Daesh, or ISIL (ISIS if you’re one of the media guys egging them on sotto voce), only looks invincible when it’s up against the tissue-thin and cracker-brittle (and abandoned by its American mentors) Iraqi army, or when it’s shooting, slicing, or beheading women, children and other helpless captives. These inbreds, product of generation after generation of first-cousin marriage, seek not victory but death, and when their opponents, like the Kurdish YPG, are granted arms and reasonable competence, the performance of ISIL as combatants is pathetic in the field.

Being pathetic in the field means: you take a lot of casualties. Yet if anything, the numbers of Daesh troopies seem to be increasing. So where do the replacements come from? This graphic, lifted from the Washington Post’s story on the identity of “Jihadi John”1, shows some of the flows.


There are some interesting details here: ISIL is drawing, if those numbers be true, more Belgians than Egyptians, as many Germans or Britons as Turks, more Swedes than Yemenis, three times as many Russians than Pakistanis. More than 100 have come from the US and Canada each, 300 from China, and 250 from Australia.

Of course, these clowns pursuing the high status of shaheed tourist are not really Canadians or Russians or Swedes. They’re members of the unassimilated, uncivilized Moslem diaspora who have been called to their Holy Land on their own Crusade for their own values, which include the beheading of children, rape of women, and pedophilia.

The European and Western Hemisphere nations try to arrest these movements and keep their own human pathogens from emigrating and joining up. Why? Why not let them go? And then when they’re all in Raqqa, the civilized Powers ought to use it as a neutron bomb test site. We think nothing about using WMD on equivalent threats: we spray haldane on mosquitos, and set coumadin baits for mice and rats. Why not a brief dose of non-survivable radiation for jihadis?

Why not nuke ISIL? It’s not like anybody would miss them. They want martyrdom, we have the means, the motive, and the opportunity to fulfill that wish.

Just so long as we give our own jihad wannabees every possible opportunity to be under Ground Zero at flash hour.


  1. Quelle surprise for our State Department: he’s a well-off, well-educated kid, just like bin Laden, Zarqawi, and Zawahiri; in other words, “Poverty, my @$$”

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21 thoughts on “Where’s Daesh Cannon Fodder From?

Boat Guy

Anybody GOT a neutron-weapon? I thought ObaMao’s predecessor Jimmah canx’d that program.

Raoul Duke

If Wiki-sourced info. is to be believed, the last stockpiled ER (aka Neutron Bomb) warheads were dismantled during Dubya’s tenure.

Hey- How ’bout a WeaponsMan workup on ER weapons? Lots of misconceptions and crap is haunting the ‘netz about them. It would be neat to see an unbiased, fact-based piece on them.

Raoul Duke

Oh, and I know they aren’t ER-weapons, but maybe you could do a piece on SADM’s…that is, what you can tell us about SADM’s, without getting yourself in trouble. 🙂

Hognose Post author

Might be worth doing. A lot of the misconceptions flow from deliberate misinformation. It was really a good weapon for stopping an armor defensive with minimal collateral damage. Ditto SADM. The problem there, is that it’s hard to sort out what I can give you open-source now versus what I was told “then” that I can’t talk about.

I can say that by the time CBS news exposed the SADM program in 1985 or 1986, it was already on the way out for other reasons. Some of the problems were the lack of really suitable targets, the improvement in precision delivery systems such as the air launched cruise missile, and the fact that we had to shut down Hanford and stop producing fissionable material. Those weapons in the stockpile that were the least sound tactically speaking, had already become a really tempting source of recycled material for other nuclear modernization projects.


How can there be a future between jihadis and SJWs sharing the same living space? So no wonder these young males leave the Western estrogen fest and travel home

The OLD man

IMHO, it is a good thing to attract the numbnuts wanna-be jihadis to the active warzone. Would you rather fight them on your block or 10,000 miles away? Let them do their best there.

Come to my house, get my reply. TYVM.


The Danger is what if they become radicalized and return. As a citizen of a western country you’re generally allowed free travel. A team of people who are citizens or perm residents of say the US can fly to China/India then to Pakistan or another country that doesn’t fully cooperate with US authorities. From there they get easy travel into ISIL. They get training, become even more radicalized and then reverse their route and now we have a cell in the US.


