There’s some good prices here on some presumably overstocked or about-to-sunset MagPul gear, including $10 AK mags (older model, sand color only)…

…and $16.41 25-round G2 window mags for DPMS/KAC type 7.62mm ARs. This includes the S&W M&P10 and the Colt LE901, but does not include the DPMS GII. The mags work in the second-gen DMPS gun, but won’t actuate the bolt hold-open. On the plus side, these mags will hold M188LR ammunition, which the first-gen Magpul .308 mags wouldn’t.

There are also clearance prices on 10-round mags for 7.62 mm and 20-round 5.56 ones in certain colors.

The Sand colored mags take dye very well. Go ahead and search for “Magpul sand dye” and you should find plenty of posts and videos showing how to do it.

Along with the mags there are several different models of stock, some of them available in multiple colors.

Expect the stock of these items to dwindle down and then wink out… that’s what “closeout” means!

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13 thoughts on “MagPul Mag and Stock Clearance at Midway


Looking to get an AK but wont be able to till after taxes are filled. So once again a sale happens at the wrong time.

John M.

I haven’t been able to follow all the discussions without a scorecard, but the magazine situation for AR-10 pattern rifles seem a bit of a mess. Is that correct? Are there some rules of thumb to navigate the madness?

-John M.


Thank you, sir – I had been putting off an order of 10- and 20-round mags for bench shooting, etc. Looks like Midway has lowered their shipping costs. I have steered away from them in recent years due to $8 shipping for a $20 part stuff. $5 for $60 worth of mags is more like it…


They started using “UPS Mail Innovations”, or, how UPS will get it to their nearest hub in about a day and the USPS will take another week to get it to you if they do at all.

I’ve always gotten along with Midway but I guess I always time my orders that shipping was never more than what I ordered. They (and Brownells) are right across the state line too so that helps. Got to speak with Larry Potterfield through random chance a couple times, he was helping a friend’s collection of firearms and parts when he passed. He seemed to me a genuinely cool guy.


I have a Russian AK pattern carbine, and I see no real reason why I’d want to convert from wood to plastic. The GEN3 P-MAG is great if you want plastic at 30$ a pop. But with Eastern European steel out there at 10 to20$ (and they last forever) I won’t be replacing any of my two dozen mags any time soon.


I’m not impressed by their ‘clearance sale’ prices.

$10.03 for a sandy M3 30 rd. AR-15 mag? That I will have to dye once I get it?

not for me.

especially since they were selling for $7.99 each (for black/grey) just two months ago.

Clearance & Closeout prices are just sales gimmicks.

I contacted their customer service and offered a large buy at the $7.99 price.

they ain’t interested in a deal.

so I’ll save my money for some other time and better prices.


IMI 55gr 210 rounds with shipping is .42 cents per round that seems reasonable


With more entries accumulating all the time under that label all the time!


Thanks Hoggy. I just ordered 14 of the .308 mags.


It’s not just Midway, Primary Arms has similar (modest) discounts on MagPul stuff right now, possibly other retailers too.

Hognose Post author

Thanks, ATP.


The MOE SL stock they’re offering is pretty nice, IMO, and that’s a pretty good price if you don’t mind the color. got a QD sling attachment point built it, got a decent pad on the butt, and the cheek weld is pretty decent, as far as AR stocks go. I’ve got it on my most recent build, and I’ve been happy enough with it that it’s become my pig insurance for walking around in the woods.