If you’re like us, you realize that most internet ads are worthless. The more intrusive and repetitive the ad, the more certain it is that it’s a scam — some work-from-home fraud or bogus insurance deal, or some ripoff operation that wants to charge you money to get you FREE MONEY FROM OBAMA!!!. So we miss whatever it is you see when you look at these stupid ads.

Ken DePew looked at one of the ads and really, really was disturbed by what he saw. What he saw was in the screenshot he captured here.

You are probably asking the same question I was, “why is he on my page and what could this advertisement be for?”  Not online courses on terrorism, not for some security product, or not as an advertisement for employing a government job to help stop the next Mohamed Atta.  Rather, it was apparently an advertisement for insurance-compare-save.com, an online insurance company that urges “drivers in Texas who drive less than 35 miles a day” to “read this.”  Did I fail to mention it wasn’t just a picture of Mohamed Atta, but a picture of Mohamed Atta imposed upon a Texas Drivers License.

via 9/11 Hijacker Mohamed Atta: The New Face of Auto Insurance | TheCollegeConservative.

DePew has been contacted by an attorney for the insurance site… the lawyer wouldn’t say what was up, but did say that the company had pulled its ads to try to figure out how this particular familiar denizen of the ninth circle of Hell wound up in their advertising.

The outfit’s probably still not selling anything worthwhile, but at least they did the right thing by zeroing out the Atta ad. Now, they might be able to sell insurance in Egypt or Pakistan with that picture, but they probably wouldn’t want to — even the part of those nations’ populations that aren’t suicide bombers drive as if they were.

And then again: if John Giduck can be a terrorism expert, why can’t Mohammed Atta be an insurance spokesman? Seriously, though, we think the great actor Dennis Haysbert is better qualified. For both jobs.

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