Steven Crowder goes undercover to find the “automatic weapons without background checks” at gun shows or dealers, that folks like Mike Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Martin O’Malley (who’s he?) and some guy with the funny name Obama insist he can.

Oddly enough, Crowder does not succeed in his quest.

“I need a gun, like, now! Will you sell me one without a background check?”

“No way.”


Best part of the video is, in our opinion, some of the clips of politicians saying absolutely inane things about guns and the gun market.

It’s entertaining for how creeped out people get by his repeated requests that they break the law for him. At one point, he’s telling a woman that he can’t pass a background check because he… well, you gotta watch the video.

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6 thoughts on “Hidden Camera: Automatic Weapons with No Background Check!


Crowder is farking hilarious generally, and hits this one out of the park!

This spot should be shown mercilessly on national spots every time one of the Usual Communist Suspects brings up “gun show loophole” again.

But the Left has learned that if you tell the Big Lie over and over…

Mr. 308

Indeed, and for thinking people this brings up the question why does the state promulgate this lie that there is such a loophole that needs to be ‘closed’ when in fact it does not exist in the first place? The question of course answers itself.


I am curious as to when Mr. Don Lemon will be going to prison for admitting on air to committing a felony purchase of an automatic weapon because I am damn sure he doesn’t have the necessary license for it.

Hognose Post author

Was Don Lemon the guy I didn’t recognize, the black guy? Who is he? Is he related to Meadowlark Lemon?

I was a fan of old Meadowlark.


Yeah he is a gay(I think) black anchor on CNN. Sometimes he comes across as fair and balanced in his opinions and reporting. Still a leftist idiot as a whole though and clearly has no F-ing clue about weapons and those of us who use them.

No clue about relations to anybody, only reason I know who he is ( I don’t watch his show or CNN) is from interviews on other subjects by people I watch in the news ( that’s where I give him praise for a fair approach, though I don’t remember what the subject was)


By the way, Great blog! Very well written and informative articles and analysis.