A Mohammedan act of worship took place in a Christian house of worship over the weekend, with a devotee or devotees of the current manifestation of the moon god Baal conducting the faith’s highest sacrament, to wit, human sacrifice. ABC News:

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi said Monday that a suicide bomber caused the blast that killed 24 Christians during Sunday Mass at a Cairo chapel adjacent to St. Mark’s Cathedral, the seat of Egypt’s ancient Coptic Orthodox Church.

Of course, ABC finds a way to blame it on the victims.

It was among the deadliest attacks to ever target Egypt’s Coptic minority, which makes up around 10 percent of the country’s population and strongly supported the military overthrow of an elected Islamist president in 2013, which was led by el-Sissi.

See: “Copts had it coming for overthrowing an elected guy.” Why did the Copts support the military coup so strongly? Because the Moslem Brotherhood government of former president Morsi — a nightmare government of evil men that was a product of the grossly malreported “Arab Spring” — was committed to the religious purification, as extremist Moslems see it, of the Coptic minority.

As late as the mid-20th Century, Christian and Jewish minorities thrived in the Arab world. The dictators of the time (think of Nasser for a prototypical example) had ambitions that were pan-Arab, secular, and leftist in orientation. It was only with the rise of political Islam that these authoritarian dictators were replaced by totalitarians either riding, or forming part of, a wave of Islamic intolerance.

(The Jews are a special case. They were scapegoated and ethnically cleansed from Egypt, Syria and Lebanon after the Mossad couldn’t resist the temptation to turn individual local Jews into intelligence assets. But one can’t blame Israel for Mohammedan intolerance: except for Egypt and Jordan, the Christians have fared no better than the Jews).

Since then, Islamic militants have carried out scores of attacks mainly targeting the security forces, while the government has waged a wide-scale crackdown on dissent.

“Dissent.” ABC news describes the murder of 24 people, 22 of them apparently woman, by a kamikazislami as, drumroll please, “dissent.” What would it take to get them to say the T-word? A nuke? Beheadings? (Oh wait, for those we get “the motive was unclear.” Well, it’s unclear if you won’t look).

Speaking after a state funeral for the victims, el-Sissi identified the bomber as 22-year-old Mahmoud Shafiq Mohammed Mustafa, and said three men and a woman were arrested in connection with the attack, which wounded 49 people. Two other suspects were on the run, he added.

Ordinary Egyptians, including many Moslems, are horrified by this kind of crime and want no part of it. But in the Brotherhood mosques on Friday, they won’t pray for the souls of the infidel victims, just for Mustafa.

Good luck with that: you’re praying to Baal, not God.

Al-Sissi might be a military man, and that makes him a target of reporter smears, but he hit all the right notes in his statements on this horrible crime:

This strike really hurt us and caused us much pain, but it will not break us. God willing, we will win this war.

As long as we are together as one, we will definitely win, because we are people of goodness, not evil, and people of building, not destruction.

In Egypt the past is ever-present, but what about the future? If Egypt has a future, it’s men like President al-Sissi, not cretins like the murderer(s), who will build it.


For another take, see Patrick Poole at PJM. “It will be hard to distinguish between the talking points of the Muslim Brotherhood and the foreign policy ‘smart set’ following the attack on the cathedral today.” So far he has nailed it. Even the rumblings out of the lame-duck State Department have a whiff of “bitch had it coming” about them.

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14 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Mohammedan Sacrament

jim h

maybe they need to start up some sort of “everytown” movement but for homemade bombs. /sarc

now, im sure, even with this being a foreign friggin’ country, if the bomber had been a white guy, there’d have been hellfire and damnation being rained down from every media outlet.

Alan Ward

This is one thing that will not change after P/E Trump is inaugurated. No matter how’s many times the new administration uses the T word, the leftist media will still look to soft pedal the reporting of such incidents. Some because they truly fear backlash, most because such truth doesn’t fit the Narrative.

jim h

true. and let us not forget that we have been told by our better(s) that we apparently need some way to establish if news passes a “truthiness” test. gee whiz, that sounds very much like an idea that’s been used before. up next, lame duck legacy media types report on 5 year plans surpluses, and we’ve always been at war with Eurasia.

Alan Ward


W. Fleetwood

I recall that after the MB got the boot there was a wave of church burning, accompanied by murders and gang rapes. El Sisi sent soldiers to watch the Copt churches with orders to shoot to kill. They did, and the burnings, murders and rapes came to a sudden stop. I believe there is a lesson there, if only we could tease it out.

Wafa Wafa, Wasara Wasara.

Hognose Post author

“Shot arsonists burn out quickly?”


I hate those murderous damned sonsabitches with a passion. I really do. In the words of General Mattis, I’d fight them with a happy heart.


Those scum bags are a welcome addition to the Western Left, and the Western Left is what bulldozers are made for, and no guilty feelings.


If the fabled anti-muslim backlash ever does materialize, and especially if the leftist enablers catch some spillover, I gotta admit I’ll probably have a bit of the “bitch had it coming” attitude myself.


God promised Hagar that he would make a great nation from her son Ishmael; 16 Genesis… So you are saying that Beelzebub has co-opted Islam and the great war between good and evil will rage from Islam toward Judaism and Christianity? Or that it is just a current convenience to rain misery, doubt and pain on humanity. I hadn’t really considered that, even though I’ve seen gutters run with the blood of children. How powerful must the deception be if someone like me can’t see it in it’s most basic and organic form?

Fuel Filter.

You left out the most salient part of Gen 16:

Genesis 16, describes the sons of Ismael (Arabs): “He shall be a wild man, his hand against every man, and every man’s hand against his.”

*That* is the real spiritual birth and still, and always will be, the core of Islam.

Steve M.

Fuel Filter,

Spot on!

Haxo Angmark

Sissy is a tool of Israel and the Pentagram. I’ll give him due credit for this remark, though:

“the tragedy of Islam is that it never had a Reformation….”.

on a related issue, while ISIS has massacred tens of thousands of Muslims and Christians, it has yet to separate the head of a single Jew; and is, in fact, fighting Israel’s fight in Syria.

Hognose Post author

Uh, the Jews were exterminated in Syria after Eli Cohen was exposed as an Israeli spy in 1965. You can’t massacre what you can’t catch.