These magazines are for sale on GunBroker. While actually in SF, we could never have used these operationally, as they’re a rollicking OPSEC violation as they sit there shining at you, but we think they’re hell for cool:


Yep, SF crest (officially, “Distinctive Unit Insignia,” which yields an unfortunate acronym) engraved magazines. Back in the day, we could have rocked ’em only on the range, as most operational use required unmarked if not sterile arms and equipment. But now, they’re just the thing for a retiree’s gun bag.


Of course, if you’re, say, the Frogmen or MARSOC, you’re going to buy a couple of these to drop any time you do a Blackwater and plug the wrong locals, sending the nearest SF unit into the DAMN drill:

  1. Deny everything
  2. Admit nothing
  3. Make counteraccusations, and
  4. Never change your story!

The seller says:

Black Teflon coated mil-spec 30 round mags with PSA marked floor plates and gray MagPul Anti-tilt followers. These mags are manufactured by D&H, very HIGH quality materials! All images are engraved on the lower right side of the mags. These are DEEPLY engraved for a lasting bright image, cheaper laser equipment etchings may fade with time, NOT THESE!!

We accept VISA/MC USPS Money Orders, bank checks, cashier’s checks and personal checks. Personal checks held for 7 days. $7 USPS priority shipping. NO CREDIT CARD FEES. All laser engraved magazines etched in our laser shop when ordered, we do not buy them from a third party, these mags will usually ship in 3-5 days depending on laser shops workload.

We’ve handled but not shot D&H mags, and they looked good at the time. The guys running them were having no trouble with ’em.

Of course, they can’t ship them to Libya, Iran, North Korea, Massachusetts, New York, California, and places like that.

We’re not going to order any of them for, say, 12 hours, to give our SF readers the chance to go first. Although one suspects that however many of these he sells, he’ll happily make more.


If you’re not SF, maybe you’d like their USMC Eagle, Globe & Anchor mags, or mags with the Air Force logo, a Navy fouled anchor, or a laser engraved American Flag.

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13 thoughts on “Gift for the SF Gunslinger

Boat Guy

Righteous Cool! I’ve got JUST the guy who should have one of these…

If they’d do others that I rate; I’d buy them.

Course the “Blackwater idea” has some merit…jus kiddin…

Boat Guy

Shoulda RTWT. I might start with an EGA; but the beret flash (totally unauthorized by the Nav) for my SBU is pretty cool


I always think of Star Wars when I see that Air Force logo. But, it’s the AF so wait around a couple months and it’ll change again.


Amen on changing logos and uniforms. It least McPeak is gone.

I much prefer the actual coat of arms they use on the flag. They used to put that insignia on stuff instead of the stylized wings. I will admit the new logo has grown on me a little. But then again, so does a tumor.

The old school gray cotton PT shorts had the coat of arms on it, if I recall correctly.

Jim Scrummy

Me likey the ‘Murican Flag magazine! Just in time for Christmas! May have to hide them from the Mrs. for a few months, or she may beat me over the head with them if she intercepts them in the mail…

Hognose Post author

That’s a little-noted difference between the AR and the AK. It’s much harder to beat someone to death with an AR mag. (I actually knew a guy who’d done this with an AK mag).


Yep. The Galil magazines we had were also heavy and indestructible. Could be used in many situations where a deperately needed piece of light steel was called for, including a last resort bludgeon. Funny how we cursed their weight compared to M-16 magazines, until we found all the versatile uses they had. Getting hit with an M-16 magazine just produced an aluminum-sounding dull rattle, and they weren’t very durable. Weren’t they designed to be disposable?


And if you just need some good quality GI spec mags (D+H with Magpul followers) PSA has these on sale now at $6.99 per. sorry, no laser engraving


look well executed.

no love for the army crest (badge? emblem? that thingamajig with the greek cuirass)?

Bart Noir

Seeing that SF crest made me think of this site:

I’m a sucker for a pun, and this one has the visual side also.

I bought from them at a Puget Sound gunshow and will buy some more of the “kit”. Maybe even some coffee.


The company is owned by a legit SF guy. He’s an 18D that was in 1st SFG and now is in 19th SF.


Not really impressed with the laser engraving… So the guy gets a $4000 finer laser or a $500 k40 laser and marks up some mags from a auto trace adobe illustrator file?

Doesn’t really justify the premium for a couple minutes on a laser.

Hognose Post author

He’s gotta amortize the laser, eh?