They’re popular now, but you have to love this particular one:

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.43.13 PM


There’s another that some of his adherents think looks like Al Sharpton. Naturally certain folks are outraged over both “Al” and the “Gun Control Lobbyist” (would they like him better as a “Goldman Sachs Banker”? Or an “MSNBC host”? Probably not).

These targets are banned at gun clubs in the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, the masses of which just declined to elect a man who wasted years as a Navy SEAL and instead sent a man to the Senate who in 37 years to date in Congress has no accomplishments other than a multimillion-dollar personal net worth. But he’s not a capitalist, he’s just the Vanguard of the Proletariat. How about a target of him? Naw. Nobody’s heard of the guy even now. Stick with “Al” and the “Lobbyist.” Maybe they could do a Shannon Richardson?

Personally, we’re not going to spend ninety bucks to have a zombie to shoot, even as tempting as slinging lead at zombie lobbyists or politicians may be. Not with what it takes to get ammo these days. Your mileage may vary. But we wish the Zombie Targets guys all the best, because you have to judge a man by his enemies. And if your enemies are gun-ban types, fire for effect, because you’re on target.

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