Holy latitudes, Batman, it’s sunshiny and sixty-something out there. T-shirt weather, and Small Dog has just met his local dog friends on the dog walk.

One wonders if they see us shaking hands and think, “Shaking paws is how humans sniff ass, I guess. Gross.

The Philadelphia Story, 2017

Neighbor’s daughter is student teaching in Philadelphia, out to Save The World. It’s springtime there, too, and she’s walking down the street, replying to a text — her world and perceptual field narrowed to a glowing rectangle — and comes a probable truant from her school, scooting by on a bike, and deftly plucks the iPhone 7 out of her hand.

She waited to see it get turned on with Find My iPhone, but that doesn’t work, any more; the Asset Redistribution Technicians of the inner city are on to it, and her phone has already been wiped and fenced and, probably, resold.

Or given to a family member. Your baby sister deserves someone else’s iPhone for her Obamaphone service, not the crappy phones they give you for “free.” Hell, she thought he was about 14, so his baby mamma deserves someone else’s iPhone.

The police don’t care; a stolen phone, are you kidding? Do you know what their backlog looks like? Homicides are up 22% year-to-date. There have been 2,500 violent crimes reported this year, of which few have been closed. Who’s the thief? That general description also fits a bunch of agg assault and murder suspects who are at large, so they’re not sweating a phone thief. Hang up, lady; call us back when he kills you. (She knows this; she probably didn’t bother reporting the theft).

Apple doesn’t care; even though they could brick the phone, they won’t — she’s already bought a new iPhone, so theft is a plus for them. Besides, they’re all SJWs there, and Black Lives Matter, and the only reason a white person has something is because they looted it from slaves, which is why inner-city blacks who are too truculent to stay in school and too lazy to show up at jobs (unlike their competition for illiterate-laborer gigs, criminaliens) are Entitled to Whitey’s $#!+ — something they seem to believe with a fervor a preacher reserves for his Bible.

Her wireless carrier doesn’t care; even though they could brick the phone, they won’t. They may get a new subscriber out of this! So they, too, are in cahoots with burglars and strongarm thieves. That’s their contribution to Social Justice.

In four or five years, when today’s telephone thief has a record that takes multiple pages on a cop-car criminal (and three times as many crimes, at least, for which he was never arrested or charged), he’ll get his gizzard perforated by a cop, and The Community and The Reverends will turn out with pictures from when he was nine years old and demand the cop be punished.

And by then, he probably will be, even though logically it’s like punishing a doctor for curing an infection. Bacterial Lives Matter!

But here in the ‘Shire, we’re spared most of the pathologies of inner cities, except when our residents import their Massachusetts ganged-up drug dealers when our residents are importing their stupidmaking substance du jour.

Hell, you don’t need drugs, to turn on, tune in, and drop out. Look at all the undead around you, shuffling along with their glowing rectangles.

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Fifth paragraph, near end of paragraph, in parentheses they’re should be their.


Just another example of what happens when you don’t maintain situational awareness. And the lady is lucky it wasn’t something worse since she probably walks around that obvious at night too. And you are correct on the likely trajectory of the kid too.

In one sci fi series I read the SJW’s and there ilk have taken control here. Everybody who can has left to colony planets to escape the result. Petty crimes now include assault and rape. The cops only get involved if murder is the crime and then only if it’s a prominent victim.

Keep your powder dry, your eyes up and out and your faith in God.


Here Hognose, for your amusement.

My bet is whoever shot him back then just angered him and got eaten.



I’ll take “fake news from three years ago” for $800, Alex.


’tis indeed. As shown by the Outdoors editor of the Clarion-Ledger.

What is especially embarrassing is that I usually check weird stories before sharing them. Mea culpa.

Please accept my apologies, and delete.


was 86 here today


Wait! I was told by several people that the obammy phones were turned off in January. Anyone know for sure?

James In Australia

One thing we do have right here, the phone would be useless as soon as it was reported stolen to the carrier. After a few violent muggings including at least one murder ( for an Iphone) the rules got changed.


Yeah it seems odd that a carrier wouldn’t just kill the IMEI number of the handset and deactivate the SIM. It’s pretty much an instant response as soon as you call them to report a theft of a UK mobile.

Of course the only reason to bother reporting a phone theft to the police over here is to get your incident number for your insurance and cancelling off any contracts should you wish to.


I know that at least some carriers in the US will put phones on a stolen/ kill list – when I lost mine last summer, Straight Talk offered to do it for me.

Hognose Post author

Interesting. AT&T and Verizon, won’t last I heard.