One last splash of empty-headed celebrity worship, then eternal silence from this failed human being. That would be a good thing.

On second thought, use pills. We’re sure you have plenty. Guns don’t deserve the cloud of bad press that follows you.

On third thought, isn’t she a felon? A few years back ATF busted some teenage gal who’d been caught up in some BF’s drug ring and pled out, and later posed for a picture holding a gun that belonged to the professional photographer. She went to Federal prison for many years. Because ATF has to do something to offset the guns they deliver to the Sinaloa cartel. Thanks for looking out for public safety!

Update: we’ve checked and this one-woman crime wave has always been able to plead her felonies down to misdemeanors. Then she gets probation, and breaks it. So she’s not a felon in possession — yet.

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