It won’t shock you to know that Kevin had a lot of firearms, firearm accessories, knives, bayonets, swords and other military memorabilia.

As we have been cleaning out his house to get it ready for sale this fall, we are selling most of his collection on consignment through Original Bobs Shooting Range & Gun Shops in Seabrook, NH and Salisbury, MA (

There are also two Class 3 firearms that will be made available for sale by MAC Tactical (

This means you have a chance to get something to remember him by. All of these items are for sale NOW or in the near future.  Some of them may be gone already.  Please contact Original Bob’s or MAC Tactical directly if you are interested.  Remember, MAC only has the Class 3’s – everything else is at Original Bob’s.

At the bottom of this post will be a list of his firearms. Original Bob’s has a lot of other items and knows what comes from “The Collection of Kevin O’Brien.”

Now before you ask, yes, I am keeping some of his stuff. But there was never a possibility that I would keep any weapons.  I’m not a “weapons man” myself and I would prefer to see his weapons and related items in the hands of people who would enjoy them.

Some of the other most personal items have been distributed to his closest friends. Just the other day the helicopter chair (remember that?) left Kevin’s house for its new home in the Lakes Region of NH.  It now belongs to a good friend who served with Kev.  Other stuff that honestly holds no sentimental value is going to be sold at an “estate sale” on Saturday, September 9th.  Most of his books are going to team members and friends.

I’m keeping all the airplane parts, all the tools, all the “active” computers, a few oddities (did you know Kevin had a recumbent bike?) and a few practical items. I am keeping his diplomas and other military records, his dress uniform, beret and dog tags.

But that leaves a lot for Weaponsman readers, if you want. And somebody else will buy and enjoy whatever is left!

Here is a list of firearms:

  • Pistol – Astra (Spanish) Model 100 Special pistol w/ Asian markings SN 8862
  • Pistol – Astra Unceta Pocket Pistol SN 294895
  • Pistol – Bauer .25 ACP SN 13141
  • Pistol – Belgian New Model type 1 Melior Pistol w/ holster SN 4028
  • Pistol – Bryco Arms Model J25 pistol w/box SN 536456
  • Pistol – Colt (CMC) M1910/72 .380 Model SN A3166
  • Pistol – Czech “Z” r6.35 mm SN 249700
  • Pistol – Czech (little Tom) .32 Pistol SN 30941
  • Pistol – Czech (Little Tom) 6.25mm (.25 ACP) SN 26854
  • Pistol – Czech 45 Nickel plated & engraved SN 89325
  • Pistol – Czech 75 compact, P-01 cal 9mm Luger SN B798603
  • Pistol – Czech CZ 45m proofed 1946 SN 30200
  • Pistol – Czech Jaga Model Pistol w/holster SN 5550
  • Pistol – Czech Model 1922 9mm SN 16947
  • Pistol – Czech Model 1936 w/holster SN 18615
  • Pistol – Czech Model 27 SN 568818
  • Pistol – Czech Model 50 7.62 cal w/mag SN 678961
  • Pistol – Czech Model 50/70 w/2 mags SN C59705
  • Pistol – Czech Model 52 pistol with holster SN D13662
  • Pistol – Czech Model 70 VZOR .32 ACP SN 652090
  • Pistol – Czech Model 83 SN 2846
  • Pistol – Czech Praga Model 1921 SN 10024
  • Pistol – Czech Type 52 pistol VOZ 77 78 SN EE13370
  • Pistol – Czech vz. 22 w/holster SN 53789
  • Pistol – DWM Luger SN 7433
  • Pistol – DWM Luger (Artillery), Reblued SN 2778
  • Pistol – East German Makarov 9X18 SN BV 1693
  • Pistol – FN Unique FN 1900 Copy Melior Pistol SN 20322
  • Pistol – French SACM 1935A w/mag SN 1135A
  • Pistol – Glock 17 G3 w/ paddle holster SN RXH737
  • Pistol – Italian Rigami Pistol SN 51108
  • Pistol – Nagant M1899? Revolver cut off SN 10195
  • Pistol – Soviet Tokarev Pistol w/ holster SN 3540
  • Pistol – Unknown Afghan double-barrel percussion pistol SN (none)
  • Pistol – USA Intratec Protec-25 ACP pistol with box SN 022114
  • Pistol – Walther Model 8 6.35 pistol SN 715820
  • Pistol – Walther PPK beater SN 864119
  • Pistol – Walther PPK RZM SN 843183
  • Pistol – Double-barrell pin fired SN 5435
  • Rifle – Barnett London V.R. 1869 SN (None)
  • Rifle – Chinese Type 56 carbine (SKS) SN 11363875
  • Rifle – Chinese Type 56 carbine (SKS) SN 14839
  • Rifle – Clayco Sports AKS-47 semi-auto SN 100574
  • Rifle – Czech 7.92 MM Model vz. 24 SN 2431N2(?)
  • Rifle – Czech Brno 7.92mm Moilet vz. 24 SN 3026M3(?)
  • Rifle – Czech Vz. 52/57 Rifle 7.62mm SN G 65221
  • Rifle – FN (A Coruna) Model 1949 SN FR8-05014
  • Rifle – FN (Egyptian contract) Model 1949 .8mm Mauser SN 11507
  • Rifle – FN (Venezuelan) M1949 Venezuelan SN 4955
  • Rifle – H&H Enterprises AR-10 SN 006470
  • Rifle – Johnson Automatics M1941 SN B0542
  • Rifle – Mosin-Nagant M44 Carbine 1955 SN 124738
  • Rifle – Mosin-Nagant Russian 1943 SN 2942746
  • Rifle – NDS (NoDak Spud) Model 601 SN C00794
  • Rifle – NDS (NoDak Spud) NDS-16A1 SN A02615
  • Rifle – NDS (NoDak Spud) NDS-16A1 SN A01669
  • Rifle – NDS (NoDak Spud) NDS-16A1 SN A01512
  • Rifle – Springfield M1 Garand SN 5855309
  • Rifle – Springfiled Model 15 .22 cal SN (None)
  • Rifle – Tokarev SVT-40 SN 3L5170
  • Rifle – Tower V.R. 18?6 (1836?) SN (None)
  • Rifle – Unknown Afghan percussion Enfield carbine SN
  • Rifle – US Carbine Iver Johnson 22 LR SN 1342
  • Rifle – Valmet M62S SN 131700
  • Rifle – Winchester 190 .22 SN B1157752
  • Rifle – ZB Brno Bolt action Rifle SN 2845
  • Rifle – ZB Brno Model 24?? Mauser SN C730 & 434
  • Rifle – HK HK416 conversion setup SN 88-101046
  • Class 3 – Colt M4 Carbine SN LEO98039
  • Class 3 – Kahr Auto Ordnance M1A1 Thompson SBR SN KC6544

