¡Yo quiero Taco Bell, señor -- pas de Chipotle!

¡Yo quiero Taco Bell, señor — pas de Chipotle!

As we’ve seen (and we hate to write about this so recently after our last post on the subject, Annals of the 0.0002%, Wednesday morning), if there’s one thing that isn’t a priority for the “Immigration and Customs Enforcement” agency, it’s immigration enforcement. To the point where guys are being threatened with firing for arresting criminal aliens — not mere immigration-law breakers, but serious, violent felons.

So what is the priority at ICE, if law enforcement isn’t? Well, two things that came to us from separate ICE criminal investigators kind of sum up what’s going on in the demoralized (#314 of 314 agencies in a Federal morale survey) agency.

Priorities: Dog & Pony Show, hold the Pony

Behold Director Sarah Saldaña’s priority: a dog show. The following is verbatim from Sarah’s own office, with only two items redacted: name of the system on the ICE intranet, and the PII of the Saldaña horse-holder (dog-walker?) she names as POC, out of bare human decency:

From: ICE-Broadcast

Sent: Wednesday, December 16, 2015 4:29 PM

Subject: ICE’s “Top Dog” Pet Photo Contest

A Message from Director Sarah R. Saldaña

To all ICE employees

December 16, 2015

ICE’s “Top Dog” Pet Photo Contest

Did you know pets can help to improve your physical and mental wellbeing?  Beyond mere companionship, pets can relieve stress, lower your blood pressure, and increase your level of physical activity.  Dogs, specifically, have been used by law enforcement agencies for more than 100 years and continue to be recognized as some of our most valuable partners today.

Think your pet is worthy of the prestigious title of ICE’s “Top Dog”?  Think your pet is cuter than my precious pups, Mitzi and Daisy?  These are the questions you will decide during the months of December and January.  Entry is easy – simply submit a photo of your special pet to [email protected].  Photos will be posted in a gallery on [an ICE intranet resource] where you can cast your vote for the winner.

So what are you waiting for?  Get those photos in now!

Contest Rules and Information:

  • Submission period: Dec. 16, 2015 – Jan. 16, 2016
  • Voting period: Jan. 17-31, 2016
  • Resize photos to 1200 pixels wide by 675 pixels high and save them as JPEGs or select the large image size if emailing from a smart phone. (Photos can be resized for the gallery if too large but cannot be made larger if too small.)
  • Include name of pet and owner.
  • One submission per person.
  • One vote per person.

ICE’s “Top Dog” will be announced and displayed on [an ICE intranet resource] soon after the voting is closed.

Please direct any questions to Ashley Leagan at (202) RED-ACTED or [email protected].

Sarah R. Saldaña


U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

This left us with a burning desire to know whether Mitzi and Daisy are Chihuahuas, or Mexican Hairlesses, or the fave pet of illegal immigrants: ill-tempered, abused pit bulls. But it also left us with a horrifying level of knowledge of what ICE is up to, now that Saldaña (and Johnson) have enjoined any attempt to enforce immigration laws. (Or laws, period). A dog show. Lord love a duck.

Nonpriorities: Enforcement

in response to our “Annals of the 0.0002%” where we impartially beat up a reporter for misplacing a decimal point, and ICE for misplacing something like 150,000 or 200,000 real live Title 18 criminals somewhere in the USA, some readers thought that the complaining agents were faking. One insider replies thusly, asking for anonymity for reasons that will be evident:

Please add this to your comments on the immigration article:

Excellent article. Thank you and well done. The reason I [personnel action redacted] is because after 17 years of fighting to enforce immigration, I have given up. The public, the politicians and our bosses all shit on us for doing our job. Time to move on to greener pastures.

And as to the person who said we should do our jobs anyway, would they risk getting fired? And if they care that much they should do their civic duty and vote out the bastards stopping us from doing our job.

