When they’re not cutting fire hoses, burning out cop cars, or beating the snot out of cops, reporters, or just plain bystanders, the Baltimore rioters are looting businesses — and looting firearms from the police cars they set afire.

99.1 WNEW reporter Steve Dorsey was attacked by one person while covering the riots near the CVS. “I was just about to do a live shot on the phone when out of no where a protester came up in front of me, shouted something at me, hit me in the face. I fell down and my phone dropped out of my hand and at that point he was going to kick me while I was laying down on the asphalt, and a few other protesters intervened and they pushed that guy back and I was able to escape with the help, limping, with some other protesters,” he told WJZ’s Mary Bubala.

Well, there’s another newsman confident that the magic of press membership would protect him. Hard to say if he’s going to be over that now.

Dorsey said he witnessed “nothing but chaos” as he covered the riots.

“I actually saw a fire truck pull up to the scene, stay about two minutes — there were only two firefighters on board — and just left. There was really nothing they could do in an uncontrolled chaotic scene like that. Also the back of a police van was completely wide open. A witness told me he actually saw someone steal a shotgun out of the van and leave with it,” he added.

via CHAOS: 15 Officers Injured, Businesses Looted, Fires Set As Violent Riots Plague Baltimore « CBS Baltimore.

The city schools and the Anne Arundel County schools have taken two different approaches to the riots. The city schools’ long, rambling and intermittently-coherent statement suggests, amid gigantic methane bubbles of educrat speak, that they’re going to double down on the social-justice grievance-building that has produced the entitled-feeling rioters:

We are also communicating with each one of our school leaders around effective instructional strategies to heighten student awareness and understanding of social justice issues. We are deeply concerned about our students and community, and we hope to treat this situation not only as a teachable moment but also a time for thoughtful reflection on how we can reduce conflict and violence in our society.

In Anne Arundel, they’re concerned about their students, too, but in a slightly more practical way:

Anne Arundel County schools have canceled all field trips into Baltimore City through May 3.

Why stop at May 3? The people of Baltimore clearly don’t want to be part of the modern world. Why not just wall them off, like Fortunato in The Cask of Amontillado? 

Perhaps this policy of immurement is already in place. Police have listed a number of recommended no-go zones, and the city’s subway trains are not going to serve five stops in the riot area.

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If you like your fundamental change of America…
You can keep your fundamental change of America


Soooooooo effin glad I left Marylandistan.


Something going on with those Wally Worlds closed for “plumbing” issues over the last couple weeks, rumored to have contingents of NG HMV’s, and local PD details congregating in the parking lots and some other unusual activity. Conflicting eyewitness accounts going around.

Could be something or nothing. Or people worried about operations connected to OP Jade Helm

Anybody else hear something?

Regardless, reckon there aren’t many coincidences anymore in ole Barry’s new America.


Gotta love this from the Baltimore Sun:

“A CVS store and a check-cashing store were breached. Then, a mom-and-pop grocery store. People walked away with garbage bags full of supplies: diapers, bleach, snack foods, prescription drugs.”

“Next door, another business remained intact. A man stood in the locked vestibule wielding a shotgun.”


I’m reminded of the “Korean businesses with guns” news videos from the Rodney King riot days. I never got to see any of those as they were broadcast, but I found a nice collection of them on YouTube a year or two ago.

It doesn’t matter how recently you got off the boat, or whether you’re a citizen or on a visa, or whether you even speak English… the Constitution applies to everyone standing on US soil. And while they might have found themselves in a strange country standing on a rooftop with a gun looking down at a mob… it was their own rooftops and their own guns.

(my sister-in-law is from a country that had “land reform”. When my brother bought a couple of acres with a cabin, she thought he was pulling her leg, and thought we were all in on it. The whole idea that a person could actually own land was a freakishly alien idea that took her quite a while to come to terms with. Then again later, when she found out that under the laws of their state of residence, she was 50% owner of it. And when she told her relatives back home, they thought she was pulling their legs…)

[granted, those Korean storefronts were almost certainly rented, but US law generally doesn’t consider that when discussing “residence” or “business” cases.]

Hognose Post author

Now that’s a data point. Journalists everywhere are bemused about what it means.

Jim Scrummy

Would it be wrong to say I am slightly amused by the blue on blue action? Marylandistan (HT to Wyoming) has been a blue state since forever. This is the blue state in action, courtesy of liberal rule, where the media and liberals (who are “the man” ) are now trying to blame on the red side of the aisle for this cluster. The WNEW reporter had an extreme wakeup call of getting decked, by thinking his invisible cloaking shield of press creds would save him? By providence he was spared serious injury. That was probably the first time in his life he’s been involved in a street fight, since he didn’t know the first rule of street fights, stay off the ground. Merrylanders can also thank O’Malley and his ilk for the more restrictive gun laws enacted (try getting a concealed carry permit in MD, hahahahahaha), and the loss of Beretta. So, how do you like your crab cakes now Merrylanders?


The Mayor gave them space to protest and space to destroy, the lack of a coherent Police response came due to the Mayor ordering them to stand down.

The schools let student out, the buses stopped running and the wilding was on.

The Police said, “When it’s teen age school kids in backpacks with books looting, rioting and burning we cannot shoot them down” which the educators and the City leaders counted on.

A planned act of revenge from the Mayor on down to the street all for their grievances of the week.

Give the animals what they want and when they tire they will go home until next time.



You moderated another comment of mine. Your site. Your choice.

I’ve deleted you in my bookmarks. My choice.

Hognose Post author

Sorry about that. Zero tolerance for racial slurs here, and you used a crude one. As you say, my choice.

ETA: fact of the Baltimore riots: about half of the cops that went to the hospital are the same race as the rioters, and the pols appeasing the rioters. You find good men, and bad, in every tribe, race and faith, in my admittedly unrepresentative experience. Cities, especially welfare-dependent productive dead zones, sire their own pathology. We have similar dead zones in Manchester and Gnashua [sic], NH, a state that’s got very few blacks (there are probably as many asians as blacks, more hispanics than either, and all minorities together don’t add up to 5% here. But we have an urban welfare underclass).

Best wishes to you.