ssuntrust_logoMaybe it’s the snazzy, Hugo Boss uniforms, but SunTrust Bank is inviting Godwin to the party for Hitler’s Birthday, by sending letters to firearms businesses, punitively closing their accounts for dealing in Administration-disapproved goods and services. Effective on the day that was the highest holy day in National Socialism.

The cancellation comes with a 30-day deadline for some purposes, but with only 10 days before the business’s debit cards go tango uniform. It’s all part of a long-standing Administration plan to make lampshades out of the hides of America’s gun owners, and those businesses that dare to serve them.

American Gun and pawnThe Nashville-based bank has been a leader in sucking up to political overlords, perhaps in hopes that it too can grow to coveted Too Big to Fail (not to mention, Too Big to Be Indicted for Criminal Activity) status. Here’s an example of the form letter. This one was sent to Florida’s American Gun and Pawn over the computer signature of a minor bank (& The Party, no doubt) functionary, Quanisha Keel. Keel no more wrote the letter, which bears the stylistic imprints of SunTrust and possibly government lawyers and PR specialists, than you did, but her name is on one of the most blatant examples of banking corruption since the cell door closed on Carlo Ponzi.

suntrust hitlers birthday letter

It sounds like a one off letter, but when AG&P called, March 27…

…[T]hey said they are closing Gun stores accounts all over the country! We are a licensed and legal company!

OFA’s social media brigades are flooding the net with obfuscatory claims, including that (1) the letter is fake (it isn’t), the business must be crooked (so where’s the indictment?), and that maybe the account is being closed, but not because AG&P is a gun business, maybe because it’s a pawn shop (like that’s any better a reason?). To which the company’s Steve Champion replies:

You are wrong. Gun dealers are part of the account closings. I called and they specifically said it was because we are a gun dealer. I have the names of everyone I spoke with.

Even as these letters were going out, one of the great successes under the authority of Operation Choke Point, Administration Made Guy (FDIC Chairman) Martin J. Gruenberg was in front of Congress, mumbling non-sequiturs to avoid perjuring himself that Choke Point was not a thing, and if it was, it was over, and who were you going to believe, a Beltway and Wall Street Made Guy like Himself, or your lyin’ eyes?

Champion has gotten some small media play in outlets like Florida News Flash and local TV and radio, but this problem is not going away. If anything, it’s going to grow, because the Deep State bureaucrats haven’t backed away when exposed — instead, they’ve sought the cloak of secrecy. Not a good sign.

The NRA has a story with some of the industry’s (and other targeted industries’) responses to Choke Point. If you yourself have been a victim of SunTrust or another national socialist bank, the US Consumer Coalition wants to hear from you — also, if you’re an inside-banking whistleblower.

No one has been able to get a response from the Hitler’s Birthday celebrators at SunTrust. SunTrust has been one of the most aggressive participants in Choke Point, and has been evasive about its anti-gun policies and positions for at least two years. The participating banks have been threatened by the CFPB, the FDIC and the Department of Justice to keep the details of their participation secret.

10 thoughts on “SunTrust Bank Celebrates Hitler’s Birthday with Choke Point

Tom Stone

You are right to attribute these programs to the deep state rather than the two advertising departments ( Elephant and Donkey).

mr. sharkman

As a group, the gun dealers need to ‘out prog the progressives’.

Every single one of them should loudly and publicly proclaim their homosexual, transgender, etc. status. And when the banks move to cut them off from necessary business services, publicly proclaim that they are being discriminated against based on their sexual orientation. 🙂


Sharkman, you beat me to it. The solution is clear!


What’s the big idea here? Force every financial institution to refuse to serve firearms businesses and then nail them with some sort of regulatory violation for not having banking accounts?

Haxo Angmark

in any case, there’s a good number of alternatives for credit card processing, etc. on the net. McMillan, for one. Gun stores should have gotten clear of the Central Banking System long ago


Has anyone tried calling Quanisha Keel?

Hognose Post author

She’s a cog in the machine who has no more influence on this than a single nitrogen atom does on the sky.


If you call SunTrust and get the CEOs number, you can speak to his assistant. They are in area code 813. They are very evasive and hang up when they feel like it. They are also a franchised bank. They have no one dept that specializes in anything….ira, loans, mortgages, etc. All the branches do that and then get it messed up by forwarding all this to be verified by the back office. They consist of people who do not know what they are doing. They bought out Crestar bank based out of Richmond VA and a few other banks and came under the umbrella SunTrusts. Notice the plural of the name. SunTrust is the individual branch. SunTrusts is the corporate. A corporate HQ overseeing a franchise. I have heard of weirder. Maybe these people are little hitlers. After all, they are just as honest as he was as well.


Sucks to be them, Yet they can always find another bank which will enjoy doing any business with them no matter what the business is.

Let the hoplophobes go out of business from their own policies.

Activism may feel good but it can make you poor, unemployed and stupid.

Check out the CFE Non Gay, Gay activist who got free water made a video berating a minimum wage earner at chic fil A and is now on food stamps.

The Old Man

Am I the only one that discerned that the accounts that “may be maintained” are the ones that generate the most income?

As I was told 40+ years ago – “Grab them by their wallets – their hearts and minds will follow”.

Which to me is a great argument regarding breaking the LameStreamMedia grasp on the electorate:

The GOP is portrayed as being the “Party Of The Rich”. Time to get medieval, so to speak. Fight on Soros’ chosen battlefield. See what happens.

As near as I can tell, the worst that can happen is we keep sliding down the progressive chute to the scrapheap like the Roman empire did…