Sure you do! Who could forget that face? We could have run his mugshot again like we did last Friday, but for some inexplicable reason we find the image of him on the right more satisfying.

Maybe it’s because he’s a cop-killer, who shot down police officer Debra Clayton, and whose flight led indirectly to the death of another police officer, who crashed pursuing him.

He had already killed a former domestic partner, and is also charged in the death of her unborn child.

He was aided to escape by his friends, relatives and “The Community,” if you know what we mean, and we think you do. Well, as we wrote last week:

When the cops finally caught up with him, he ducked inside the home where he was being hidden — and came out in body armor and with two guns.

Despite that, the cops took him alive to face justice. In the process, Markeith got tuned up a little.

C’est dommage, as they say in France. Here are his two guns:

The reporters, whose angle on the story has generally been how the bad, bad, baaaad white cops (because all cops are honorary whites, when a lily-white newsroom has anything to say about it) set Markeith up the bomb beatin’, also found another angle, thanks to an uninformed police bureaucrat: he had a 100-round drum magazine of death and doom!

As you might expect, this sent the newshounds and their straphangers into a feeding frenzy that might require the rest of us to get a bigger boat:

John Cohen, an ABC News contributor who is a former U.S. counterterrorism official, said the massive magazine Loyd allegedly had can hold an “extraordinary amount of bullets.” Cohen said a weapon like the one Loyd was alleged to be carrying “only has one purpose — to allow the shooter to fire continuously without having to reload.”

You’ve probably never heard of the Obama Administration’s John Cohen, but you’ve heard of his major initiative while he was    TITLE — recasting DHS counterterrorism efforts as “Countering Violent Extremism” and outsourcing the definition of Violent Extremism to the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center, which is most opposed to poverty for its founder and de facto owner, Morris Dees. Dees has made tens of millions personally from fundraising campaigns that mostly scare nice old Jewish people with the news that the black curtain of fasicism is drawing down on a benighted land, in the person of some unlikely Klansman Mike Mitt Romney. (In the SPLC’s future, everyone will be famous for being in the Klan for 15 minutes).

The point of Cohen’s Countering Violent Extremism campaign, of course, was to lift and shift the fires of the Department of Homeland Security and also Justice from the terrorists that really existed, but that didn’t really bother the last administration, namely Islamic terrorists, and focus it on a phantom threat that let Cohen and company target their real enemies, like veterans and anybody who actually carries a copy of the Constitution around.

So Cohen is a partisan hack. But he just exposed himself, also, as a fool.

Cohen said these drum magazines — which are readily available online — pose a real challenge for law enforcement because violent criminals can use them to carry out attacks or to defend themselves while they’re being sought.

Cohen said the high-capacity magazine — in addition to the fact that Loyd was wearing body armor — shows Loyd was “prepared to take on the police” who came to arrest him.

But, he actually didn’t use the gun, apparently; he dropped it. He was “prepared to take on the police,” until he had a whole bunch of police and not just one woman. And the logical leap that Cohen takes from this: all you people who haven’t ever even thought about harming a cop? Cohen demands you be disarmed.

“In the hands of a violent criminal, this type of high capacity magazine could be extraordinarily dangerous, and result in the death of people including police officers,” Cohen said.

“In the hands of a violent criminal” freaking anything is extraordinarily dangerous, not because of weapon, but because of criminal. They don’t teach that wherever Cohen went — probably Harvard. You can’t get that dumb without Harvard, can you?

We realize that there’s no math arithmetic (let’s not make it too hard for the dears) requirement in J-School, or in whatever ticket punch makes a cop into a politician police chief, but when we went to real grad school, you couldn’t get away with 50=100. Note that this is the exact same magazine, but it seems to have lost half its capacity in the hands of the numerate:

Layers and Layers of Editors. Or is it liars and liars of editors? If you hear the story about Markeith Loyd and two dead cops and your eyes well up with tears for Markeith, You Just Might Be A Journalist.

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14 thoughts on “Remember Cop-Killer Markeith Loyd?


We should make sure all criminals get those drum magazines. No one will be shot because drum magazines are so finicky

Larry Kaiser

They also make concealed carry a challenge

Hognose Post author

Concealed carry is extra rough if you intend to dual-wield your drum mags, because rap video.

Haxo Angmark

John Cohen. With or w/o vibrations…it’s still

a Jew

a communist

a lawyer

not necessarily in that order. Hey, Kevin: can’t you find a story where a Jew is not the villain? This is so depressing.

Hognose Post author

I am disinclined to believe that Markeith Loyd is Jewish.

My problem with Mr Cohen has nothing to do with his ancestry or religion, or any other factor over which he has no control, but rather, his performance, which is entirely under his personal control.


Placeholder (TITLE) is left unfilled in the post.

According to ABC in a 14DEC2015 article (Secret US Policy Blocks Agents From Looking at Social Media of Visa Applicants, Former Official Says) John Cohen is a “former acting under-secretary at DHS for intelligence and analysis” so there’s your placeholder. Incidentally, the article in question says that [former*] “Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson refused in early 2014 to end the secret U.S. policy that prohibited immigration officials from reviewing the social media messages of all foreign citizens applying for U.S. visas” and references San Bernardino murderer and jihadist Tashfeen Malik.

*former: makes me very happy to type that. I will be even happier to not have to see and hear that smug person on video while waiting in line at the airport.

John M.

How about folks like Markeith get 10-20-Life and the rest of us can get 50 round drum mags if we want?

-John M.


You can’t if you live in various of the Peoples Republics scattered across the land. Now in the places where freedom still lives and the 2A still is in force you can. All it takes is money. Going to get a 45 round magazine for my SKS soon.

Law of Self Defense

Hoplophobes always irrationally focus on the weapon, and Progressives irrationally fail to focus on the personalized threat. Combine the two and you end up with a well-armed criminal predator pool and a disarmed law-abiding populace.

Ever modern Democrat’s dream.



Correct, Sir. Australia is a good example. And the recent Melbourne car massacre that left a 2 month old baby boy dead, amongst other children, is the result.


“you’ve heard of his major initiative while he was TITLE — “

“in the person of some unlikely Klansman Mike Mitt Romney”

Bllly: please finish your homework before turning it in. 🙂

Fuel Filter.

Hognose, perhaps from now on you should substitute “$” for “S” when you reference the $PLC.


The operative word in the quote from Mr. Cohen is “could”

High capacity magazine ( in the hands of a criminal) could be …

How about we change it to read

High capacity magazine (in the hands of a law abiding gun enthusiast)

Could be fun to use for plinking

To Keith

My SKS seems to work best with the detachable plastic 20 round magazines


I look at that post-arrest picture and think “Hey officer! You missed a spot!”.