VA-veterans-affairsA gun-owner-hating doctor at the Philadelphia (where else?) Veterans Affairs Medical Center made his personal gun-control point a little bluntly. When he saw someone had posted the old comment on Facebook, “I am all for gun control. If there is a gun in the room, I want to be in control of it.” Dr Greg Gorton’s snappy comeback?

“Off yourself, please.”

The bloodthirsty quack in question is a VA psychiatrist who says he’s “worked 30 years to treat psychiatric patients. I teach about suicide prevention…” and once he was called on it, said he regretted his comment, deleted it from social media, and wished he could take it back.

You don’t need to be a psychiatrist to recognize the very human behavior on display here: I’m sorry… sorry I got caught. 

Of those 30 years, 11 have been at the embattled Philadelphia facility, which is so rotten with neglect and corruption that several senior managers could face “discipline,” which apparently stops short of firing or denying automatic “performance” bonuses, for systematically cheating veterans out of the benefits claims.

We can’t imagine needing or wanting a pshrink, but can you imagine plunking down on a couch before this insecure little bundle of anger, for a guided tour of the iniquities of your childhood? Intercourse that. The VA’s axon mechanics are not getting anywhere near our brain housing group.

They now say that Gorton’s “status is under review,” which we translate as, “We’re waiting for all this to blow over, because a VA job is a precious entitlement, while actual veterans are a pestiferous inconvenience for the workers who are our real clients here.”

What’s the over-under on Gorton seeing exactly zero consequences? We’d put our money on 100%.

And, what’s the probability that Gorton is a vet himself? We’d put our money on 100% less than that.

It has been a casual observation of ours over the years that many if not most people who study psychology, psychiatry or psychoanalysis tend to be high-IQ basket cases seeking the skills to attempt self-diagnosis and -treatment.

Going to a psychiatrist probably won’t do anybody any good. Going to a VA psychiatrist is some kind of self-malpractice.

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8 thoughts on “Veterans Affairs Doc: “Gun owner? Kill yourself!”


When social signaling goes awry. Sounds good at Daily Kos, sounds incredibly stupid in Realville


The Mrs. is a psychologist – but in listening to her describe her coworkers there are two kinds of people who go into mental health- those who go in to help people and those who go in to understand their own issues. So, concur with your assessment.


One of the most unlikeable (and probably the craziest) peopleI have ever known was a contract shrink, hired to deal with vets (PTSD?). He damn near drove his wife to suicide and was the worst father I’ve ever seen. I don’t doubt that anyone he ever “counseled” was worse off afterwards.


Let’s not forget Nidal Hasan’s chosen profession.


A hearty shout out to Doc Gorton, and the 66-90% of pshrinkiatric professionals who enter the field to self-diagnose. Way to out yourself, douchetard.

I would refer him to professional ethics boards, but these are psychiatrists we’re talking about, and his opinions are probably in the mainstream among them.


Hey, that’s the hospital where I came in with and injured ankle and they sent me unassisted up two flights of tile stairs to get it x-rayed when I could barely walk.


When I was in med school there were three broad student aggregations: Surgeons, Non-Surgeons and Psych. While the surgeon and non-surgeon groups had their differences, both thought the psych group was flat out weird. It seemed they went into the field for their own good more than anything else. “I am not just the psych club president, I am also a client”. On the other hand, seeing true mental illness up close for me was really unsettling. You have to be different to actually enjoy it day after day.

Bill T

The wackiest folks I have ever been around were Psychs, (Docs & PHd’s both) Most of what they believe is extreme Left Wing liberal, Sex, and Childhood Trauma. Most of them have their heads screwed on in crossthread and want everybody to be as messed up as they are.