Not altogether sure what to make of this. We do know that for $2200 were not going to be buying it. But this AK, for sale on GunBroker right now, can’t really be called the work of Bubba: It’s far too well done. But it’s what was done that raises our eyebrows… this AK is a little idiosyncratic, shall we say, in its style and features.

Pump AK right

See what we mean?

Here’s what the auction says about it:

Up for auction, is a (RCCA)Roll Call Custom Armory Exclusive! A Fully Modified & Customized AK-47 Romanian Par-1 Pump Action AK47!

That’s right, High Capacity AK-47 Pump Action Rifle that has had a “Complete Make-Over”, both inside and out!

This baby is most likely a legal hunting rifle in just about every state. Check your state laws to be sure !!

This AK-47 Pump is like nothing that you have ever seen!

Yeah, he’s definitely got us there. The nearest thing we can think of is Marvin the Martian’s Disintegrator-ator-ator-ray.

Pump AK

But let’s let him describe what’s been done to this firearm.

Let me just mention a few of the Highlighted Features.

True Polish Under-Folder stock with a Billet Aluminum Adjustable Cheek Rest. A Red Star Arms Adjustable Trigger. A CSS Round Sloted Forarm Rail. A Texas Weapons System Picatinny Rail with Peep Sight. A Krebs Extended Safety Lever. A Billet Aluminum Extended (Pump) Charging Handle by MGM Mfg.. A Stainless Steel Ported Shroud Muzzle Flash Suppressor. A Fiber Optic Front Sight. A (Night Vision Compatible) Vortex Strike Fire Red Dot Optic with a See-Through Cantilever Mount. The entire Rifle has been done in Armor Black & Stainless Steel Cera-Koted Finish.

OK, we weren’t going to interrupt his sales spiel, but does this guy sound like Ron Popeil, or what?

WAIT! There’s More! It also comes with…

Yep. Ron Popeil. What does this Ronco AK-47 slicer and dicer come with, if we ACT NOW?

…a Two-Tone UPG/RWC Ergonomic Finger Grooved Pistol Grip, a Single Point Sling Swivel, a Non-Slip Pump-Slide Grip Cover, a Bolt Open Lock Safety Lever, and a U.S. Palm 30rnd. Magazine.

This Awesome AK47 Pump Action Rifle has been tweaked, tuned, and Customized “Over-The-Top” for Roll Call and we know you will enjoy owning, shooting, and hunting with what NO One Else Has!

So, Go ahead and try to find anything even close, Then, Check out the pics, the price, our Roll Call Feedback, and Place Your Bid with Confidence!

Again, it has us at a loss for classification. When you consider the amount of smithing that’s in this gun, and the individual cost of the many third-party parts, and factor in the CeraKote finish (one of the costlier options for a spray-on bake-on finish), the dealer/builder is probably not making a lot of money on it.

There was a lot of time put into this. Now, we have the archaic and suspect idea that a gunsmith, even one more of the parts-assembler/armorer/finisher variety, is worth at least as much as you pay the schmo who changes your oil at the Lexus dealer. It’s not what we would do with an AK, but it gives every appearance of being well done.

We suppose the pump action would appeal to people in ban states, where a semi-auto with a detachable magazine causes paroxysms of pearl-clutching on the part of newspaper editors, and dog-shooting (for starters) on the part of police.

But still, all this on a Romanian AK? This reminds us of an old saying about some things you can’t polish.

Maybe if you Cerakote them first?

Pump AK angle

Anyway, for the right owner, maybe this is the perfect AK, and all our skepticism proves is that we’re not the right owners. The gun has a certain video-game or Hollywood appeal — you could see someone using it in the remake of Man from UNCLE. It would be quite a step up from the original THRUSH carbine as a bad-guy weapon!

If you’re the property master or armorer for the UNCLE flick, or otherwise interested in this unusual AK, there are more pictures on the auction page.

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17 thoughts on “An AK… in Pump-Action?


Brilliant execution of a mostly silly effort (he ain’t Bubba), but it just makes me wonder where this guy was when we needed a SxS M-79.


Those used to be sold on centerfire systems for a couple hundred bucks, they were indeed designed for California. I want to say they last had em about 8-10 years ago. They were in the 200-250 range. But they certainly weren’t that ugly, i mean tactical. I kinda wanted one back then, I could sense that they wouldn’t be around for long, and i figured i woul have the only one around. But then my mom got a job, so i got a real a k instead.

Tom Stone

Actually, you can polish a turd.

Not only do I know that from personal experience as a Realtor, but Mythbusters did an episode showing several techniques.

Dyspeptic Gunsmith

Look, it’s a Mennonite machine gun!

Hognose Post author

I think the dealer is in Pennsylvania, so you might be on to something, Dys!

Daniel E. Watters

Vektor once offered a pump-action variant of their R4-family.


I just need to know EXACTLY how much was spent on this thing, start to finish, counting the initial purchase. it’s only idle curiosity, but this has just got to be a mind boggling number for what this thing is.

Stefan van der Borght

Look, if nobody wants the thing I’d stoop to adopting it rather than seeing it go to waste. How to get it here and stay out of the gulag is the next problem to solve. The pump action charging handle seems like a good idea, for an AK anyway…it’ll keep your support hand where it belongs, and be in battery quicker. The IA’s would be a learning curve, though…

Tom Kratman

I think the wellspring of this is that it gets around sundry assault weapon and “Magazine of mass destruction” bans.


That kind of conversion was done to a lot of different semi-autos in (formerly) Great Britain after the crown outlawed semis there.


And the soup- gun-Nazi says “No more spray-and-pray for YOU, Khalil!”

Roger V. Tranfaglia



Why not? New ideas breed new thinking. This could be a step toward something more interesting.


I have to admit I’m intrigued by that action cover. It doesn’t match the one I find when I Google what they call the thing in the ad posting. Anyone recognize that for what it actually is? I’d love to have something that actually bolted down in the back, without having to drill out the receiver…


I’ve actually thought about a pump action AK. If you want to shoot suppressed loads that might not work the action reliably, it wouldn’t be all that difficult to make an AK that could be set pump for subsonic, semi for regular loads.

Hognose Post author

Another advantage would be lack of action noise on the suppressed shot, one of the things that was so nice about the de Lisle carbine. Still, most suppressors are far from silent.