baking_the_babyBringing you another dispatch from Robin Leech, Lifestyles of the Poor and Wretched, 2015 edition. This one from the great state of Texas:

A 19-month-old Houston girl was burned to death by an oven when the toddler’s mother and her mom’s boyfriend left three children home alone, police said.

Well, this is just modern helicopter parents’ overreaction. Sure, if someone baked the baby, something went wrong, but surely there was a something-teen babysitting?

A juvenile court judge ordered the two other children and another one of their siblings, aged 3, 3, and 5, into foster homes Wednesday in a custody hearing a day after J’zyra Thomspon died, Texas Child Protective Services spokeswoman Estella Olguin told the Daily News.

Did you get those ages? Three. Three. Five. Plus the decedent: 19 months, or a hair over one and a half. All of them added up make one 12-year-old that normal parents might leave alone.

What was this family thinking?

No one from J’zyra’s family showed up for the hearing, Olguin said. Efforts to contact her relatives were unsuccessful.

Yep, real concerned parenting in that bunch.

Gina Dennis, the grandmother of J’zyra Thompson, told KPRC-TV that she doesn’t know what happened when the children were left alone at the northeast Houston apartment.

Yeah. Channeling Sergeant Schultz.

Police officers found J’zyra dead with severe burn marks when they arrived to the home in the Angel Ridge Apartments on Sterlingshire St. in northeast Houston at 12:30 Tuesday morning, according to the Houston Police Department.

via Houston toddler burned to death playing in oven – NY Daily News.

Where’s mom? If this story runs true to form, she was somewhere smoking a few rocks with the baby daddy of one of her four untended kids — or the future number five.

What are the odds any of these children will have a better life, despite it being longer, than their murdered sister? (By intent or by negligence, we see a murder either way, and if the law does not, the law be damned).

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4 thoughts on “When Guns are Outlawed, Only Outlaws will have Ovens

Lt. Greyman, NVA

It was negro chillins, and you have picture of White mom and White baby.

Nice smear.

Hognose Post author

It was the best available Don’t Bake the Baby graphic. Go find me better, if you’re going to come here and bitch.

Mr. AR-10

“A 19-month-old Houston girl was burned to death by an oven when the toddler’s mother and her mom’s boyfriend left three children home alone, police said.”

Interesting wording there, this is similar to the stories we always see where “such and such was killed by a gun…”

Terrible. When I read the story about the shitbird who killed the woman and then had sex with the body I thought, ‘well that’s about the worst story ever’. Have to rethink that.

Hognose Post author

i’m seriously considering Plaintiff II’s health guru’s advice: “Never watch or read the news. It’s just a litany of horrible things happening to people you don’t know, that you can’t do anything about.”

Of course, that would be the end of the When Guns Are Outlawed feature. But at some point, I’ve made my point with it. I’ve got about ten of them in the draft queue now; they’re easy to find. Too easy!