Not this pole. Especially not as accessorized.

Not this pole. Especially not as accessorized. Although the perp was partially unclothed!

And no, he wasn’t running around Denver with a buddy named Kowalski.

And just because it was a shirtless guy with a pole, it wasn’t a Chippendale Dancer, ladies. Sorry ’bout that.

A man was arrested Wednesday evening on suspicion of aggravated assault for chasing people around with a long pole on the 16th Street Mall.

Denver police received a call at 6:07 p.m. of a shirtless man chasing people and hitting them with a plastic pole, said Doug Schepman, a Denver Police spokesperson. Police arrived on scene three minutes later.

“We believe having more officers down there did help with having a very quick response,” Schepman said. He referenced the Denver Police Department’s plan to ramp up security on the mall.

via Man caught on video assaulting people on 16th Street Mall – The Denver Post.

Yeah, it’s from back in June… sometime we gotta weed these drafts out of the pole, we mean, pile.

Just goes to show that when humans haven’t got guns and knives, they have no problem falling back on their ancestral sticks and stones.

Out of sticks and stones? Then they fall back on good ol’ stranglin’ thumbs. Assault and homicide begins in the soul of the criminal, not in the instrument of the crime.

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6 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Poles

Davy Crockett

I was in Denver the day this happened, and as I was riding on their Lite Rail train, I listened to two women next to me discuss this incident. One complained that the level of violence in the country was getting out of hand, and the other agreed as they both shook their heads. The first woman then said, “Too many guns.”

Davy Crockett

No lie!

John Distai

She could crush my skull between those thighs.


Kinda disappointed…so not where I was expecting this article to go

Hognose Post author

I suppose the image misled you?


I don’t understand why people just stand there and let him swing. I think I would have made haste the other way.

Now Denver is going to have rent a cops to “make citizen arrests and call police when needed…..”,so the city is paying for X-tra Security.

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