So, apart from rendering unto other-than-Caesar, today involves a trip to the gym, a long drive, a scholar’s presentation on M1 Garand development, a drive back, and everyone going separate ways by 1800.

Meanwhile, there’s overdue Saturday stuff that didn’t get posted, and Monday stuff that isn’t written yet. Yoiks!

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3 thoughts on “Swamped Sunday

Bill K

The only easy day was yesterday?

Hognose Post author

That’s the frog’s motto. I love those guys, but in SF we like our leisure. Work hard and play hard.

Unfortunately, today’s drive-out to an M1 Garand presentation at the Wright Museum in bucolic Wolfeboro, NH, did not go well. Kid is coming down with something, and we bailed at the half-hour point, made a quick walk through the armor/military vehicle hall, and drove home, with him cranking the heat to 11. Good ol’ full-size-car heater, the cabin temp was 90F when the OAT was about 28F.

The guy doing the presentation was very knowledgeable but an inexperienced presenter. The presentation was packed and cars were doubled and tripled up in the parking lot.


“The only easy day was yesterday” is more of a motivational mantra for BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition School – which less familiar folks would simply refer to as SEAL * TRAINING *) than it is a 24/7 mindset… wait, I MUST say I have never even requested the opportunity to apply to BUDS so of course, any true BTDT is welcome to correct me on that… I look back on my younger years with a mixture of regret as well counter-factual hopefulness that I chose to follow different paths… I tend to believe that maybe in past life I could say more, but most regular visitors of weaponsman might dismiss further comments of such to be “crazy talk”???!!!