This was a bit of a scattershot week, and we didn’t get the continuation of the Legendary Guns of SF series we began two weeks ago up. Your money has been refunded and the posts should run this coming week. We also have some other good stuff including our reaction to the new Afghan War Plan. This past week, we had more to say than usual about police (both good and bad, unfortunately; not far from the weapons bunker a criminal murdered a treasured local police chief and tried his best, which was fortunately not good enough, to kill four more cops, before turning his gun on his girlfriend and himself).

On the plus side, we’re pretty proud of the weapons design post that applied aeronautical engineering design concepts and principles. We think that’s an original insight, and believe that if more people did that there would be more great, innovative guns and fewer also-ran knock-offs. We also wonder, why is there no engineering literature of weapons design?

And now, as usual, we’ll go out for the week on links to the week’s stories.

  • We are buying (well, ordering) The Mystery Weapon. Watch this site for more. Where are your guesses, you guys are slacking off, we get dozens of comments about SF phonies but none about guns?
  • Special Forces Regimental Day on April 5th saw a class graduation, statue dedication, and Hall of Fame elevation ceremony. Forget Cooperstown, Springfield, or Cleveleland: this is the place to be.
  • Don’t like the ATF? Neither do the agents according to a survey. (Yeah. Three out of five surveys make up their numbers, like that one we just made up. But we hear the same kind of things about ATF leadership from the line dogs).
  • Silencers are Legal and we can’t imagine a better way to celebrate that than to get together and shoot the heck out of them. April 28 is the date and Dallas is the place. straight pipes not welcome.
  • Paul Doering, convicted felon and Wild West reenactor, turned a gun full of live ammo into A Fist Full of Fail.
  • Can Jet Fighters do Special Operations? You bet they can; just takes imagination (and in this case, maybe desperation). It was an enemy tactic and it didn’t work all that well, but it’s the thought that counts — or at least, makes it worth studying.
  • False NBC Report Attacks Remington 870, 1100. TV newsmen. How can you tell if they’re lying? Their lips move (and they’re not attached to some part of a politician’s anatomy, but emitting sounds).
  • Saturday Matinee 015: The Wild Geese (1978) is a shoot ’em up with absolutely no redeeming social value. And no, the weapons are a bit dodgy (let’s form a company sized mercenary unit and issue 25 different weapons in ten different calibers! That’ll work!) and the tactics are… well, what tactics? But isn’t a movie supposed to be entertainment? That, it is.
  • That Was the Week that Was: 2012 Week 15 is this post, and brings us full circle.

And the stats: 19 posts with about 11,575 words for an average of about 600 words. We picked up about 12 substantive comments on this week’s posts, and continued to get comments on older posts that were not yet frozen (for some reason, John Giduck remains a popular subject of discussion). We apologize for freezing comments on posts that are over 30 days old but comment spam is a serious plague, mostly for Brazilian websites, SEO scams, and miscellaneous other rip-offs.

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