There is a barrage of propaganda coming out of the Ranger School. There could be nothing but, with every one of the surviving female students — eight at the end of the first week — shadowed by a Corps of Commissars who broadly (no pun intended) outnumber the female Ranger candidates1, and a media scrum that nearly outnumbers all the Ranger candidates.

Rangerette 5

There have been some myths spread about this class. In the interests of further factual information, here’s some debunkistry.

Myth: women are doing better than men, percentage-wise, in this class.

Fact: They’re not, even when you don’t account for the fact that some of the 8 survivors are being propped up. Remember that these women are the distillation of a pipeline of over 130 candidates, who got extra training no active-duty men can even apply for.

Myth: the Army has made no concessions to the women.

Fact: the concessions are many, ranging from the trivial (women’s hair is cut short, but not shaved like the men) to the serious (women are given extra chances and talked out of quitting; minor negative spot reports aren’t allowed to build up against them).

Rangerette 4

Myth: the women are a cross-section of Army women.

Fact: the women are a small, self-selected cadre of ambitious careerists. It is our understanding that all are officers.

Rangerette 1

Myth: As women increase their presence in combat units, they’ll be more likely to be raped. Because men in combat arms are “predators.” This is what Defense Secretary Ash Carter told an audience of ROTC cadets recently:

Obviously, as we get women into more unaccustomed positions, maybe dangerous isolated positions, maybe positions where they are fewer in relation to the number of men, it opens up opportunities for predators

Fact: You’re joking, right? Ash Carter makes Joe Biden look like the Great Gravitas Himself. He has no military experience whatsoever, and if he ever came out of the ivory tower, when he saw his own shadow we’d have six more weeks of winter. It’s not surprising he says stupid [stuff]. He didn’t stop there, either. He also hinted to the cadets that he intends to open all positions to women when the review is complete in 2016.

Meanwhile, Carter has quietly withdrawn 1,900 soldiers, 38 Black Hawk slicks, 12 medevac Black Hawks, as 12 heavy-lift Chinooks and 28 Apache attack helicopters from Europe to the United States as part of his unilateral drawdown of US forces worldwide. Instead, smaller elements will deploy for a few months at a time. A DOD spokesman insisted that less was more:

The net result of this restructuring is that Army aviation assets in Europe will be more ready, present, and operationally flexible. This is particularly important in the current strategic environment.

Our forces in Europe will be more ready, present, and flexible, hooah! They just won’t be in Europe!

In other news from the DOD, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, and We Have Always Been at War with Eastasia.

If Ash Carter diminishes American air capability in Europe any further, he can expect Hermann Göring’s ghostly shade to manifest itself, and bestow on him the German Cross in Gold, the Knight’s Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds, or some other high decoration.

These guys seem like harmless, amusing buffoons, until you realize that some one has plucked them out of their cozy libraries and put them in charge of complex systems they don’t understand.


  1. There are 31 female Commissars, or as they are officially called, Observer/Advisors. The course began with 19 women. Currently, there are roughly 4 OAs watching out for each woman. The number will rise as the women attrit further.

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17 thoughts on “Some Rangerette Myths


Re: Ass Carter. Just another soetoro-obama appointee. Nothing more needs to be said.


Thank you for the updates, this is where I come to check how this new development is unfolding!


Hey leadership starts at the top.

The nature of the power elite of our republic has been fundamentally transformed into a trickle down inbred oligarchy.

In other words you can’t put earrings on a pig.

John Smith

I passed 20 last December. I thought that would help the way I feel about things like this.

It didn’t.


Boggles the mind. So, if even one woman finishes – will they expend all the same efforts (money, etc.) for each woman who will attempt successive Ranger classes? Just the amount of resources required to shepherd *one* woman through should show them that it is a ridiculous stunt.

Neil S.

So Carter believes that having women in isolated positions “open up opportunities for predators”, wouldn’t that indicate that the women in question aren’t physically equivalent to a male in that position, in that they can’t defend themselves from rape? If this is the case, then what in the blue Hell does Ashton Carter think is going to happen in combat?

Neil S.

*read “Ash” instead of “Ashton”

Hognose Post author

You’re using logic, Neil. No fair!


Neil – better to read “ashole”, there.


i thought the regs required that wymyn’s hair styles be “feminine”?

this whole effort is concentrated “fail” on a plate of PR bull5hit.


Well, with the ROTC troops wearing womens shoes last week, and these rangerettes acing the course, maybe it’s time for a complete role reversal. Let’s have another war and just let the womens team fight it. They can even bring their observer/advisors. We have obviously become obsolete, so we can just take a John Gault style vacation.


Just a couple of weeks ago I was watching one of the morning news talk shows on the lobotomy box, and some Girl Ranger was on shilling a book she’d written about another Girl Ranger who’d gotten herself killed in A’stan this spring. A bunch of girl paratroopers were on the show with her, flexing their broomstick arms and chirping about how “fierce” and “athletic” they were, and how hard they’d had it in the Ranger course-“ERMAHGERD! they made me carry a pack that weighed ferty pernds! ERMAHGERD!”

I’d like to see a show of hands of current or former 0311s and 11Bs who may be present. Who here wouldn’t have really loved to have had the option to carry only a forty pound pack on a ruck march, instead of 80-100 pounds of gear? Yeah, that’s what I thought. British SAS troopers during Desert Storm were doing HALO insertions with 210 pounds of gear strapped to their backs, for anyone who may be wondering why I am bringing up the specific figure.

Perhaps this is, as Col. Kratman has speculated, a “comedy bomb” intended to cause our enemies to laugh themselves to death.


As a former 11B I will readily concur with you. Myself, I see no good in having females in Combat Arms let alone the military. Of course, there are many “progressives” who are aghast at my remarks. However, one cannot tell me, or prove, the United States military is a better fighting force for introducing women into it’s ranks. They are simply a detriment.

As I’ve expressed here before, the introduction of females into the military along with outright acceptance of homosexuals, is destructive of the family unit. It is the emasculation of both the military and the nation, in general.

What is the common denominator in all of this ? Barry barack hussein

soetoro obama. The fish is rotten from the head down.

Verify your zero. Keep your powder dry.

John Distai

I think he evades using a VPN of sorts. I think there are ones that bounce you through random servers. That way it defeats the IP blocks.

Hognose Post author

Nah, he just comes up with different IP addresses on the same subnet.