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20 thoughts on “Something to Remember Him By 

Much appreciation for letting us know. I immediately bought a small rifle from the gun shop. It’s really nice to have something Kevin owned as a way to honor his memory. I’m going to repost this over on Looseorunds. If you’d rather I not, just email me and I will take it down.


I agree with what you said, seeing this is like another kick in the gut. The CZ collection for his book, the Afghan bring back and the M4 which I’m assuming has the stock rescued from his deployment shooter that were all featured on here.


Linked as well.

Thanks for the update, Brendan.

And we hope for regular progress reports on the plane, as you have time.

John M. 

It’s the ultimate (in every sense of the word) Thing from the Vault post.

Thanks for letting us know, Brendan. I appreciate the update on the rest of the estate also. I’ve been thinking of you and Hognose’s worldlies.

-John M.


Thanks for keeping us updated. It really is much appreciated.



Thanks for posting this and thanks for all you’re doing.

Man, I miss that guy.


What all the other guys said. Unfortunately, being a damn furriner means that I can’t make a purchase, otherwise I would’ve jumped right in the queue.

Best wishes to y’all.



Wow,that is one hell of a collection! One of the articles I really enjoyed due to the humor was the unfinished Spectre frame for a pistol,if still unfinished would be interested in that and if not worked on at all is not at moment a ffl item,if worked on would then not be even legal for sale unless registered and then numbered with atf papers.This was one of the projects back burnered as the parts too pricey at the time of introduction.

I remember the helicopter story and glad in the lakes region,have a lot of friends Laconia/Gilford region,and feel a good home location.

Brendan,thanks for keeping us in the loop and hope all is well as can be with you and your family.I also hope all here on the site also doing well,as I have said before,this was intended or not a cool/kinda dysfunctional family and wish you all the best.

John M. 


The rules about selling homebuilt firearms are a bit more subtle than that. One needs to register as a manufacturer with the ATF if one is building firearms with the intent to sell them.

If Hognose did start work on the Spectre, then (IANAL and all), I think Brendan would be fine to sell it. If the ATF thinks Hognose built it with the intent to sell it, then they can take it up with Hognose. It’s pretty clear that Brendan didn’t build it with the intent to sell it.

And I agree on those Spectre frames: cool stuff.

I expect the crew here would be pretty interested in Hognose’s Ghost Gunner also.

-John M.


John, totally forgot about the ghost runner and Cody &Co. articles,gonna revisit them,did revisit the Spectre article,believe my favorite out of the bunch over the years!


Thanks for this. Likewise, I can’t buy any of the guns (import rules and all) but….if you feel like selling any of Hognose’s library, please let us know. I’m sure he had some phenomenal works.


Also, it would be a great tribute if we could bring Kevin’s books on Czech firearms to fruition. Please let us all know if you want help with that.


Steve M. 

Thank you for allowing such an opportunity.

The web still isn’t the same.

As changes are made in the areas of Hognose’s interests, his loss still echoes across the comments sections of military and firearms websites across the web.

The Winchester 190 sticks out like a sore thumb in that collection. I wonder what the story with that one was?

Steve M.


Thank you for the update. Remaining grateful that he shared so much information (and personal insight) into them with so many of us. Godspeed to you, as well as no over-bored holes on the airplane – get ‘er flying & slip the surly bonds.

Boat Guy 

Tried both of Bob’s sites couldn’t find the Vz52 pistol I was hoping to buy. Excuse any typos I just had eye surgery.


Bob’s doesn’t seem to reply to email inquiries.

Just a heads up.


Hell,give em a call,(603) 814-4148,best of luck to all looking to purchase.

Josey Wales 

Called Bob’s, hence this request, could you please post the seller name on the GunBroker account that the estate will use to sell certain pieces?

Thanks. Still so sad…… 🙁

Steve From Downtown Canada 

Can’t but any of it myself as a Canadian (well, not easily) but I just wanted to say that collection is exactly what I expected it to be 🙂


Thanks Brendan,

One of these days I won’t be in school anymore and will be able to afford cool stuff. My Dad had a Winchester 190. That was an excellent squirrel rife.