The problem is, of course, there are essentially three different branches of the same wealthy, entitled elite who do not care what you civic-duty-doers think. Those three are:

  1. Democrats, who see criminal aliens as valuable future voters and big-.gov service consumers;
  2. Republicans, who see criminal aliens as bargaining chips keeping wages low for the benefit of their corporate overlords;
  3. Trump, who has figured out what to say to own the media, but whose record suggests he will do whatever is most advantageous to the cult of celebrity of Donald J. Trump.

Odds that any of these jamokes will be foursquare behind enforcing immigration law? Might not be zero, but that’s what it rounds to.

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9 thoughts on “Crimmigration as a Non-Priority


That sounds like the “resiliency” stuff they make us do.


Trump deserves credit for at least forcing a frank conversation on issues of border security and Muslim immigration. It’s worth noting that he is not just driving the liberal media crazy, but he’s making the GOP elites go bonkers as well. Given how worthless the GOP has been for the last 25 years-and especially the last 7- he will get my vote for no other reason than to stick it to the republican establishment. Frankly anything else Trump does is gravy.

Hognose Post author

The biggest challenge the Republican Party faces is the widespread belief that they are merely another set of big-government Democrats who talk a different line to get elected. Yesterday’s budget bill did not help them with this perception. Didn’t think Boehner could be topped for spineless, self-serving opportunism, but Ryan has done it. Expect to see him “grow” on gun control in 5,4,3….


Hognose, the problem I have with your premise is that it implies that Republicans are actually different than what they are perceived to be. Reality has demonstrated that the Republican Party is in fact the Designated Losing Wing of a One-Party system. If you are a GOP apparatchik, you understand that it’s a wonderful job with great pay, easy hours, and requires only that you lose with grace, and do your best to maintain the illusion. But you can’t maintain an illusion forever, and Trump is helping the American people come to their senses.

Say what you will about the Democrats, you can depend on them to deliver exactly what they say they are going to deliver. They may soft-peddle their ideas sometimes, but they are always advancing them, and they NEVER give any ground back.


TINVOWOOT: There Is No Voting Our Way Out Of This

To paraphrase Billy Beck, at this point, that is as it should be. As he said further in not so many words, becoming manifest in ones defense of all things not a contraption of corrupted mandarin’s, the foregone conclusion is the sonofabitches with their hands on the levers of power and the system of nothing less than a runaway train of mind blowing corporate crime and moribund cultural marxist ideology, the only thing left is to revolt against the bastards.

If that sounds harsh, extreme and revolutionary, I say its time we took our heads out of our arses and behaved like free men whose home is a republic built upon the legitimate rule of law predicated upon the idea liberty is God given rightful freedom from and resistance to tyranny. That it is contingent upon each of us we begin to fight what is unacceptable, what is just plain wrong and unquestionably the actions of nothing but a straight up class of criminals, nothing less, nothing more, in Brooks Brothers suits.

In any case, the matter is going to come down to guns. It is all going to be about guns. It kind of is already. These fuckers running things, well in simplest terms at least, short of a boycott of their regime on a scale which literally shuts this country down, a plurality numbering in millions who wave their pitchforks in the bastards faces, they are coming for our guns by whatever means possible involving a system of dirty rotten sneaky tricks and the con of cultural marxist shell games. Picking us off peace meal a few here and a few there. All the while employing proxies like jihadi immigrants and the banksters destruction of our intrinsic wealth and prosperity. Leaving only those who are the Americans who will never no matter what bend a knee or God bless them permit fear to rule them.

Trump represents The Great Fuckyou. I think it really doesn’t matter if he is elected or if he is what he really does. He is a shot across the bow of the tyrants running things. I’m not sure if Trump see’s it. I do, it is a last peaceful act of redress to vote for the guy. And that terrifies the totalitarians of every stripe amongst us to death. It isn’t Trump, it is the millions who aren’t total brainwashed slaves of the state who are crawling out of flyover nation in support of hope for something better. Sure is a colorful character, and who knows if he has integrity or he is just another cog in the system of totalitarianism the sonofabitches are creating? But does it really matter? It is the act, the deed that counts.

