minh nguyenThere’s some questions, but not many answers, in a tragic murder in Virginia last week.

[38-year-old Minh] Nguyen allegedly broke in through the front door of his ex-wife’s home around 9:30 p.m. Thursday. Once inside, Nguyen opened fire on [Corey] Mattison, his former wife’s new husband, striking him multiple times.

There are no new crimes. Just new jitbags committing the same old crimes. How many guys have been whacked, over the years, by their woman’s creepy ex? No one has ever tried to count, but it’s the kind of thing that gets a knowing grunt out of a homicide investigator. Part of having seen it all, for those guys, is seeing it all over and over again.

No idea whether the woman in question knew her husband was bat guano crazy and potentially violent, or whether she had gotten a restraining order, but the record shows that nothing whatever restrained Nguyen: not law, not morality, not any available defenses.

Maybe she and her new husband put their trust in the police. If so, that trust was badly misplaced:

Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman told FoxNews.com that authorities received 19 emergency phone calls in total from the residence. When deputies arrived, they found the victim dead outside the home, Chapman said.

Why do cops carry guns anyway? Let us explain. That’s for the homicidal criminals they run into. For the homicidal criminals you run into, the police carry chalk. 

So they can draw a line around your cold, dead body.

Still, these police show signs of Holmes-level Clouseau-level detection, here:

While the motive and sequence of events is still under investigation, Chapman said, “there were clearly domestic-related issues with the suspect.” Nguyen had two children with Denise Mattison, who married Corey Mattison nearly six months ago.

No $#!+, Sherlock.

Denise Mattison told ABC News that her husband’s final actions spared her children, who were home at the time, from being harmed.

“He was my knight in shining armor,” she told the network. Mattison reportedly ran for the door, leading the shooter away from the children, who were able to hide in a room upstairs and call 911.

That was an interesting choice of words, by the bereaved Mrs. Mattison. Because back in the old days, one of the markers of a knight was that he had the king’s leave to bear arms.

Now, arming oneself is not a panacea. If Corey Mattison had been armed this whole thing might have gone exactly the same way, and he would have been bringing a firearm into a home with small kids, which is (if we’re honest) a nonzero risk than needs to be properly mitigated. But it also would have offered the potential of a better outcome: Nguyen dead, and Mattison alive.

via Tech mogul charged with murdering ex-wife’s husband | Fox News.

To our amazement, none of the news stories have noted the strange fact that the victims got off 19 phone calls before the police rolled up. This may be something other than a dilatory police response, but it doesn’t look good, and normally the mediots would fix on that.

Instead, they’re fascinated by the irrelevancies, that Nguyen was a Silicon Valley founder (of the annoying Plaxo address-book-scam app, it figures) and Mr. Mattison was a former pro athlete. Do those things matter? Or does it matter, only, that Mattison gave his life to lead an evil man away from his kids, an act of Biblical nobility; and that Nguyen overthrew all his previous attainments to take on himself the title, “murderer”; that last, an act of Biblical betrayal?

Update: Plaxo insiders are running like hell away from Nguyen, suggesting that his connection to Plaxo was minimal or nonexistent. Given that they work for a company that built itself on spam, none of them are in a position to bitch about ethics.

Update II: Nguyen fled from the scene to his mother’s house. Here’s what happened next:

Nguyen… was captured by his own mother. Search warrants reveal that when deputies responded to the town home, they found Nguyen in the garage, being held down by his mother.

The two were struggling over control of the firearm, the warrants showed. Nguyen’s mother told deputies to take the gun, and Nguyen was arrested.

Well played, Mrs. Nguyen. We regret that your son was a disappointment to you, and wish you and your family all the best in this difficult time.

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4 thoughts on “When Seconds Count, the Police are 19 Calls Away

William O. B’Livion

To be fair to Plaxo, there’s some space on the “dirtbag” scale between “spamming” and “murdering your exe’s husband in front of hte kids”.

Not a *lot* of space mind you, but there is *some*.

There just wasn’t a good solution to this, even if the deceased had had a gun and been willing to use it the result still would have been the kids seeing a father figure shot down in front of them by the other father figure.

Hognose Post author

Well, all the spammers at Plaxo are saying they never heard of this guy, and are scooting crabwise away from him, which raises spammers +1 in my book. They’re still Numba Minus Ten Bleeping Thou GI, but +1 compared to yesterday.

You’re quite right about the situation just being a shit sandwich: no matter how you eat it, it still tastes…. That outcome was forced when Nguyen went there with murder on his mind. How much human misery is caused by the mistaken idea that one woman is significantly different from the next?

Also, I’ll probably update the post, but it just doesn’t get better than this: when Nguyen fled the murder scene, he went to his mom’s. She called the cops on him. They arrived to find the mom who dimed him out had fought him for the gun, kicked his ass, and was holding him down, and he was still trying to get the gun.

Jim Scrummy

19? Amazing, but not really if you think about it. I guess the po-po were too busy with???? Loudoun County PD is going to have to update their response time metric for 911 calls (and never believe that metric, because it’s always wrong, always).

Tom Stone

I live in rural western Sonoma County and there are a total of 2 deputies patrolling W Sonoma at night. If they are tied up with an accident or another call it could easily take them 4 hours to respond. If one is near the Marin Border and one close to the Mendo border it could still take an hour and a half to two hours to arrive where I live if they pushed it.

You are damn right I’m armed and so are 80% or more of the household’s around me.