[i]The European and Western Hemisphere nations try to arrest these movements and keep their own human pathogens from emigrating and joining up. Why? Why not let them go?[/i]

Then who’d run the 7-11s or drive the taxis?

Leslie Bates

I would.

I’m a native born American and before my debilitating illness I drove a cab in Minneapolis for six days a week. Seriously, if I could pass the DOT physical I would go back to it.


Moar power to you if you can.

Of course, you got the joke.

Hognose Post author

Hey, I bet in his taxi you could carry your bottle of bourbon and seein’-eye dog. Was it in Minneapolis that that was the issue, a while back? The city wanted everyone to conform to the religion of the taxi drivers.


Yep, Minneapolis/St. Paul, right on the nose. The Somali drivers were refusing service.

Hell I’d drive one, but I couldn’t pass a CDL physical if my life depended on it.

Hognose Post author

Somalis! And here I thought it was Catholics not wanting to take people to a meat market on Fridays or something, maybe Jews not accepting fares after sundown Friday.


To bad we can’t give the Kurds just ONE of those cool M65 “Atomic Annies” and two or three round of ammo we had back in the 50s. That would make short work of the pest problem.



The treatment of “Swedish” Daesh fighters is really, really shameful. Not only are they getting help to get back from Syria to Sweden, paid for by taxpayer money, of course, the only efforts by the goverment to do something about this problem are proposals to give them jobs and free therapy when they get back here, which is supposedly going to make them abandon their islamist ideology and become model citizens. Yes, our leftist politicians really are that insane.

Meanwhile, our military veterans that have been through some very tough times in Afganistan are getting no help at all from the government when they get back home. Really infuriating.



When I had read the second paragraph and viewed the graphic, I immediately thought “hmmm, that seems custom made to solve the problem…” and so it was enjoyable to continue reading and find your “well hellz bellz boys, lets have at it…”


Can’t we just herd a big-‘ole group of ISIS fighters and supporters into one smallish town, and then absolutely level it with concentrated non-nuclear air power? Something like Linebacker III? Roll the B1 and B2s in with large JDAMs on specific targets, and then make the rubble bounce with formation-after-formation of staggered B52s with smaller dumb iron bombs. Get a couple of drones to record it in HD, and make our own YouTube video clips — with pulped volunteers sticking out of rubble piles.



Mike in Canada

I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure, and in this case, we want to be as sure as we can. Preferably during the haj.

God knows we don’t want their kids to come and haunt us in ten years, a la Diego Montoya.

I wonder what is stopping the Israelis this time.


Sir the Daesh have massed in our new atomic bomb range in Syria!

Well, Sgt lets get to it, suppers waiting at home.

Dyspeptic Gunsmith

Apropos of your comment about Jihad John’s origins, I would hasten to NB the background(s) of the Weather Underground twerps. Most all of the hard-core lefties in WU were from rather comfortable backgrounds.

This is a pattern you can see all over some of the radical movements in western democracies.

Hognose Post author

Quite true, that, Dys. Same for the Baader-Meinhof Gang or the Brigati Rossi in Europe. Even Castro and Che came from the upper classes of the day — Castro was trained as a lawyer (like Lenin) and Che as a doctor (like Zawahiri), although he seems to have dropped out without finishing his MD. Stalin began the course of studies of an Orthodox priest, a common course of action for second and third sons of the aristocracy (due to primogeniture).

Hitler had ambitions for art or architecture, but couldn’t clear the entrance requirements. Later in life, he surrounded himself with PhDs, including Goebbels, Robert Ley, and strongly favored highly-degreed engineers as military contractors, like Willi Messerschmitt and Ferdinand Porsche. (It didn’t hurt that both were ardent Nazis themselves). But for all its snobbery, Naziism maintained a myth that it was a working-class movement.

The “up from poverty” myth is at the core of Marxism, and most subsequent totalitarian movements borrowed something from marxism-leninism as practiced. Before the whole thing plunged to earth like a gunned dove, you could go for months and miles through the nomenklatura of any soi-disant “Workers’ and Peasants’ State” and never meet the son or daughter of anything but a member of the nomenklatura — certainly not a worker or a peasant.