Doug Ross at DirectorBlue has long done an annual award for the top 50 blogs on what he sees as his side of the blogosphere. We were absolutely shocked when one of our regular commenters, Doug (presumably not Ross), pointed out that we were on the 2015 Top 50 list, and we had to go see for ourselves.

Holy Mother Machree:


Well, we’ll be damned. For crying out loud, look at the guys we’re on the list with. Bob Owens has been around since Christ was a corporal. (Hmmm…. that’s an Army expression, but we wonder, what’s its etymology? Could it have been “since Christ was incorporate” or “corporeal” — and been corrupted by some Neanderthal-browed grunt? But we digress. And Bob’s not quite that old, we think). And, John Lott… that guy literally wrote the book, to wit, More Guns, Less Crime, and has had a formative role in the concealed-carry revolution that has turned something tightly permitted in a minority of states 30 years ago, into the law of the land everywhere except a few reactionary holdouts that cling to Jim Crow gun laws.

You know that thing in Wayne’s World, “We’re not worthy?” Yeah. Party on, Garth.

There’s also a “gun blog” category that’s also populated by heavy hitters, including, deservedly, Bob again (Bearing Arms is his site):


Bob, and The Stranger at Extrano’s Alley (who occasionally comments here), and The Truth About Guns, the irresistible site of the master of gunny clickbait Robert Farago and a cast of young and presumably will-write-for-food yout’s. Seriously, everything Farago puts on that site is at the red end of the “Wait But Why Clickability Scale,” even when it’s as wrong as a window crank on a submarine porthole.

waitbutwhy clickability scale

We’re just Indians in this tribe, and we can think of many we’d recognize before ourselves (which is part of why we have a Wednesday Weapons Website of the Week, which most of this years firearms/guns honorees have been singled out for, before). But we’re humbly grateful for the recognition. It’s nice to see your overnight success recognized after four years of daily blogging.

And if you followed a link here from Director Blue, stick around and see if agrees with you. There are anodyne blogs out there; we try to be, to coin a word, cathodyne.


Meanwhile, we’ve been singled out for another honor, apparently, by the SJW entryists running a library network in the dependably red state of Indiana. You can’t be anti-gun when you’re on the public nickel among the gun-happy Hoosiers, so look at the flimsy excuse they selected to ban us. Received by email:

You haven’t been seeing me around yur blog because it’s been kicked off the local server I use for wireless; it seems they think that military veterans talk too dirty:


Content Denied

Your current group (Indiana Public Libraries) and policy (Indiana Public Libraries) do not allow you to visit the requested site (

Sites in this category (Profanity) are currently blocked.

If you feel this is incorrect, please contact your content filtering administrator.


There is a category called Profanity, that’s surprise number one. And we’re in it, surprise number two. They’ve obviously never heard us do something to an RV-12 part (do you know if you get careless about securing the part you’re countersinking, you can actually turn a the 38th round hole of 40 or so that you were countersinking in a structurally vital stub spar into a figure-eight-shaped countersunk hole? No lie. There was profanity and blasphemy in the air). But that sort of profanity stays in the workshop (and Van’s always has a pleasant lady to take our call, which is 100% profanity-free, at $21 per stub spar and some $50 for next day air across the country. Wish us luck on the replacement spars). We try to keep it off the blog; we don’t censor the commenters, except for our single banished Nazi admirer, but they’re not a damning-and-blasting bunch. (Well, blasting maybe, but not that kind).

Obviously, they’ve categorized us as Profanity to serve some end other than protecting the virginal eyes of Hoosiers from naughty words. We leave speculation about what end that is as an exercise for the reader.

We suppose any recognition is nice, but on balance, Doug’s was a lot nicer!

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29 thoughts on “We’re Not Wor-” uh, Humbled to Appear in Such Fine Company

Hognose Post author

Dagnabbit (that profanity again), I knew I forgot something. I’ve now put some links in the story. This is my embarrassed face.

Mr. AR-10

A library system? Does that mean a public library? Run by the state, that is to say? Doesn’t that equate to actual, materialized, real, dictionary definition, physicalized, censorship?

What do you bet that same library has a few copies of “When Larry Met Sam” and “I have Two Mommies”… not to mention “Everybody Poops”, but apparently WM is not allowed, as determined by the state?

Or am I assuming too much here?

Is samizdat the correct word?

Anyway congratulations indeed sir. I have felt privileged to have been allowed to comment here and look forward to learning something new or seeing something interesting every day.



“Everybody Poops. Some People’s Poopholes Multitask.”


