This could be all-Nugent-alla-time if we let it, judging from the Motor City Madman’s omnipresence in the news lately. In recent news, the guitarist and NRA Board member (there’s an unusual juxtaposition) has been fired from an upcoming concert at the US Army’s Fort Knox. The reason? His harsh criticism of President Obama offended Ft Knox Commanding General MG Jefforey (misspelling is his, not ours) A. Smith. Lanford Beard reports at Music Mix:

Commanders at Fort Knox posted the announcement on the base’s Facebook page, writing, “After learning of opening act Ted Nugent’s recent public comments about the president of the United States, Fort Knox leadership decided to cancel his performance on the installation.” Co-headliners REO Speedwagon and Styx are still on the bill and had not made any announcements about the situation at time of press.

Well, it’s MG Smith’s call. The Army exists to defend democracy, not practice it.

Meanwhile, the Ft Knox MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) organization is seeking a replacement artist to fill Nugent’s shoes.

Family and MWR along with Army Entertainment Division is committed to bringing quality entertainment to the community and will soon be announcing our replacement artist to perform along with REO Speed Wagon and STYX at Godman Army Airfield on June 23.

Presumably, their priority is one that’s pro-Obama enough to please Ranger Smith.

Their concern for the troops doesn’t go far enough to refund Nugent fans’ tickets — for that, they’ll have to call Ticketmaster and haggle.

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