Sure, there are people who think guns cause crimes. This one is attributed to a sick, sick individual, who, when a 15-year-old girl (!) rejected his sexual advances, cooked up a “genius” scheme to kidnap her wearing a mask, and then rescue her later. No gun was involved in this perfect crime.

Only the sick puppy botched his duct tape job, and she died, for reasons yet unknown (if we were betting men, we’d put our chips on the square labeled “asphyxiation.” We can’t bring ourselves to post the picture of the child this monster slew, a picture taken when she was full of life and promise; it seems to be exploitation and an imposition on her bereaved family. If you must see her, go to the link below. Needless to say, this jackass’s perfect crime had a lot of imperfections in it, and he’s going off to Cold Stone College for the long course, with all the other too-smart-for-us criminals.

BANGOR, Maine (AP) — A man indicted for the murder of a teenage girl used a fake Facebook account to lure her from her home so that he could stage her kidnapping and rescue and appear to be a hero, according to a state police affidavit.

Instead, the affidavit released Wednesday says Kyle Dube ended up killing 15-year-old Nichole Cable, whose body was found in a wooded area of Old Town this month a week after she went missing.

Detective Thomas Pickering outlined the scenario leading to the high school sophomore’s death. He wrote that Dube told his brother that he used Facebook to trick her into going out of her house in Glenburn, not far from Old Town, while he waited in the woods wearing a ski mask.

When Nichole came along, Dube jumped out and snatched her, duct-taped her and put her in the back of his father’s pickup truck, the affidavit said. The 20-year-old Dube later discovered that she was dead, so he dumped her body and covered it with branches, it said.

via Police: Man staged kidnap that killed Maine girl |

Of course, this version of the story assumes that the monster in question — who is himself only 20 — was telling the truth. His credibility is not a foundation to build upon.

Apparently this guy Dube is so scroungy he was immediately a suspect. He put another youth’s name on the Facebook account, and when questioned, the guy said “What?” Asked who would do something like that, he unhesitatingly suggested Dube. The IP address associated with the phony Facebook account independently traced back to Dube’s house. His old house. His new house is going to be the Big House. (Unfortunately, even though he’s in Maine, not Shawshank. That’s a fictional lockup).

No guns were used in the murder of the beautiful, innocent girl. The killer is judicially presumed innocent, but he left a trail of evidence that gave Maine’s cops a beautiful case to present to their DA, despite his pitiful attempts at redirection. The sad truth about murder is that the skills of a Columbo or Sherlock Holmes or whatever fictional detective you may like are seldom necessary. Most murderers are failures at every level, failures as human beings, so naturally they fail at their “perfect crimes.”

As another indicator of the sickness loose in this century: according to the police affidavit, the doer confessed to his girlfriend (!) and brother, and they didn’t tell anybody until after the cops grabbed him and hauled them in as witnesses. “Hey, it was just a murder, what’s the big deal?” What in the name of Niffelheim is wrong with these people? What kind of woman doesn’t dial the phone when her guy tells her he wanted to rape some child, but oops! he killed her instead? Do real brothers help you move bodies?

But that’s one undercurrent in our society today. If you think the crime problem is significantly driven by guns in noncriminal hands, you’re not paying attention.

And here’s a prediction for you: this blog may be long gone, but in five or eight or ten years, this killer will walk free. And he will kill again, or try to, regardless of what gun laws are in place in that future America. Two in the chest and one in the head is a more fitting end for him, but it’s not one of the options a Maine judge will have at the bench. Pity.

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That was a great one to hit my limit of ten free articles a month with. I read the article, and timed out on the photo gallery. Funny, I’d just read a story (The Match by Quent Cordair, highly recommended by me and plugged by Instapundit) which addresses the subject of a cold case.


One can only hope the authorities prosecute the other two @$$clowns as accomplices after the fact, suitable for a tenner or so for their felonies as well.

I can’t, by any stretch of imagination, figure anywhere among civilized humans any of them will be missed.