI guy and the task force cops’ stories all agreed without them getting together on them. That’s fairly large. True, there are no independent witnesses, but there are witnesses who weren’t in this guy’s agency, and yet the stories seemed to line up. If you’ve ever interviewed witnesses, you know there’s always at least some variation, but there’s usually a cluster of observations that closely align with the physical evidence.

Mind you, if he were a civilian and fired those shots Angela Corey would be on him like like ugly on a cheap revolver.


no. There are major discrepancies here. There’s a good untangling by Dave Lindorff at the Left-populist site Counterpunch:…

all in all, the next time I “see something” I will say nothing to the Enforcers. After all, if J6P kills you, he might be arrested and might go to jail. If any LEO or alphabet gestapo member does so, they get a 3-week paid vacation fly-fishing in Oregon, then back on the force. Almost a positive inducement to kill almost anyone.


the Official Version has more holes in it than even the dead Chechan. Dave Lindorff untangles some of the tangles at the Left-populist site Counterpunch –

a few times in the past, when I “saw something”, I “said something”. Not any more. If J6P kills me, he might get arrested and he might go to jail; if an LEO or a member of the 927 other .gov alphabet gestapos does me, he gets a 3-week paid vacation flyfishing in Oregon, then back on the force. I want no more close encounters with armed representitives of the Regime.


The letter in the update does seem to answer most of the questions. My internet’s too slow to get the report to load, but I assume it includes the proffered explanation for turning off the recording device (to send “who’s your daddy” texts? yeah, I honestly could believe that).

I still wonder whether there is a legitimate reason not to record all such interviews, though. Hopefully this incident will go some way toward making that change, a la implementing police dashcams.

Hognose Post author

FBI is somewhat unique in the way they prefer not to record interviews, and write up 302s later (sometimes months later). They have reasons they say they do that are out there, but everybody in LE understands its so they can manipulate the interview later.

However, in this case, because of the shooting, the 302 was prepared straightaway, and it gibed with what the MSP officers separately wrote up.

As I understand it, the recording was stopped because the interview was over. They planned to arrest Todashev for suspicion of murder x 3. The officer reportedly said he wished he had left it running, but they weren’t expecting the guy who’d been basically cooperating to suddenly stop and attack.


Turn about is fair play:

in doing everything but putting it in tiny print made with lemon juice, the MSM has fleetingly let slip that the petty officer so handily disarmed by batguano felon, who subsequently shot a perfectly good male petty officer (diving in front of The Disarmed One to save a life) before Mr. Batguano himself being splendidly ventilated in return by the Mahan‘s roving guard, was in fact a petite Petty Officerette.

Thus exceeding by a number of years my estimate of when we’d have the first identifiable date when putting women in harm’s way has cost the life of a male colleague. But it’s not the last such casualty.

Cue DoD/MSM crickets.

Hognose Post author

I didn’t know about the Mahan shooting till you mentioned it. The guy who disarmed the sailor chick and murdered the sailor was a beneficiary of revolving-door justice, too: he was convicted of the manslaughter of his best friend (!) in 2008 but did less than two years in jail. Isn’t that what Martha Stewart got for using inside information to make a few $ off Wall Street scammlers? Say what you will about Ms Stewart, I can’t see her showing up on the gangplank and beating the sidearm off some Navy chick.

Badass Buddusky would have dealt with that guy a little differently.


I’ve been chatting about a good bit, and it’s fascinating.

You have a Navy MA2 whose family left the DC ghetto, who pulled himself up by his bootstraps, gaining 4 promotions in 6 years in the Navy, who jumped in front of bullets meant for his disarmed shipmate while firing his own weapon in the last great act of defiance, fighting to a draw.

You have the policy of telling and treating women as if they were warriors getting her disarmed, and her male shipmate killed (not to mention risking the security of the entire ship by her ineptitude, deficiencies, and/or physical inabilities to stand a proper watch).

You have the Navy post security apparatus failing to screen out Loserboy at multiple failure points between the front gate and the Mahan.

You have DHS and the TSA issuing TWIC credentials to convicted felons, because rousting grandmothers and Girl Scouts is easy, but checking, say, the felon database is too hard.

You have interstate trucking companies hiring felons, because prior criminals like this drug dealer and murderer are so reliable in transporting high-value truck shipments on the interstate.

And you have the NC DOC letting a murderer out after less than 2 years (plus 3 years of pre-verdict jail, doubtless counted at 2-for-1, or somesuch BS) letting Mr. Multiple-strike loser out early, after the Charlotte DA went from seeking the death penalty to pleading him out for “voluntary manslaughter” for shooting his best friend in the head, and dumping him at the side of the interstate.

So much WTF and Fail, it’s amazing one story can contain it.


FYI, Turkish elections are no more of a sham than American ones… In fact, considering the US usage of insecure voting machines, perhaps less of a sham.