Ken Aden — Special Forces phony, faker, fraud. Running for Congress

Arkansas Congressional Candidate Ken Aden (who, it turns out, is a Democrat, if that matters to you) has doubled down on his bogus Special Forces claims. It’s a bit sad as Aden has . You will recall that Aden flunked out of SF school (messily enough so that the school sergeant major still remembers him four years later — we guarantee you, every successful candidate has a goal of standing in Regimental First Formation without the CSM knowing his name).

Aden has posted an infantry NCO Evaluaion Report that refers to his “18B skills” as part of his justification for making the claim. Instead, it just looks like he misled his superiors in that unit, too.

One of Aden’s political hacks consultants, a guy named Vince Leibowitz, has been attacking Aden critics and claiming that FOIAing Aden’s actual records is a felony. It’s pathetic, and Leibowitz goes on to say:

We’ve worked for dozens of military candidates, and reviewed the service records of countless others on behalf of PACs and individual donors, and I can assure you that Ken Aden’s DD-214 is genuine.

Thanks for your concern.

Vince Leibowitz

Principal Consultant

The Dawn Group

[email protected]

[email protected]

512.705.7001 (m)

512.861.2370 (f)

512.318.2432 (o)

Of course, the question isn’t whether Aden’s 214 is genuine; this is an attempt a redirection or as your mother called it, “changing the subhject.”  It’s whether it supports his SF claims (it doesn’t, although a single line in it can be tortured into sort of giving up an otherwise unsupported SF claim) and whether it’s accurate (since Aden never completed SF school, he was never ever assigned to a Special Forces unit or MOS. Not for one day. So any SF assertion on a 214 is fraudulent, even if the 214 itself is an authentic military document. Yet, even though he (or Leibowitz?) has scrubbed many of those claims from his website, he made the claims over and over again.

Makes you wonder, of course, whether Leibowitz’s “dozens of military candidates” and “countless others” are all poseurs like Aden.

But we don’t have to exert ourselves to expose Leibowitz’s and Aden’s fraud. The press in Arkansas are on him like a razorback hog on a truffle.

1. A blog by one of his fellow Democrats calls it “resume padding.” That’ll leave a mark.

2. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette had a front-page, above the fold story with the title: “Military records debunk candidate’s rhetoric” and the tag:

Third Congressional District candidate Ken Aden has claimed he’s a Green Beret, but his military records indicate he washed out of Special Forces training, not once but three times.

Ow. Unfortunately, on the website, it’s only accessible to subscribers. (Their content, their business). But apparently the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reporters also uncovered academic fraud on Aden’s part: a college degree he claimed for which the college didn’t have matching records. D’oh! Like we always say, it’s never just one fraud with these guys.

3. Aden has released a long, whiny response to the Democrat-Gazette, in which he basically resorted to DAMN: Deny everything, Admit nothing, Make counteraccusations, Never change your story. Except an admission did creep in. Even while assailing the D-G for using official records instead of ones provided by phony Aden and phony-enabler Leibowitz, and clinging to the MOS 18B claim (” I was designated as 18B, which is a special forces designation, and I maintained that designation until I was discharged”), and  “I earned the 18B designation, and was awarded the same on June 12, 2008, and provided a copy of the orders from Installation Management Command at Fort Bragg to the Democrat-Gazette”,  he did admit: “I misspoke about serving with a Green Beret Unit.”

“Misspoke.” C’mon Ken, the word is lied. You’re a liar and a fraud and a phony.

Of course, the Installation Management Command has no authority to award MOS 18B. It’s kind of like finding orders from a Navy admiral awarding somebody Air Force pilot’s wings… interesting, but not real. That means it’s either some kind of clerical error, or a forgery from Aden and Leibowitz. Either way, Aden is lying. But then, it’s not like he aspires to a job where integrity is important. (“He did once… but then he flunked SFQC!” <rimshot!>  “Thanks, we’ll be in the blog all week. Don;t forget to tip your waitress!”).

Update: this post has been edited. No substantive changes, but we fixed a number of typos.

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Jim Sorensen

Kev —

Re Aden’s MOS: I am sure a lot of things have chanegd in the 45 years since I was in SF training, but I was assigned a _duty_ MOS of 91B4S (NB the “S”) on Day One, and kept that duty MOS for the entire time I was in SFTG. So, I “had” an SF MOS for eleven months before I completed training and was officially awarded the “S” suffix.

There is no need to post this or acknowledge in your blog, but please acknowledge receipt.

— Jim