Its not that elections have consequences, it is that they kind of don’t matter in a land without of rule of law. This election is the last freebie with a semblance of legitimacy us unwashed will be permitted, after this one, the whole farce is toast. There is no turning back from the devastation wrought. Can a guy like Trump be effective as a leader inspiring enough American’s to do what is required to save this here republic from total ruin, never mind “making America Great”?

Only we can determine that future, because it really, still no matter what, it all begins with each of us. And regardless of whose arse warms that offal office seat, we are like the pig, committed, to some truly ugly inconvenient truths and consequences. It is up to us to determine our destiny, always has been always will be.

Personally I contend, if Trump is the real deal, they will just put a bullet in his head. Regardless, there is no going back for the fuckers. There is no redemption for the fuckers. They couldn’t mend the consequences of their ways even if they wanted. They have set in motion dynamics which are unstoppable.

But the really nasty part here is there are a few seriously fucked up psychopaths and sociopathic associates and dangerous sycophants who have the kind of hubris they believe they can obtain power through the barrel of a gun. Their guns, and not mine or yours. And this is where it is all going to end up. That is the really terrible dynamic. These people are the kind who create genocide, they destroy everything to spite their faces.

And it is all, contingent on just a tiny fraction of regular Americans to stand up to the bastards and win.

It will come down to that little bit of legitimacy verses a leviathan.

But what else is new?

“Of course, there is a risk, but only from a tyrannical and oppressive government bent on the absolute destruction of a free society.” -TL Davis

Boat Guy

I’ve worked with some of the ICE folks who are still trying to Do the Right Thing and they ARE demoralized. Dunno how they manage to keep rolling the rock up the hill each day.

Fuel Filter.

Here’s some food for thought,

From: https://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=230966


The fear in both the GOP and Democratic party is visible at the surface when it comes to Trump, and it’s not that he’s any of what they’ve accused him of.  No, it’s really much simpler than that, and both Republican and Democrat parties, along with the mainstream media, are utterly terrified that you, the average American, is going to figure out what underlies all of these institutions in America.

No, it’s not that they’re evil.

It’s worse, for evil frequently is recognized and fought back yet for decades America has not awakened to what has been going on in the political and media establishment.  It was evident during the Vietnam war and has only gotten worse since.

[Bear with this guy for a bit; he’s making a great point here with his ‘Nam analogy…]

For those who don’t recall the Tet Offensive was an attack launched by the NVA and VietCong by some 70,000 troops in a coordinated series of attacks across more than 100 targets.  It was an attempt to foment rebellion among the South’s population.

Tet failed in its military objective, in that there were too few troops spread too thinly, and once the US and South Vietnamese figured out what was going on they literally slaughtered a huge number of the attackers.  To put perspective on this at the Battle of Hue roughly 500 US Marines and South Vietnamese were killed but over 5,000 NVA and VietCong died in that one battle alone.

The story was repeated through the country; while the North managed to attack they lost virtually the entire attacking force, while not managing to take one mile of territory.  They also failed to incite rebellion, which was the primary goal of the offensive in the first place.

Our media, however, reported that we lost.  They were present and they lied, including Walter Cronkite. Cronkite reported in February of 1968 that the war “was a stalemate and probably unwinnable” despite knowing that the NVA had virtually been rendered soldierless in the Tet offensive as their casualty rate ran ten times the South’s.

Tet was a desperation move; the North was in serious trouble.  They were failing to take territory and losing men and material at an ridiculous rate compared to the Americans and South.  Simply put we were the better fighting force and it wasn’t a close call.  In the first few days of their “offensive” they lost ten thousand men against about 750 on the other side and it just got worse from there with total losses on their side being close to 50,000, or virtually all of their remaining fighting-age force.

