You could say she went out with a splash. But this is one more incident of a painful and tragic accidental death in a jurisdiction that has promised its voting votaries Life Everlasting if only they cast out the demon within, to wit, the firearm. In other words, in Oregon, where heavy expenditure of Bloomberg Bucks has taught the public to restrict firearms, to banish crime and eliminate accidents.

There are still a few crimes and accidents getting through, despite all that.

Aurora Genai Sheffel, 14, was taking photos with friends on a log at a beach in Bandon, Oregon, when the tide receded and pulled the heavy timber out from underneath them. The log rolled on top of the teen, pinning her underwater, according to Oregon Live.

Given the typical mediot joy with which they report fatal accidents and homicides, they should probably turn in the name Oregon Live and go with something that suits their content better.

Paramedics responded to the scene around 4 p.m. and rushed Sheffel to the hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Her two friends jumped from the log and were able to escape unharmed.

Sheffel’s stepfather, David Wederquist, said that girls had been enjoying their spring break before the fatal accident.

via Teen cheerleader dies taking selfies in freak beach accident | New York Post.

No force of Man is equal to the forces of nature, and oblivious phone-gazing is not a wise way to engage with the Great Outdoors. Mother Nature has a wicked way of amusing Herself.

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Alan Ward

When it’s your time….unfortunately for some way too early, and for many too late.


Drowning or being burnt to death are the worst.


This is not unusual on the Oregon coast. The logs can be very large (3 – 5 ft diameter). Many beaches have warning signs about the hazard. But people…… often die from logs moved by tides or rouge waves (‘sneaker waves”).


***Drowning or being burnt to death are the worst.***

Eaten by a bear. Eaten by ants. Eaten by sharks. Eaten alive by about ANYTHING. Run over by a tank in your sleeping bag, feet end first. Dragged behind a moving vehicle [in the case of which I’m personally aware, it was a train] Suffocated by corn in a silo. Motorcycle crash sidewise sliding along a chainlink fence. Bee swarm attack. Coal mine cave-in. Falling into the sewage aeration pond at a sewage treatment plant. [more akin to suffocation than drowning] Drowning AND being burnt to death [hot asphalt plant] .

Slow cancer [mom] or anything else requiring long-term hospitalization, including those preiously-mentioned burns.. Getting married again.

I have not *seen it all* but I have seen way too much for comfort, and there are many, many others I’d really rather not think about.

*There are greater things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy.*

Hognose Post author

We had a guy in 11th Group conduct a parachute landing into soft muck. Turns out Farmer John had manure excess to needs and over the years had deposited it into a sinkhole on his property, which seemed to swallow it up without end. It took the whole jump manifest and a deuce and a half to pull the guy out by the apex of his chute, by which time he was long gone.

Drowned/suffocated in feces.

There was a Soviet spacecraft crew that re-entered Earth’s atmosphere knowing that their recovery systems were failing. They had some discussions with their fellow cosmonauts and wives on the way down. Space is hairy no matter who is doing it.

Slow Joe Crow

I’m surprised she was apparently Oregonian and not from out of state. There are plenty of signs, articles etc. warning about sneaker waves and moving logs so people should know better. Then again High Rocks near Oregon City has still had several drownings despite posting lifeguards in the summer.

Slow Joe Crow

As for guns, unfortunately the majority of the population, and thus legislators are in the mostly deep blue Willamette valley, hence the Bloomberg incursion. Oregon used to be gun friendly, and I hope we swing back. I’m encouraged by the 2016 election where a Republican won a statewide office for the first time in 15 years.


Get a pol looking for a new Cause, and Oregon could wind up with its beaches fenced off and a law prohibiting anyone from using them.

The Nanny State must prevail!

Slow Joe Crow

That could actually be an interesting fight since the Oregon Beach Bill guaranteeing public access is a political sacred cow. On the other hand, the nanny staters could find allies among the resort owners and developers eager to fence out the public California style. Should it ever come to pass, bring lots of popcorn.


Having your head up your ass is a survival negative. I tried a Walkman once and couldn’t stand the feeling of detachment from what’s happening around me.


Reminds me of scene in the movie “Sometimes a great notion”. I think the book was called Never give an inch. Anyway,kinda tough to watch.


Off Topic: A former SF Colonel’s take on the “chemical” attack in Tonkin Gulf, oops, Syria:

Back on topic, kinda; our deaths are already determined, since God is sovereign. The means by which things are done can sometimes involve human agency, such as evil men doing evil things, or evil men doing good things. Some of the redeemed will do evil things; consider King David’s murder of his loyal soldier Uriah. So pointing out the hypocrisy of gunbanners is a good thing, as is reminding folks not to do stupid things that put God to the test. It’s sad that a young girl had to die, and in such a traumatic way.


Back on topic, kinda; our deaths are already determined, since God is sovereign.

So God is the only being that has free will and people just play out their roles?


Yes. He has free will, we have free agency; subject to our natures, which are evil from birth because we are descendants of sinners since the original fallen pair. All our faculties are tainted by sin and we cannot do anything pleasing to God unless He initiates it and sustains it to completion. That includes regeneration, faith, works, everything. He did it this way, namely us being imputed with the original sin of our federal head Adam, so that the last Adam could repair the damage and redeem the lost under His federal headship. Thus is salvation truly and wholly attributed to God; and His Name is The I Am is Salvation, Jesus in Greek for short.


I will always preferentially wish to meet death in old age, as a welcome arrival, than while young, and with a surprised look on my face.