I take full responsibility for all profanity. I was a bad leader and my failure should not reflect on these great men.


That is really saying something to be selected, Doug Ross is a real steadfast kind of guy. An ambassador of the truth in a time of universal deceit, been quietly and thanklessly at it a long time. Doug’s snarktoons are priceless agitprop.

(PS, two different Doug”s, no relation, though we are both from West by God Virginia)

Jim Scrummy

Profanity? Huh? What the hades?

Congratulations! A late, but well deserved honor!


Them sjw’s are a scourge on the earth. As bad or worse in some ways than the legacy media.

Want to read something to make your blood boil?

This was a set up from the start. Its Alynski 101.

Imagine waking up a couple days before Christmas find your penniless and the sonofabitches have confiscated everything in the dark of the night.

The whole story is unimaginably foul from the start. It was purposefully perpetrated just as that piece of human trash described, pick the target, isolate it, freeze it, and destroy it.

Thing is Mr. WM, we are all Weapons Man and Aaron and Melissa klien. Talk about humble, that family is humility.

They are trying to turn us into Kulak’s.

Costly beliefs: State squeezes last penny from bakers who defied lesbian-wedding cake order

Hognose Post author

It’s not enough not to criticize Big Brother. You have to love Big Brother.

That Nazi, Avakian, loves Big Brother. And he won’t stop until you do, too.

Actually, that’s not fair to the Nazis. The Nazis didn’t require people to join the Nazi Party, just not to resist it. As human character is measured, Brad Avakian is worse than the Nazis.


Nothing on this Earth is worse or as foul as the cultural marxists.

They are a human extinction movement.

They are waging a war of extermination upon us and this great place we call our home.

I believe it is safe to say we know what we must do.


this one we prepared for your blog’s anniversary, but s’pose now you can have it early alright…


off topic

karfarnaum is our local hospice, for bsdenbaden gaggenau and around, them nuns do great work and therefore we love our penguins dearly.

(copyright badisches tageblatt)


Hey! That’s awesome Hognose. Pleasure too see you in such fine company.


It”s always a pleasure to visit WM every day and hang out with our gracious host and the other very genial visitors. Now I feel like I’m in distinguished company as well!

And as for profanity, well heck, in my view this is the politest, most civilised blog on the internet. I think that gentlemen of a certain age and background mostly tend to behave like, well, gentlemen. It’s most agreeable.

Congratulations on the well deserved recognition, and thanks for your efforts Mr Hognose. Please keep on doing what you’re doing.

Cap’n Mike

Congrats Hognose.

Well deserved.

I visit those other blogs, but only after I have visited yours.

I will try to limit my profanity in the future.

What can I say?

I was brung up bad.

Alan Ward

well deserved and timely too. i too have moved your humble blog ahead of Bob Owen’s on my list of visits each day. you have a more eclectic and cerebral readership and commentariat.

Think Defence

Congratulations my friend

John D

You should be proud.

DAMN proud!

Tom Stone

Censors should be waterboarded with the piss of syphilitic hogs.


not a single “profane” word in your comment, Tom, yet this former sailor now feels the need to take a green-scrubbie shower!

Boat Guy

FWIW I’d like to add my own congratulations on being recognized for the good work that you do. I will echo Cap’n Mike in that I visit this site before any of the others so named.

Tom Schultz

You done good, kid!


$63 for the overnight shipping bro. (“Darn it all to heck!” Yes, I can hear you all the way over here.) But we will do a much better job countersinking from now on.

Hognose Post author

Ah, but did you find the drill with the levels on it? If we level the work and level the drill, and have a piece of steel with a #30 hole behind the work, we should not make any more pear-shaped countersinks.

ETA I suppose I could dig in and try to set that up today, but I’m working at setting up the computer host for the CNC.


Very richly deserved!


Congratulations!! Your success is no doubt due to your Incredible breadth of knowledge and LOL wit with wich you share it. Your writing just clicks with me, and apparently many, many others as well. Keep up the great work!

(Oh and here’s a suggestion for a future post: )

Impudent Warwick

Congratulations, and richly deserved as others have noted.


You deserve the honor.

Your blog is that good.

Except some days, when we just sit back and marvel in awe.

But profanity?


WTF are those @$$tards talking about?


congrats to the nomination.

“lord love a duck” must be on some list of bad words. It contains sodomy (of the animal humping kind) and blasphemy! 😉

But seriously, such censorship in a public place is not acceptable. Net neutrality, free speech and all that.