Cronkite didn’t care about the truth.  He wasn’t evil, he was indifferent.  He didn’t give a damn about the fact that a totalitarian government was being handed a victory over millions of citizens, he simply wanted to make a further name for himself and push his political agenda.

Likewise there are those who claim that Obama and similar are evil in their view of Muslims and terrorism and of course they wish to draw a distinction between left and right sides of the aisle.  Wrong.  They’re all indifferent.

The political goal is more power for them and their friends, mostly economic power.  More ability to extract from you by force and threaten you with jail or worse if you try to resist.  More power over your daily life.  More power to tell you that you must bake a cake for gays (because your religious convictions don’t matter) but if your religious convictions are Muslim then they do matter and must be protected because that’s where one of the big reservoirs of oil and undeveloped people that can be exploited in the future reside.

They literally don’t care if you get blown up or shot and it doesn’t matter if they’re Democrat or Republican.  They don’t care if you live under a freeway overpass because your health “insurance” that you are forced to buy covers so little that you have to spend $6,000 before one dime is covered, and you don’t have $6,000.  They don’t care that a Christmas Party was shot up by a couple of Islamic Nutjobs who they could have identified if they did care and in fact they shut down an investigation on “civil rights” grounds that probably would have identified the shooters years before.

Jeb Bush has never apologized for giving Driver Licenses to the majority of the 9/11 hijackers in Florida because he doesn’t care.  What he cared about was making sure that illegal immigrants could roof houses during the housing bubble so his buddies could make money.  That 3,000 Americans died as a plausibly direct consequence doesn’t matter to him.

Marco Rubio supports allowing the illegal invaders to remain here because he doesn’t care if it screws you out of a job.  Like Bush, what he cares about is his corporate patrons that want cheap labor.  He cites all these Fortune 500 companies that were started by immigrants but I’ll bet that not one of them was an illegal invader.  Ditto for his Nobel Prize winner claims.  Oh sure, they’ve been immigrants — the legal variety.  The illegal ones are the roofers working under the table or the gang members.  That there is immense criminal and economic collateral damage doesn’t matter to him; he’s not evil, he’s indifferent.

Ben Carson refuses, despite being a surgeon, to speak against the medical monopolies.  He knows exactly what’s wrong in that regard both in the hospital and drug field.  He’s not evil, he’s indifferent to the damage that his own profession has done to you over the last 30 years.

Hillary Clinton knows damn well that during the Benghazi attacks there were military resources available to interdict them.  But she has famously said “what difference does it make” and, in her view, she’s right.  She’s not evil, she’s indifferent — to the lives lost there and to any other collateral damage including the arming of what has turned into Daesh!  Her goal is globalism, socialism and statism, all for her own personal aggrandizement.  That you are harmed or even killed doesn’t matter to her.

Folks, this is where Trump is really freaking the establishment out.  See, Trump already has anything material that he wants, and if something pops up he wants and doesn’t have he can simply stroke a check.  He has no need to play the indifference game; there is no amount of money he can gain or lose in his lifetime that will change his lifestyle.  He has his own security and doesn’t need yours, he has his own money and also doesn’t need yours.

The visceral reaction you’re seeing in the media isn’t about Trump’s policies.  It’s fear that’s motivating them.

They fear that you might come to realize that you can’t demonize the “other side” for being evil; rather, they are both equally guilty almost to a single man and woman at being simply indifferent as to how much you get screwed and by whom, up to and including your death and the death of your children, so long as their desire for more power and control, either for them or their friends, is realized.

If that happens — if you quit the left/right, republican/democrat, liberal/conservative game and instead demand the indictment of all of them for their treasonous and outrageously unlawful behavior along with their removal from office and are willing to back that up with action up to and including a general strike until they are all gone and in chains then they are all screwed.

That is what is driving the animus toward Trump.

Wake up America.



Rather Trump than the other denizens of Mordor on the Potomac.