This is the time where we address various things that we’ve covered before, but have developed new information on; or that don’t rate a post on their own.

A Nice Report on H&K/OSS MR556SD/MR762SD

HK-MR556A1-SDWe covered it while SHOT was still going on (our man on the ground says, “Thanks heaps for dissing my photos, you *^$%#%^ ingrate!”). We think that guns like this, and SIG-Sauer selling MPX-SDs in semi to the public, are one wave of the future. Brendan McGarry at KitUp has a nice write-up and includes a video of an HK guy demonstrating the MR556. The gun is manufactured right up the road from Hog Manor, it turns out. We know we want one.

A Little More on Norman Rockwell’s Cop

Last one we showed you was a study; this is the final illustration.

Last one we showed you was a study; this is the final illustration.

We mentioned previously that the guy was a real State Trooper, and a beloved one (something that today’s cops will tell you doesn’t come automatically with the badge and boots). His name was RIchard J. Clemens. Dick posed for the famous Saturday Evening Post cover illustration in early 1958, and for the rest of his life in and out of the police he was followed by Rockwell’s good-natured image of him, a work titled “The Runaway.”

Dick Clemens visited the 79th State Police recruit training academy class to inspire the young troopers to serve, as he did, and be remembered, as he was. He passed away on 6 May 2012.

Yep, he was a Felon in Possession

Brian Croall, rockin' the Sleepy-the-Drawf beard. Newington NH PD photo.

Brian Croall, rockin’ the Sleepy-the-Drawf beard. Newington NH PD photo.

And Brian Croall, whose story we covered back in July, is about to admit that and take his medicine, which will be a still-unspecified stretch in the State Pen. His story is that he inherited the guns from his father. (If that is true, he still isn’t allowed to take possession. A third party can sell them for the grantor’s estate and let the beneficiary felon have the proceeds, but he can’t have the actual guns).

He doesn’t seem, from the news stories we linked back then, to have been a guy too worried about coloring inside the lines.

Not the Kind of Popularity We’d Want

Charles Normil mugshotWe covered the criminal career of one Charles Normil, part of a two-man career home invasion crew that committed a heinous crime in New Hampshire as well as enough others to be  a very popular fellow with a variety of New England states’, and Federal, prosecutors:

A Hillsborough County grand jury indicted Normil last September on 13 counts, ranging from attempted murder, first- and second-degree assault, four counts of forcible rape, burglary and falsifying physical evidence.

Normil is accused of breaking into the Bedford home of Dr. Eduardo Quesada and his wife, Sonia, on Nov. 24, 2012. Normil allegedly maimed Dr. Quesada, 53, by stabbing him in the head with a screwdriver and sexually mutilated and partially blinded Sonia Quesada, 29.

She died six weeks after the attack from a prescription drug overdose; her death was not ruled a homicide.

That’s from the latest update, which has Normil standing trial in Massachusetts for another home invasion first, before he comes to Hillsborough County, NH to answer for this one. Dr Quesada is brain-damaged and crippled for life, which may have been a factor, along with her own victimization, in his young wife’s despair. The paper notes that the Federal authorities (who also want a piece of Normil) are keeping the name of his accomplice secret, although we’ve mentioned his usual partner previously here. Most probably they’re keeping the other home invader close to the vest so they can use him as a jailhouse informer, or release him to help some TLA bag more people, regardless of his history of violent crime. A bad business all around.

Massachusetts, which treasures its criminals more than its noncriminal citizens, is unlikely to punish Normil much, and has been dragging its feet on his trial.

You can always despair over what might have been, but an alternate world where Eduardo or Sonia Quesada had a revolver would be a better world, both in terms of the good they would have done in years ahead, and the bad that a stone-dead Normil would not.

Man Bites Dog Chronicles: Con Doesn’t Like Prison

A celebrity Norwegian mass murderer whose name we won’t mention (because, F him), now doing 21 years in Norwegian slammer, thinks the screws are, well, putting the screws to him:

Norwegian [utter waste of sperm and egg whom we’ll call “Jitbag”] has complained that he has been subject to hundreds of strip searches, many involving “grabbing inspections”, in a 30-page letter sent to several news organisations and an anti-torture watchdog.

In the letter, [Jitbag], who was convicted in 2012 for twin terror attacks which claimed 77 lives, also said in the letter that he was being censored and did not have enough fresh air, showers or exercise. 

[Jitbag’s] lawyer Todd Jordet confirmed that [Jitbag] had written the letter.

Prison authorities spent far too long considering whatever they could before [the letter] could be sent out,” he said.

Awwwwww. The big old meany warden’s always pickin’ on poor little old him. Shall we all play tiny violins in unison for the dude?

He did kill 77 people, mostly kids, mostly in a Victim Disarmament Zone in Oslo. But hey, that was then, this is now. And besides, we wouldn’t like him when he’s angry:

In the letter received by the Wall Street Journal, [Jitbag] reportedly boasted that if he wanted to retaliate for his poor treatment, he knew how to build weapons out of items he was allowed in prison, such as his Sony PlayStation 2, long screws and plain sheets of paper.

However he claimed that the violent phase of his struggle against Islam and cultural Marxism ended in 2011.

He struggled against Islam by shooting six and a half dozen, roughly, Norwegian kids dead, and wounding a whole bunch more. (Meanwhile, NORSOF has killed a number of actual terrorists. But terrorists shoot back, so that’s not how this guy rolls).

He claims to have written a book about his philosophy (Hey! Why not call it My Struggle like that other jitbag?) and his mouthpiece says a publisher has already optioned it. Because nothing thrills the sunken chests of publishing world weenies like a real live barbarian.

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Interesting. I’d always heard that the officer in “The Runaway” was none other than Officer Obie. Apparently that is not the case. You learn something every day!

Hognose Post author

We’re as prone to error as the next website. But our hooks into MSP are pretty solid.

Ben Whatson

The people Breivik shot were ruling caste princelings who are in the business of filling his country with as many Charles Normills as they can. Breivik’s a nut, but he could have chosen much worse victims than he did. He shot people who consider his kind subhuman.

Hey, I’m not ruling caste. I care as much about them as they do about me: zero. And they respect the law, and other people’s rights, as much as Breivik does. A crazy person shooting them exercises me about as much as Iran vs Iraq. This time, both sides lost. Suits me.

Ask a black man to give a rats about somebody shooting up the KKK.